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Spending $6.7K To Transform Our HDB’s Master Toilet Into An Atas Luxury Hotel Bathroom

2 March 2024 | BY

This homeowner wanted a hotel-luxe HDB bathroom at home, so they turned their master bathroom into one.

hotel luxe bathroom makeover

For many homeowners, a renovation project often revolves around the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and in the odd case, a study room. But in recent times, we’ve seen a rise in the number of HDB owners who are pulling out all the stops to make their bathrooms look Instagram-worthy. 

Yinghong and her husband (@puipui_home) envisioned a hotel-luxe aesthetic for their master bathroom that balances sophistication with tranquillity. With the help of their interior designer Eddy from Design 4 Space, they’ve transformed a generic HDB bathroom into their own slice of paradise.

Spending $3,540 overlaying the entire bathroom with marble tiles 

tiles in a bathroomImage credit: Yinghong

One of the characteristics of a luxurious hotel bathroom is elaborate marble tiling, and Yinghong did not scrimp on this feature for her master bathroom. She spent around $3,540 overlaying the walls and floors of the bathroom with a variety of tiles.

One of the walls—the one by the shower—was given patterned tiles in a chevron pattern as a sort of a “feature wall,” albeit in the bathroom. The rest of the walls and the floor had minimalistic tiles instead to keep things simple and not overwhelm the bathroom with too much visual clutter.

Yinghong also credits the tiles as the number one reason why her luxury-themed bathroom turned out to be a success.

Installing a $1,050 black tinted bifold glass door

bifold glass doorImage credit: Yinghong

Apart from the marble tiles, another big portion of the budget went to the bifold doors made from black tinted glass. This is a solid upgrade from the shoddy, basic aluminium doors that come pre-installed in most HDB flats.

Buying a vanity, towel bar, and other fittings from Taobao 

hotel luxe bathroom fittings and vanity from taobaoImage credit: Yinghong

With the majority of the budget going towards the walls, floors, and the door, Yinghong had to ensure that they did not go over the budget for the fittings and other necessities for their bathroom. So off to Taobao she went.

After perusing through the thousands of options, Yinghong found a vanity set, towel bar, and toilet roll holder from Taobao. The 3 things only cost her less than $500, with the bulk of the budget going towards the vanity set. 

hotel luxe master bathroom fittings and soap

“While the quality of the vanity is not top-tier, it’s decent for the price,” she said about her vanity set which cost $450, and she highly recommends it for budget-friendly home upgrades.

Spending $6.7K to renovate a luxurious hotel-inspired HDB bathroom

For those who want to shower and do their business in a hotel-esque setting, creating a luxurious bathroom at home is so much better than going on a staycation every weekend. Yinghong and her husband splurged for their hotel-inspired bathroom and have no regrets about carving out a tiny space for them to enjoy.

She also recommends ensuring that shampoo and soap bottles are aligned for a neat, unified look if an overhaul of the bathroom is not in the budget.

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Cover image credit: Yinghong

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