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7 Best Feng Shui Masters To Consult In Singapore To Ensure Your Home Is Full Of Good Qi

15 August 2022 | BY

The last thing you want upon moving in is to see the house slowly falling apart, or to have our new lives sad and difficult, opposite from the ideal we imagined.

7 Best Feng Shui Masters To Consult In Singapore To Ensure Your Home Is Full Of Good Qi

So you’ve just gotten the keys to your new home, a blank canvas where you and your +1 can not only make your dream reno come true, but also embark on a fresh new chapter in your lives. But as much as it’s your job to hunt for the right house and transform it to a beautiful abode, it’s always good to start on the best footing.

In this case, we’re talking about Feng Shui, the Chinese study of metaphysics that goes back several millennia. Having good Feng Shui in our homes means our spaces are properly configured so good qi (energy) flow can be cultivated, in turn enabling our lives to blossom.

With that, here are the 7 best feng shui masters in Singapore that can do the job well in pointing you, and the energy in your home, towards the right direction forward.

1. Kevin Foong Consulting Group – Impressive brand clientele from Singtel to DBS

Mention any Top 40 under 40 list and we’d most likely picture budding tech entrepreneurs and political speakers – wait till you see that Feng Shui consultancy Kevin Foong Consulting Group has also earned a spot there. The consultancy firm has also been mentioned in a host of publications from The Straits Time and CNBC to Channel NewsAsia and AsiaOne, and boasts an impressive portfolio of clients. 

Accolades aside, Master Kevin Foong has over 20 years of studying 三和 (san he) Feng Shui and 三愿悬空 (san yuan xuan kong), applying these principles to auditing many homes. Apart from analysing the home’s floor plan, layout and placement of doors and furniture, he does it in a way that emphasises the creation of wealth and success in personal lives.

One audit by the master is priced at $2,988 for HDB flats, and $3,888 for executive maisonettes (EMs), ECs and condos; very fitting given we’d want to accumulate as much huat into our lives.

Price: $2,988 for HDB, $3,888 for EMs, ECs and condos
Address: 8 Marina Boulevard, Tower 1, Level 11 Marina Bay Financial Centre, Singapore 018981
Contact: 8700 8988

Kevin Foong Consulting Group website

2. Way Fengshui Group – Advice for which units to bid for & invest in

Nowadays, any new BTO or condo launch – like the latest AMO Residence one – will see its units being swiped up like hotcakes. 

While we kiasu Singaporeans love being at the front of the raffle, it’s wise to take a step back to see if the deal we’re securing is a good one. After all, there’s no fun in putting all our money to a unit that simply isn’t a good one for living in, or is a bad investment.

Image credit: Way Fengshui Group

That’s where Way Fengshui Group’s expertise comes in handy. They can help you determine which BTO you should bid for, or which condo unit is good for investment. This is done by taking into account your luck cycle, home direction and bazi suitability, an astrological concept that one’s fate can be determined by their birthdays and birth times.

Besides, they also do audits for homes, so you can continue consulting them once you’ve made your purchase.

Price: $88 for 1 floor plan, from $1,057 for HDB
Address: 149 Rochor Road, #02-10/11 Fu Lu Shou Complex, Singapore 188425
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm (Closed on Saturdays & Sundays)
Contact: 6338 3800

Way Fengshui Group website

3. Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultancy – Dong Tu ceremony & rituals

Image credit: Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultancy

Just like how some families have lion dance celebrations upon moving in, Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultancy conducts the 动土 (dong tu) ceremony, meaning “to break the ground”, which blesses the work area before all the hacking begins. It’s part of the yearly almanack which helps to choose auspicious dates for the entire moving-in process.

Once the dust has settled and everything’s ready, the cherry on the top would be their  moving-in rites held to bless all the members of the family, whether it’s to improve chances of pregnancy amongst newly-weds, or to activate “peach blossom”, a formula based on Chinese astrology that helps singles find love.

Price: Contact for quotation
Address: 12 Woodlands Square, #12-68 Woods Square Tower 1, Singapore 737715
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am-5.30pm (Closed on Saturdays & Sundays)
Contact: 9829 9315

Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultancy website

4. Adelina Pang Fengshui Consultancy – Overseas consultations

Image credit: Adelina Pang Fengshui Consultancy

Our melting pot of cultures goes beyond food and people, with our property market having several overseas-inspired condos that act as our red passport to experience living in “another country”. But that’s still worlds away from actually living out of SG, which is why some of us have taken the leap to live overseas while we’re still holding onto our youth.

Jitters aside, not to worry as Adelina Pang Fengshui Consultancy can help you out. Having appeared in many news channels such as BBC news, Adelina Pang offers overseas consultations for those looking to live in, or invest in property. The process is similar to what happens here, but modified to the country’s own regulations.

Price: Contact for quotation
Address: 7 Temasek Boulevard, #43-01A Suntec Tower 1, Singapore 038987
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm (Closed on Saturdays & Sundays)
Contact: 6430 6766

Adelina Pang Fengshui Consultancy website

5. Loshi Feng Shui Consultancy – Positions for wealth, memory & wisdom

Since he was 19 years old, Master Jeff Lo of Loshi Feng Shui Consultancy has been learning from many prominent Feng Shui masters, including being under the tutelage of one in Hong Kong. He goes beyond the standard auditing procedure with a nitty-gritty framework that is meticulous in maximising the auspicious qi for the household.

There are different “positions” that he locates in each home, such as the 文昌 (wen chang) position for memory and wisdom, the benefactor position which attracts wealth, as well as 3 positions to enhance it. Truly, a way to #manifest all things good in our lives.

Price: $580 for 3-room HDB, from $880 for condo and landed homes
Address: New Market Road Block 32, #03-1034, Singapore 050032
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10.30am-7.30pm | Sat-Sun 12pm-6pm
Contact: 8128 8858

Loshi Feng Shui Consultancy website

6. Master Sean Chan – IRL house-hunting to help vet units

Image credit: Master Sean Chan

Usually, it’s your parents or your in-laws that’ll tag along with you while you spend weekends driving around Singapore, hopping between units for a house viewing session. 

This time, you can get Feng Shui advice in real-time, as Master Sean Chan’s sessions include accompanying you to house-hunting visits. A consultant for property websites, he helps do the homework by house-hunting with you, so you don’t end up with a “bad house” that cannot accept extensive changes. Once you’ve picked your unit, you can continue to consult Master Sean Chan for audits. 

Inspired by Chinese classics, his practice is a mix of major and minor schools; major schools consist of “landform”, which focuses on surrounding landscapes and “compass” which encompases Yin Yang and other astrological concepts. On the other hand, minor schools include “eight mansions”, which arranges homes into East and West groups.

Price: From $1,888

Master Sean Chan website

7. House of Feng Shui – Efficient methods with no frills

Image credit: House of Feng Shui

Another major name in Feng Shui circles in Singapore is Master Ken Koh of House of Feng Shui

With experience in carrying out residential audits all over the world, Master Ken Koh’s practice is a blend of classical Feng Shui systems applied to predictions methods like 紫微斗数 (zi wei dou shu) and 奇门遁甲 (qi men dun jia), which are forms of traditional Chinese fortune-telling. 

This makes his practice efficient and, as he says, with a “you do less for more” mentality. Usually, clients are only required to make changes to the way their furniture and fittings are positioned, as well as the colours around the house, so no major renovation works are typically needed.

Price: From $1,000 for HDB and condo
Address: 176 Orchard Road, Singapore 238843
Opening hours: Mon-Wed 9am-5pm | Thu & Fri 9am-6pm | Sat 9am-3pm | Sun 9am-12pm
Contact: 9018 1908

House of Feng Shui website

Best Feng Shui masters to consult for good qi at home

As exciting as it sounds, Project New Home can be a very stressful period of time, where we have to think about hunting for a convenient unit, renovation and furniture shopping – all while ensuring our budget doesn’t blow up. 

The last thing you want upon moving in is to see the house slowly falling apart, or to have our new lives sad and difficult, opposite from the ideal we imagined.

These Feng Shui masters can help offer you insight on various elements you’d otherwise overlook throughout the entire process from square one. Once everything’s over, you can then sit back, relax, and live your life more smoothly than before.

More words of wisdom to know before moving in:

Cover image adapted from: Master Sean Chan, my_my_renove

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