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Inside The $70K Reno Of A Dark Modern Luxury 5-Room HDB Flat That Took 3 Months

11 May 2024 | BY

The homeowners even replaced the walls of 2 bedrooms with glass walls to create the illusion of more space.

dark luxury modern condo

Certain HDB blocks in Singapore are blessed with an abundance of natural sunlight. But rather than amplify that brightness by going with an all-white interior, Barry and Sam decided to go against the grain by choosing a dark modern luxury theme for their 5-room flat in Tampines

“It’s our first home, and we wanted to create an atmosphere that deviates from the typical HDB feel,” the couple shared. So over 3 months and with a budget of $70K, their 1,216sqft HDB flat was transformed from a blank slate into an elegant and timeless space that exudes a moody vibe.

A living room that can entertain from day to night

Dark Modern Luxury HDB Flat - Living RoomImage credit: Lemonfridge Studio

The first space you see when you step into Barry and Sam’s home is the expansive living and dining room furnished with black and grey as far as the eyes can see. Think: grey couch, grey stone-like vinyl floors, black TV console and soundbar, and a black feature wall that boasts a stone finish. 

Warm accents like the LED cove lighting behind the feature wall, golden side tables with a marble top, and the dining table’s golden legs give the space that definitive luxe factor.

Dark Modern Luxury HDB Flat - Living Room with SofaThe sofa has adjustable headrests so the homeowners have an unobstructed view to the TV from the dining table.
Image credit: Lemonfridge Studio

This much space, and their Brazilian-imported granite dining table, also means that it’s perfect for entertaining friends and family. After all, what’s the point of having a fancy table if it’s not shown off? “Come evening, the table’s minerals reflect the ceiling lights, casting a nice glow above,” they said. 

Floor-to-ceiling curtains were also picked to elongate the height of the space visually. With both sheer and blackout curtains, Barry and Sam can easily control how much light they want to let into their home, perfect for those days when the sun’s shining just a tad too brightly for their liking.

Custom sintered stone island as an extension of the living room

Dark Modern Luxury HDB Flat - Kitchen IslandImage credit: Lemonfridge Studio

Opposite the living space is their kitchen island, which is ironically not located in the kitchen. This was one of Barry and Sam’s most cherished purchases for their home, as it serves as a centrepiece for the living room.

It was a custom design that sees a white and gold sintered stone countertop sitting atop a charcoal laminate base, with details including a rounded fluted edge on one end and a niche for a wine fridge on the other.

Golden details like trimmings by the baseboard and a chic pendant lamp were also added to the space for an elegant finish. “Not only does it add aesthetic appeal, but it’s also incredibly functional, providing a convenient spot to place items as soon as we walk in,” Barry and Sam shared.

Creating an elegant kitchen with hidden pipes & modern lighting

Dark Modern Luxury HDB Flat - KitchenImage credit: Lemonfridge Studio

The kitchen closely follows the dark modern luxury theme, with grey countertops and dark wooden cabinets filling the space in a galley formation. It’s neatly balanced on both sides, as there aren’t too many top-hung cabinets that would’ve otherwise made the long kitchen look and feel too cramped.

Galley Style Kitchen and Service Yard With Dog And FemaleImage credit: Lemonfridge Studio

Barry and Sam also gave a lot of thought to the details of the kitchen so that it’s not just a pretty space. For starters, the kitchen can be closed off by a glass door to contain any odours and smoke that might escape during cooking. It also has a soft-closing system in place so slams won’t be an issue, especially with 2 British Shorthair kittens roaming around the house.

Other little quirks of the kitchen include subtle LED lights to bathe the kitchen in a warm glow, a water dispenser by the fridge so that hydration is always within easy reach, and carpentry to conceal the flat’s pipes and act as a functional storage area. 

Revamping the corridor with glass doors for a spacious vibe

Dark Modern Luxury HDB Flat - CorridorImage credit: Lemonfridge Studio

While most homeowners would not have given any thought to the corridor in their HDB flats, Barry and Sam had grand plans for a unique walkway. This transformation would kill 3 birds with 1 stone as it conceals the air conditioning pipes, hides an awkward beam in the ceiling, and gives the bomb shelter’s ventilation hole a much-needed makeover. 

A false ceiling was created in the walkway to hide the beam, aircon trunking, and modernise the look seamlessly. The walls of 2 common bedrooms were also replaced with glass sliding doors to enlarge the confined space visually. Sheer curtains were also installed for some privacy. At the end of the walkway is a hidden door that leads to the master bedroom.

Using hidden doors in the bedroom for a seamless look

Dark Modern Luxury HDB Flat - BedroomImage credit: Lemonfridge Studio

Not only is the entrance to the master bedroom hidden, but the doors to the master bathroom are also designed to blend into the rest of the carpentry. It’s a neat trick that has been seen in plenty of homes, and here it gives the illusion of not sleeping next to where you do your big business.

$70K dark modern luxury HDB reno

Dark Modern Luxury HDB FlatImage credit: Lemonfridge Studio

Trends may come and go, which is why we’ve been seeing more homeowners opt for timeless interior design themes that will likely never go out of style. Barry and Sam’s dark modern luxury HDB flat is a testament to how one can achieve an aesthetically pleasing home whilst still incorporating well-thought-out details.

You can follow their home and living journey on their Instagram and TikTok profiles.

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