8 Real HDB Bathrooms With Bathtubs That Will Make You Jealous

20 September 2023 | BY

Yes, having a bathtub in an HDB bathroom is definitely possible. Here are 8 examples that will have you wanting to install one in your flat too.

hdb bathrooms with bathtubs

I know what you’re thinking: “HDB where got space to put bathtub one?” As an HDB dweller, that’s what I thought too, but these 8 HDB bathrooms with bathtubs proved me wrong.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill white porcelain bathtubs from American Standard or Rigel either. Instead, these bathtubs are essential to the overall decor of the bathrooms, reflecting their owners’ personality and aesthetic sense. 

Let’s jump right into looking at how some Singaporeans have installed bathtubs in their HDB flats:

1. Modern Mediterranean-style bathroom

8 Real HDB Bathrooms - Modern Mediterranean-style bathroomImage source: Mu Design Studio

Mu Design Studio proves you can take a basic white tub and weave it into a Spanish Mediterranean design to create a rustic yet charming style. The contrasts between the greys, whites, and glossy blue mosaic come together to create a bathroom that feels clean and homely.

8 Real HDB Bathrooms - Modern Mediterranean-style bathroomImage source: Mu Design Studio

And true to the Mediterranean persuasion, this bathroom comes with mock wooden shelves and countertops, completing the warm, island getaway vibes of this home decor style.

2, Classy, dark rustic 

8 Real HDB Bathrooms With BathtubsImage credit:

This one’s a personal favourite as I’m partial to darker colours like black and grey. Local comedian Mayiduo evidently shares the same taste, as he personally decked out his 4-room BTO at Punggol Northshore Cove with an elegant achromatic style – and his bathroom is no exception. 

8 Real HDB Bathrooms With BathtubsImage credit:

For his bathroom, Mayiduo chose to fit in a compact white tub to contrast the flat’s grey and sable palette. With a wooden caddy laid across the bathtub and a fragrant reed diffuser sitting atop it, we imagine Mayiduo takes his bath spas very seriously as a way to unwind from a long day of shoots and live-streams.

3. Ingenious integration of shower & bathtub

8 Real HDB Bathrooms With BathtubsImage credit: @streetthirtythree

Taking up the achromatic mantle is this master bathroom by Oblivion Lab. Reminiscent of the posh bathrooms of an atas resort, this bathroom cleverly works around the space constraints by integrating the bathtub into the shower area. This also has the added effect of making the bathtub invisible, such that it doesn’t disrupt the moody, cave-like feel the owner was going for.

The end result? A modern, private ryokan-esque bathroom that gives you the freedom to choose between taking a shower or soaking your worries away in an exclusive tub.

4. Coastal open-concept bathroom

8 Real HDB Bathrooms With BathtubsImage credit: Third Avenue Studio

Third Avenue Studio took advantage of this executive maisonette’s spaciousness to create a gorgeous open-concept bathroom. Outfitted with an elongated bathtub that allows one to stretch out their legs and relax, this bathroom expertly mixes navy blue wall tiles with monochromatic flooring to give rise to a sophisticated and luxurious spa-like vibe.

8 Real HDB Bathrooms With BathtubsImage credit: Third Avenue Studio

The cream-coloured his-and-hers sinks and cabinets complete the overall look and feel of this bathroom, blending neatly into the space without being too loud and showy.

5. Japanese onsen-themed bathroom with a hinoki-inspired bath

wooden onsen bathtub

Imagine Muji and onsen rolled into one, and you’ll get this modern Japanese HDB flat designed by Happe Design Atelier. The master bathroom is modelled after a Japanese onsen, complete with a bathtub that looks similar to a traditional hinoki wooden bath and even its own faux bamboo plant by the entrance.

hinoki onsen inspired bathroom

This bathroom is not entirely steeped in tradition, as it also carries tasteful hunts of modernity, beginning from the jet-black shower set and ending with the cast stone wash basin.

6. Vintage Parisian bathroom

vintage parisian bathroom with a bathtubImage credit: Sense & Semblance

This one’s for you if you’re a fan of Parisian interior decor. Crafted by Sense & Semblance, white is the dominant colour in this bathroom’s palette. To break the monotony of the white walls, a retro touch is added to this bathroom through its monochromatic floral-patterned flooring and gold-accented accoutrements.

parisian inspired bathroomImage credit: Sense & Semblance

A circular mirror and sparsely decorated sink-and-cabinet set complete the minimalistic vibe of this bathroom, with a single sprig of dried leaves adding a spot of nature to the decor.

7. A bedroom converted into a master bathroom

blue and white bathroom with a bathtubImage credit: Ovon Design

Ovon Design proves you can’t go wrong by sticking with the classics, as the tried-and-true blend of blue and white creates a graceful, pristine bathroom. The pièce de résistance is, of course, the bathtub, accented with an elegant gold tap and a bamboo caddy. What stands out the most, however, is the fact that this tub sits in one of the bedrooms that was converted into a spacious master bathroom with a huge window to let in tons of natural light.

blue and white bathroom with a bathtubImage credit: Ovon Design

A single spherical bulb hangs from the ceiling, casting a warm glow over the tub to make those after-work soaks feel extra cosy.

8. Warm & cosy Scandi bathroom

warm and cosy scandi bathroomImage credit: ProjectGuru

Designed by ProjectGuru, this Scandi-inspired bathroom combines the comforting hues of light wood with a marble skirting that seamlessly blends with the custom-built tub. A black-framed glass panel finishes this setup, dividing the tub from the sink and toilet and keeping splashes contained.

The sink and vanity are a further extension of the Scandi design, featuring an arched mirror, a warm light bulb, and pale green cabinet doors.

Real HDB bathrooms with bathtubs

Whether the design is elaborate or minimalistic, these 8 bathrooms make one thing certain: it’s very much possible to work around your HDB flat’s space constraints and install a bathtub in your bathroom. And with a bathtub at home, you no longer have to go on expensive staycations just to have a relaxing soak to take the pains away.

Here’re some more HDB flats with bathtubs in their bathrooms:

Cover image credit: Mu Design Studio, Sense & Semblance

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