7 Unique Front Door Designs To Consider So You Can Enter Your Home With A Bang

20 January 2022 | BY

If you want something that strays from the usual wrought iron gate and wooden door combi, here are seven unique front door designs to draw inspiration from.

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First impressions are undoubtedly the most important when it comes to your home. The front door can heavily influence guests’ perception of yours, given that it’s the first thing your guests see. 

If you want something that strays from the usual wrought iron gate and wooden door combi, here are seven unique front door designs from retro to Peranakan to draw inspiration from to truly transform the look of your home. 

1. Industrial-style gates that resemble old-fashioned lifts

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If you’re one to be intrigued by all things old, this industrial-style gate that resembles the metal shutter doors in old fashioned elevators might be it for you. Instead of having accordion-style gates that might not be too practical especially if you’re in and out of the house a lot, go for the modernised option of a swing gate. 

Image credit: Insight.Out

Pair the metal gates with a laminated wooden door for an enhanced rustic industrial look that’ll make your home feel reminiscent of a loft apartment straight out of New York.

2. Sleek glass panel for a see-through main door

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The Local INN.terior

The thing about metal grills is that they can sometimes make you feel like you’re being caged in. If you’re deadset against having an ordinary gate, then opt for a sleek metal and glass swing door instead.

It might not give you the ventilation you’re used to with regular grills, but what you will have is extra soundproofing from the bustle of the street – especially great for those living on those lower floors or above shops or eating houses.

For enhanced privacy, go for frosted or tinted glass over untreated glass. This way, you’ll still let natural light travel into your home.

3. Go bold with a front door in an eye-popping colour

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The Local INN.terior

For those who want to make a statement through vibrant hues and loud colours, go for a bold coloured door in shades like mustard and pine green. The bright or deep shades give your home a pop of personality and are bound to draw eyeballs from all who pass.

Some of us can’t go without the security of a mild steel gate. If you’re guilty as charged, go for a neutral colour like white to balance out the vibrancy of your front door. 

Georgian style front door
Image credit: Etsy

Add embellishments like a metal door knob, mail slot and door knocker to model your front door after a classic Georgian style one. And if you want to go all out, consider using brick patterned wallpaper to decorate the walls next to your front door. Just make sure your decorations are in line with HDB’s regulations and that you can’t paint on the walls directly. 

4. Retro metal gates with unique shapes

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If you’re a sucker for nostalgia and the modern-retro style resonates with you, travel back to yesteryear with a geometric retro front gate for your flat. Choose from a variety of patterns ranging from hexagons to ovals and overlapping squares. 

Teetfa, Laminate Door and Liminal are some gate manufacturers you can check out that still specialise in such retro designs. With most gate manufacturers, you’ll also be able to customise the designs to suit the aesthetic of your home. 

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Laminate Door

Place a classic red letterbox outside your home to finish off the look. Though it won’t be functional, it’ll definitely make a difference and evoke nostalgia among guests and neighbours. 

5. Dutch doors with a split design

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A more unconventional front door design, the Dutch Door, is one that’s divided into two parts that allow you to keep one half of the door open while the other remains closed. This unique split door design is less jarring on the eyes but still maintains some level of privacy and security while letting you ventilate the house as and when you desire.

While the Waterloo street example by Three-D-Conceptwerke above isn’t your regular dutch door, it draws inspiration from the concept, give you a half door with angled slats to facilitate airflow, yet keep wandering eyes and leaves out of the home.

6. Peranakan-inspired doors  

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Yong Fang Doors

Paying homage to the Peranakan heritage, these front doors fitted with Peranakan tiles and patterned glass panels in true Peranakan green, brown and blue can provide a pop of colour even if your home isn’t Peranakan-themed. 

If simply splashing a new hue on your door doesn’t do your home justice, you can take things one notch up with a custom-designed Peranakan door by the folks over at Yong Fang Doors.

7. Nostalgic scissors grille gate

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These retractable scissors grille gates are synonymous with old-school shops back in the day. While they might have once been seen as unsightly, scissors grille gates are making a comeback and adding that rustic touch of nostalgia in industrial themed homes.

Up your door game with these designs

Your front door and gate might not be your top priority when it comes to renovating your new home, but now that you’ve opened your doors to the possibilities, you might want to consider adding a little touch of character to enhance the theme of your home. 

Go all out by choosing a bold colour or add little decorations like Peranakan tiles to make your main door uniquely yours. In addition to having a pretty door to greet you every day, having a unique and eye-catching design also means that your friends will never mistake someone else’s front porch for yours. 

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