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This HDB Flat Looks Like A Futuristic Entertainment Den For The Elite

5 October 2023 | BY

Peep the matte black kitchen cabinets that look oh-so-sleek.

This HDB Flat Looks Like A Futuristic Entertainment Den For The Elite

Avant-garde is a style that we rarely see in Singaporean homes, as most homeowners play it safe by opting for timeless designs – we’re looking at you, Japandi and wabi-sabi. However, one homeowner of a 4-room Tampines HDB flat wanted a home that rebelled against the status quo and captured the essence of “refined dark luxury”. 

Designer Hazlin Isahak at Weiken then conceptualised this striking interior that makes us feel as though we’ve stepped into an entertainment den for the elite. With a shimmering neon floor, a sleek matte black kitchen, and a pole dance area to boot, this home has been designed to impress from the moment you walk through the door.

Iridescent floors & ceilings that resemble a swirling ocean

avant garde siam diu vibes hdbImage credit: Weiken

If there’s one feature that immediately grabs your attention when looking at this home, it is undoubtedly the floor and ceiling. Blue and black swirls cast in an epoxy resin make it look as though you’re walking on water. The ceiling, looking like a hammered metal sheet, creates an interesting visual when the party lights come on. Its copper and blue hues – the colour palette of the home – are intertwined with embedded LED lights for an extra dazzle.

$13K Billiards table & pole for “entertainment”

avant garde siam diu vibes hdb - rasson victory pool tableImage credit: Weiken

We’ve seen a wide array of rooms dedicated to hobbies in HDBs including a mahjong den and a bird enclosure. But none have made us stop in our tracks as fast as seeing an entire living room converted into a pool playing area.

A white pool table with V-shaped aluminium support beams commands the centre of the room; a quick Google search reveals that the table costs approximately a whopping $13,000. A custom-made rectangular pendant light hangs above the table to light it up too. The floor plan also shows that there’s a cue cabinet for all the accessories just off-camera.

avant garde siam diu vibes hdb - pole dance areaImage credit: Weiken

What made our jaws drop even further was a pole dancing corner just next to the pool table. With pole dancing growing in popularity as a hobby, it only made sense for the homeowners to have a dedicated space to practice at home. A full-length wall mirror takes up space on the adjacent wall so they can ensure that they’re working the pole the right way.

Avant-garde bar & kitchen with tinted glass doors & windows

avant garde siam diu vibes hdb - barImage credit: Weiken

One design choice we’ve seen more of in the past few months is the half-open kitchen, and this home takes that and gives it a unique twist with tinted glass doors and a retractable window. We also love how the lapis-coloured bar stools give the area a pop of colour, and it also complements the copper countertops.

avant garde siam diu vibes hdb - matte black kitchenImage credit: Weiken

Step through the tinted doors and you’ll be greeted with matte black cabinets and sleek lights that make the space feel bright despite the homeowner’s choice of colour. 

Bedroom that looks straight out of Fifty Shades of Grey

avant garde siam diu vibes hdb - fifty shades of grey bedroomImage credit: Weiken

Keeping to the theme of dark luxury, the master bedroom – and the only room with a bed in the home – is fit for a billionaire with particular after-hours proclivities. Granted, the actual homeowners might not share the same interests as Christian Grey, but the red cove lights and the masculine furnishings make the room ooze a certain seductive charm.

And even though the windows are the standard size when it comes to HDB configurations, Hazlin made the point to install see-through blinds that span nearly the full height of the wall to give the room a taller sense of height.

Futuristic luxury club vibes in an HDB flat

avant garde siam diu vibes hdbImage credit: Weiken

While most of us enter our homes expecting a cosy welcome, this avant-garde HDB flat in Tampines does the exact opposite. With a trippy floor, neon lights, and multiple entertainment areas, the only thing left is hidden speakers blasting techno beats.

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