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This BTO By The Sea Has The Most Epic Golden Hour Views, Looks Like The IG Sunset Filter

26 May 2023 | BY

Tricia and Eason transformed their BTO by the sea into a minimalistic paradise where golden hour drenches their walls with gorgeous hues.

punggol bto - cover image

There are a few factors that determine whether or not an HDB flat is desirable: its location, its size, the nearby amenities, and the views. Tricia and Eason of @coco.hous managed to score a BTO flat at the Punggol Northshore district with sweeping views of the Strait of Johor. And whenever golden hour rolls around, the couple’s home is awash in dreamy hues.

Yes, Punggol can have nice views too, and not just of Waterway Point.

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Scored a west-facing unit in Punggol

bto by the sea - renovation and walls and tilesSunlight dripping onto the Malford Ceramics tiles when golden hour strikes.
Image credit: @coco.hous

Tricia and Eason first started documenting their home and living journey back in 2021 when renovations started in their 5-room BTO. Despite it being in a half-finished state, the couple had already noticed the incredible light that would stream into their home through the west-facing windows whenever the clock struck 6PM.

Their neighbours @maisondubaobab, also part of the home & living community on Instagram, also told them about the sunset views.

maisodubaobab and coco.housThis is the kind of kampung spirit that we so desperately need.
Image credit: @coco.hous

Fast forward a couple of months, Tricia and Eason finally moved in, and the first picture they posted to their Instagram captured a scene that they’ll see every evening in perpetuity – as long as they’re at home and it isn’t raining!

bto by the sea - dining room at sunsetImage credit: @coco.hous

The minimalist interior design also helped to make the 1,205sqft flat look more spacious.

bto by the sea - living room with windows and seaImage credit: @coco.hous

The sparse living room was deliberately designed that way as the couple did not want yet another cookie-cutter BTO space. All that is in the living room is a projector on top of a platform and 2 floor chairs from Muji that can be easily moved around. The blinds also double up as the projector screen, saving Tricia and Eason money and space.

Unending views of the Straits of Johor

While it’s undeniable that the most scenic sea views in Singapore are granted to the buildings along the East Coast of Singapore, the apartments along the Straits of Johor also have some pretty spectacular sights, too.

punggol northshore google mapsThe undeveloped patch of land is where the new BTOs in Punggol are.
Image credit: Google Maps

The Punggol Northshore developments are situated on Northshore Drive at the top of the district. What makes them all the more desirable is that they are the only residential developments that are bordered by the ocean in that area; the rest of the stretch is occupied by parks, Outward Bound, a jetty, and some eateries. 

Tricia and Eason’s flat had all the marks of a highly-coveted sea view flat. Not only is it in a stack that faces the ocean, but it is also on a high floor, allowing them to see all the way into Johor Bahru’s hills.

bto by the sea - service yard facing the seaEven the service yard has A+ views.
Image credit: @coco.hous

The architects for the Punggol Northshore BTO developments definitely knew what they were doing.

BTO by the sea with dreamy sunset hues during golden hour

bto by the sea - bedroom with sheets
Image credit: @coco.hous

Sea-view apartments are hard to come by in Singapore, especially if it’s a BTO. Fortunately for Tricia and Eason – as well as other homeowners living in the Punggol Northshore neighbourhood – their balloting efforts back in 2015 paid off, and now they get to come home every evening to stunning vistas of the setting sun.

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