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8 Tips To Feng Shui Your Bedroom, So You Can Get Better Sleep And Luck

11 February 2022 | BY

To aid you in getting better sleep and boosting your fortune, we look at eight tips on how to best Feng Shui your bedroom.

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Whether you’re a firm believer or a sceptic, everyone has heard a thing or two about the wonders of Feng Shui. Feeling bogged down by unanswered pressure? Or just getting desperate to revive a dying relationship? A little Feng Shui to your bedroom might just be what you need to rid your life of some bad juju.

Get your pen ready as we look at eight tips on how to best Feng Shui your sleeping area, aiding you in injecting passion and good luck into your life.

1. No mirrors facing the bed

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Ever gone to an exhibition full of mirrors and left feeling lowkey frazzled and mentally exhausted? In Feng Shui, mirrors are believed to bounce off energies and they can generate chaotic energies in rooms where they’re in plain sight.

Most of us have mirrors in our bedrooms, but if you want a better night’s rest, try reducing the number of mirrors you have in yours. If your bed faces a mirror, the chaotic energies can quickly deplete your energy – even while you snooze. That could be the reason behind your restlessness at night and that nasty bout of insomnia.

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To maintain tranquillity in your bedroom, have your mirrors built in the closet and away from plain view. Covering mirrors with an opaque cloth while not in use can also minimise possible Feng Shui issues. 

2. Your bed shouldn’t be in line with the bedroom door

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It might sound like something out of a horror show but your qi (life force energy) can get sucked out through the door while you are sleeping. This is if your bedroom’s door is directly in line with your bed. This explains why some wake up lethargic and feel like death even after “ample” sleep. 

When sleeping, avoid the coffin position — your feet facing the door while you are on the bed. As the name suggests, it is traditionally the way dead people are carried out of the room they die in. Sleeping in this position for a prolonged time is believed to bring bad luck as well.

3. Have a pair of nightstands beside your bed

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In bedroom Feng Shui, having a pair of nightstands of similar heights on each side of your bed helps to balance the couple’s energies in the room. If you’ve been struggling with a power imbalance at home, this little Feng Shui trick can help foster harmony between the couple, giving both an equal footing in the relationship. 

For some, it can also be used to exert dominance over their partner by having a higher, sturdier nightstand on their side of the bed. 

4. Be selective about art pieces

Thinking of adding some paintings to your bedroom? Hopefully, famous paintings such as Bedroom in Arles by Vincent van Gogh and The Scream by Edvard Munch are not on your list! 

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Believed to contain unique energies, art pieces can influence their immediate environment. Sad or lonely paintings can cause you to feel heavy and tired, while scary prints can even lead to sleepless nights. Simple landscape and flower prints are preferred as they pump up calming energies in the bedroom. 

Alternatively, putting up family photos in your bedroom can help foster family harmony. Married couples can also display their wedding photos or photos taken during memorable vacations in the bedroom to harness stronger relationship energies. 

5. Use soothing colours

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If you are someone who constantly worries about the monsters under your bed, maybe what you need are neutral and earthy colours for your bedroom. These colours will give you a feeling of groundedness and stability, minimising irrational fears while in your bedroom. 

Couples looking for a little more oomph can opt for light pink walls for a sprinkle of passion in the relationship. 

6. No home gym in your bedroom

Exercise is life for some of us, but fitspos should make sure their home gym setups are kept out of the bedroom. 

Exercising exerts a very yang (active) energy, and sleeping is the exact opposite. This energy contrast in your bedroom can disrupt your sleep as it can be too stimulating for one to get a good night’s rest. If space constraints leave you with no choice, remember to keep them hidden out of sight. 

7. No water features in your bedroom

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Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows that water features are wealth magnets. And while that stands true, Feng Shui isn’t one size fits all. Having water features in your bedroom can easily cause restlessness, giving the room owner increased worries over negligible matters. 

Instead, keep your water fountains, koi paintings, and lucky bamboos in your living room to encourage prosperity and abundance for the family. 

8. Watch the ceiling fan’s position 

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Singapore is hot on a good day and a furnace on most. With that in mind, a ceiling fan might be your answer for a cooling environment to sleep in without breaking the bank. Well, if you don’t mind the bad Feng Shui. 

For those with a low bedroom ceiling, a ceiling fan can make you feel pressured for no reason whenever you’re in bed. Likened to having knives spinning quickly near you continuously, the constant movement from the fan blades can cause uneasiness and unfounded worries. You can mitigate the issue simply by switching to a wall-mounted or standing fan.

Feng Shui your bedroom, because why not?

It does not matter if you are a Feng Shui enthusiast or cynic; simple changes such as having a pair of similar nightstands, putting up happy family vacation photos, and keeping that dainty water fountain in your living room are easy to do. And if that comes with an additional boost of good luck, why not?

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