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9 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your HDB Flat To Get The Best Value When You Sell

20 September 2023 | BY

Although HDB flats are generally appreciating assets, these 9 tips will help you to secure the best possible price for your unit when you do decide to sell.

5 years have passed, and your HDB flat has finally hit that long-awaited MOP. Now, you might be considering selling your flat in favour of a larger home or even upgrading to a condo. And if you are, here are some pro-tips to help you increase the value of your flat and secure the best possible price for your HDB

1. Repaint the walls & ceilings

repainting walls

Image credit: KLW

Much like having a wardrobe makeover to freshen up your fashion choices, repainting the walls and ceilings of your flat rejuvenates the space entirely.

Over time, dirt, peels, and cracks will accumulate along your wall surfaces, and while they may be subtle, a clean coat to cover them up can make a difference in how clean your space looks. That said, it’s best to paint your wall colours white or a neutral palette so prospective buyers can appreciate and look at the house for what it is.

If you’ve any walls at home in bright colours, it would be a great move to paint the walls white or cream. Having more of a neutral colour palette will help prospective buyers envision themselves living there, whereas bright, gaudy painted walls can be a total turnoff.

2. Repair all minor defects in your house

repairing defects at home

Image credit: SGDefectsScan

Wear and tear is inevitable, and while you may be happy to rid yourself of that problematic aircon or flickering lights, these things can swing interested buyers in the other direction. After all, it’ll be them who have to foot the price for the repair or replacement. It’ll also give them a bargaining chip to shave off a couple of thousand dollars of your expected sale price.

So, to prevent any unnecessary loss in profits, ensure you’ve repaired all minor defects in your house. That one appointment with your plumber or electrician could seal the deal. Check out our complete HDB BTO defects guide for a detailed checklist.

3. Replace rusted fixtures & regrout tiles in your bathrooms

replace rusted fixtures & regrout tiles in your bathrooms

Image credit: Claybook Interiors

Bathrooms are considered one of the most personal areas in every home and can be high-maintenance compared to other parts of your flat. You wouldn’t want to show a run-down bathroom to your buyer as it could leave an unfavourable impression.

You can spruce up your bathrooms without wasting money by replacing rusted fixtures and regrouting the tiles. Fixtures frequently in contact with water, such as taps, shower hoses, and mirrors, should be changed if they look too rusty. Meanwhile, cleaning up the tiles on your walls and floors ensures your bathroom looks as good as new!

4. Laminate old cupboards & replace rusted hinges

new cabinet in kitchen

Image credit: Kompac Plus

We’ve all seen old cupboards with peeling surfaces, which can be an eye-sore to the overall look of your home. You’ll be surprised how much magic laminating all of your old cupboards can do.

For the cabinets in your kitchen in particular, replacing rusted handles and hinges should be the priority, as buyers tend to open cupboards and drawers out of curiosity. As subtle as these accessories may be, they can make your home look in a better condition.

5. Rent a storage unit to store your furniture before the viewing

moving boxes into storage

Image credit: LiteX

As much as your buyer would like to experience your flat as a home – with furniture and not bare-boned like a new unit – it’s good to do a bit of curation. A little like turning your space into a showroom, you can leave only the prettiest and most suitable furniture in the house while renting a storage unit to store the others.

This is especially applicable if you like to accumulate new pieces and hoard. Things that are more run down and not for daily use are better kept away to ensure that your space is clean and attractive.

6. Consult a Feng Shui master for best furniture placement

Even if you’re not superstitious, your potential buyer could very well be. Preparing for that is best by ensuring that your home generates positive qi. While you can’t alter your home’s location or floor plan, you can easily do so to your furniture placement by consulting a Feng Shui master.

furniture placed according to feng shui

Image credit: @houseofchais on Instagram

Check out our guides on boosting feng shui in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms.

7. Install new warm light fixtures

difference between cool and warm lighting

Buy trendy fixtures and complement the decor style of your flat.
Image credit: @hamnehome on Instagram

Lighting is a very elaborate art form in itself. Within homes, warm lighting is usually used to make a home look cozier, unlike cool white lighting. That’s why installing warm light fixtures can make your flat more inviting to prospective buyers.

In contrast to cooler light fixtures, which can make a space feel artificial and cold, the warming and comforting effect of warm light fixtures is likely to give your home cozy vibes and make prospective buyers feel more at home.

8. Repolish old parquet

polished wooden floorings

Image credit: @181chichouse on Instagram

As one of the most affordable options, laminates and vinyls are popular for home flooring. However, as a trade-off to their cheaper cost, they are usually less long-lasting and may appear scratched, damaged, or uneven after a while. Repolishing your old parquets will solve the issue and allow them to maintain their clean look.

9. Hire someone to stage your house 

hire a home stager

Image credit: Superhome Design

Any property realtor will tell you that home staging is common in the market and almost necessary if you want to sell your place at a good rate. Experience tells us that staged homes stay on the market much shorter, giving you an advantage over competitors.

Hiring someone to stage your home will get your place redecorated and rearranged to entice prospective buyers. This means that home staging will be useful, as you may not see things from a property seller’s point of view.

An example is this Punggol Sapphire loft that was sold for $1.19M, a record-breaking sale thanks to effective home staging.

Ways to increase the value of your HDB flat

Generally, homes are an appreciating asset in Singapore. But, aside from striking the iron when it’s hot by selling during peak periods, making your HDB flat look more presentable and attractive to prospective buyers through these tips can further drive up its value, making it your best investment.

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Cover image adapted from: Galaxy Painters, Space Next Door, @hamnehome on Instagram

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