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Yio Chu Kang Landed House Looks Like It’s From A Sci-Fi Movie, Has An F1 Chamber In Basement

16 August 2023 | BY

This landed home in Lentor looks like it came out from a sci-fi or superhero film, complete with a “Batcave” in the basement.

Sci-fi house YCK - cover

In the first Resident Evil film, the protagonist wakes up in a beautiful manor, albeit disoriented as hell, only to find herself in a brightly lit, sterile underground lab of sorts later. While there aren’t any zombie viruses and Umbrella Corporation-fighting in this landed home in Yio Chu Kang – at least to our knowledge – we love how it looks like something straight out of a sci-fi film. 

Avant-garde exterior that looks like a sci-fi movie set

Sci-fi house YCK - facade in the dayImage credit: Aesthete Interior Design

Even from afar, it’s clear that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill landed property. The facade of this sci-fi house is plenty eye-catching – three sharp, angular blocks protrude from the main building, creating a distinctly futuristic feel. 

Sci-fi house YCK - viewImage credit: Aesthete Interior Design

But when night comes, everything changes. Nestled within the blocks on the second storey are cosily lit balconies that lead to two of the bedrooms.

Sci-fi house YCK - facade at nightImage credit: Aesthete Interior Design

Gorgeous, wood-clad gable roofs

Sci-fi house YCK - bedroom 1Image credit: Aesthete Interior Design

Unlike the rest of the house, the bedrooms are far more homely. One reminds us of those aesthetic Korean homes that are popular on Instagram – think sheer curtains and huge windows with plenty of light, soft pastels, and natural fabric.

But what’s most eye-catching here is the gable roof ceiling, which is a rare sight in land-scarce Singapore as it requires lots of vertical space – something that’s sorely lacking in apartments. Even amongst landed properties here, it’s not a common feature.

dark wood bedroomImage credit: Aesthete Interior Design

Another bedroom – most likely the master bedroom – utilises dark wood, fluted panels, contrasting textures, and leather to create a space that feels more sophisticated.

Spacious kitchen and living areas 

Sci-fi house YCK - living room 1Image credit: Aesthete Interior Design

Despite having large swaths of concrete walls, the living areas in this house remain airy and welcoming – we have the massive full-length windows to thank for that. Additionally, to balance out the intrinsically utilitarian feel of concrete, there are plenty of plants placed around the house.

kitchen island dining areaImage credit: Aesthete Interior Design

On the ground floor, a spacious living room leads to an open-concept kitchen equipped with an industrial refrigerator that’s surely the envy of aspiring chefs. A kitchen island that doubles as a dining table sits in the middle of the space, which looks out to the greenery that surrounds the house. 

lap pool in lentor way landed houseImage credit: Aesthete Interior Design

A lap pool, which looks particularly refreshing in this sweltering heat, is just a few steps away.

Sci-fi house YCK - living room 2Image credit: Aesthete Interior Design

Walk up a flight of stairs and you’ll find the second living room, where the owners can lounge in sun-drenched chairs while reading a good book from their compact home library. 

Though the different levels of the house are connected by sunny flights of stairs, those a little more inclined towards a sedentary lifestyle will find a friend in the unique glass lift that grants occupants a view of the surrounding nature.

F1 chamber hidden in the basement

batcave in the dark knightImage credit: The Dark Knight

The pièce de résistance of this house is the basement, which houses an F1 chamber. Brightly lit – just like Umbrella Corporation’s Hive or Bruce Wayne’s Batcave – the futuristic basement was what prompted us to make the connection between the house and sci-fi films in general.

Sci-fi house YCK - F1 chamberImage credit: Aesthete Interior Design

Numerous trophies line one wall, while helmets and full-sized mannequins donning racing suits flank the other. But the true gem of the space is the actual F1 car in the middle of the room. Just how did they manage to get the car into the basement? Enquiring minds wish to know.

vault doorsImage credit: Aesthete Interior Design

The temperature-controlled “Batcave” is guarded by a set of heavy doors, which looks to be deliberately weathered, bringing to mind hidden vaults in movies such as Indiana Jones

Sci-fi Yio Chu Kang house with an F1 chamber

Sci-fi house YCK - stairsImage credit: Aesthete Interior Design

The Tadao Ando-style interiors, massive windows, luscious greenery, home library, and F1 chamber are attractive enough. But for a few lazy folks at Uchify, the biggest draw of this house is the lift, which services all three storeys of this avant garde landed home.

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Cover image adapted from: Aesthete Interior Design

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