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Living Room Feng Shui – 8 Items That Can Let Prosperity Flow Into Your House

30 August 2022 | BY

Aside from not aligning your bed with the door, here are some other ways to invoke good feng shui in your living room.

living room feng shui

Feng Shui – it’s all around us. Whether or not you’re a believer, chances are you already practice it, you just don’t know you do. 

Take your bed, for example. If it’s facing the door instead of away from it, it’s in the command position. Boom, Feng Shui. That fish tank in the living room? Also Feng Shui. If you want to take things a step further, here are 8 items that are especially Feng Shui-friendly

1. Houseplants

living room house plants to give feng shui
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Though they don’t move or talk, plants are very much alive – in Feng Shui, they embody life energy, and are especially welcome in the home for the vibrance they bring. The bright green colour of a healthy plant rich in chlorophyll also resembles that of jade, a stone associated with health and protection. 

bagua chart

If you’re new to plants, or just don’t tend to have very green thumbs, you might want to give a low-maintenance plant like the hardy snake plant or Golden Pothos a go. And if you’re wondering where exactly to place it for the strongest effect, you can refer to the Bagua grid above, which maps out different areas of the home according to Feng Shui.

2. Mirrors 

More than just being a vessel of vanity in which we check ourselves out, mirrors reflect abundance. For the expansive visual effect they bring to any room, mirrors are regarded as fairly powerful objects in Feng Shui, and should be placed among objects of similar strength – a good spot is in the dining room, by the dining table, as the mirror and table will work in tandem to create good energy for the home.

mirrors in a living room
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Though more is more, be warned not to have 2 mirrors facing each other, as the energy reflected back and forth will be far too strong.  

3. Windchimes 

Loved for their beauty and therapeutic qualities, windchimes are put to good use in Singaporean homes, letting us know when it’s time to take down the clothes hanging outside, when activated by heavy gusts of wind. 

colourful windchimes for feng shui in living room
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As the metallic clinking of windchimes are believed to sound like coins jingling, windchimes are believed to bring good luck and financial prosperity into the home. For the best effect, you’ll want to hang them in spots that catch a lot of wind. 

4. Water fountains

Running water brings the water element of Feng Shui into the home – commonly used to promote wealth and prosperity, the ever-flowing stream of water symbolises endless wealth. 

a black-coloured water feature living room feng shui
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Having the water flow inward takes this a step further, by having the “wealth” flow into the home. In water features where the direction of flow is identifiable, you’ll want to direct the flow inward.  

5. Fish tanks

The words for fish (鱼) and abundance (余) are homonyms in Chinese, therefore, having a fish tank in the house is believed to invite wealth and prosperity into the home. It’s the same reason we include slices of sashimi in Chinese New Year yusheng, though you may just eat it for the taste. 

fish tank in a room
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In terms of Feng Shui, both a fish tank and a water fountain utilise the constant flow of water to promote the continued inward flow of wealth. The difference is that while a water fountain uses the flow of water as movement, fish tanks make use of swimming fish for movement instead.

6. Dreamcatchers 

Though you may normally associate dreamcatchers with hippie decor, they actually have a place in Chinese Feng Shui – just as in Western culture, they are believed to keep bad dreams and negative thoughts away. 

dreamcatcher on a wall
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For the best results, you’ll want to find one with natural elements, like a wooden hoop for example, and hang it above your bed. Because they come in so many colours, chances are you’ll be able to find one that suits the interior of the room, so that it won’t stick out like a sore thumb, even with such prominent positioning. 

7. Hulu (Chinese gourd)

If the word Hulu only brings up mental images of the digital streaming platform, you might need a Feng Shui refresher. The streaming service shares a name with the Chinese gourd, popular in Feng Shui for the good health they are believed to bring. As for why, it’s because the gourd was used to store medicine in ancient times. 

chinese gourd
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You can safely display a Hulu almost anywhere in the home to enhance health and bring protection. In addition to protecting the home, hanging it will also serve the purpose of absorbing negative, illness-causing energy.

8. Landscape paintings

If a water feature or fish tank is unfeasible, you may want to consider going for a landscape painting instead. Commonly hung in offices and living rooms, the beautiful landscapes symbolise bright futures.

landscape paintings in a living room for feng shui
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Juniper Print Shop

While most depictions of nature will do the trick, if you’re in need of a little extra luck, you’ll want to look out for landscapes of water and mountains. In particular, paintings with a moving body of water, as water is a symbol of wealth in Chinese folklore.

Living room Feng Shui items

Though you may have grown up thinking of Feng Shui as an old person’s craft, made up of pure superstition, these 8 items show that today’s Feng Shui isn’t just prayer bells and talismans. Rather, there are many modern ways to incorporate elements of this ancient Chinese art into your home. Who knows? You might end up a whole lot luckier, or better yet, richer.

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