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9 Designer Dupes At IKEA To Trick Your Guests Into Thinking You Live A High-SES Life

21 September 2022 | BY

Let’s face it, designer furniture is expensive. Fortunately, IKEA provides quality dupes to these statement pieces without the crazy price.

best ikea dupes

Ask any homeowner for advice, and chances are they will tell you to invest in designer furniture. Given its quality and durability, designer furniture is one of the most long-lasting products in a home. The more eye-catching, stylish pieces will also have your home looking like it belongs in an Architectural Digest photo spread.

Despite the many pros of having designer furniture in your home, they do, unfortunately, have exorbitant price tags that would have the average salaryman raising their eyebrows. Fortunately, IKEA does offer very convincing dupes to some of these designer pieces, without the pressure on your bank account. Here are 9 of the best ones to make sure you get your money’s worth:

Muuto’s Outline sofa vs IKEA’s Äpplaryd sofa

muuto outline vs ikea applaryd
Image credit: Muuto, IKEA

For those unfamiliar with the brand Muuto, it’s usually described as the epitome of Scandinavian furniture with its clean aesthetics and craftsmanship. Muuto’s Outline sofa in particular draws its inspiration from modern architecture, and this casual style is perfect for any cosy living room.  

For those who are looking for a similar product, IKEA offers the Äpplaryd sofa, made using the same materials and only an eighth of the price of the Outline. From a distance, the Äpplaryd and Outline look almost identical so you might get away with tricking your mates into thinking you’re living the high life.

Arflex’s Marechiaro sofa vs IKEA’s Kivik sofa

arflex marechiaro vs ikea kivik
Image credit: Arflex, IKEA

The 3-seater Marechiaro sofa by Arflex was designed with the user’s comfort as a priority. Its soft cushions are made from cold foam while their wide armrests balance anything from a TV remote to a snack bowl on it. Perfect for a day of lazing around… if only it did not cost $9,000.

Fortunately, IKEA seems to have heard the laments of those of us who have to tighten our belts, and has given us our answer in the form of their Kivik sofa. This, like the Marechiaro, is a modular sofa that can be extended and combined with other extensions in the same collection, which is perfect if you have a large family.

Getama’s GE 290 chair vs IKEA’s Ekenäset chair

getama ge 290 vs ikea ekenäset
Image credit: Skandium, IKEA

Designed by Hans J. Wegner, one of the most renowned furniture designers of all time, the GE 290 is one of the most iconic pieces of furniture in modern history. This chair is a perfect combination of stability and elegance with its solid wood frame and comfortable reclining angle.

To the untrained eye, the IKEA Ekenäst chair is almost an exact replica of the GE 290, the only thing setting it apart being the lack of curvature in its legs. If you are particular about getting the exact look, though, options include changing the upholstery and sanding down the frame.

Getama’s GE 1936 chair vs IKEA’s Fröset easy chair

getama ge 1936 vs ikea fröset
Image credit: Twentytwentyone, IKEA

Another one of Hans Wegner’s famous designs, the GE 1936 from Getama’s GE collection is made of layer-glued stained oak, famed for its durability. The chair’s ergonomic curved back also provides enhanced support and comfort, perfect for those long hours with a Jane Austen novel.

IKEA’s Fröset easy chair is a near perfect dupe of the GE 1936. Coincidentally, the designer who devised the design of the Fröset also conceptualised the design of the Ekenäser. A Hans Wegner fan, perhaps?

The Fröset has actually been recommended for long-term use in places like restaurants and waiting rooms. Its versatility in most environments and weather conditions is also another one of its benefits, in addition to it being wallet-friendly.

Carl Hansen and Son’s CH002 dining table vs IKEA’s Vedbo dining table

carl hansen and son ch002 vs ikea vedbo
Image credit: Milia Shop, IKEA

Carl Hansen and Son is a third-generation family business focused on preserving and promoting the classic Danish design values of simple, functional and aesthetically-pleasing. The CH002 dining table fits this to a T, though its options of both oak and beech would probably explain its price.

If renovations have eaten into your furnishing budget, why not check out IKEA’s Vedbo dining table? Like the CH002, the Vedbo’s main frame is made of solid wood, but the surface is coated with a laminate, making for a more chic finish. Both tables also have rounded corners, which definitely is something to consider when you have young children prone to running around the dinner table.

Knoll’s Tulip Table vs IKEA’s Docksta table

knoll tulip table vs ikea dockstaImage credit: Knoll, IKEA

Knoll’s iconic table was designed by Eero Saarinen in 1957, who was tired of the “ugly and chaotic” legs commonly found under dining tables. Five years of trial and error finally yielded the stem-like design we know and love today, aptly named the Tulip Table. 

If the price of the Tulip Table makes you do a double take, you should take a look at the Docksta table from IKEA. Albeit a bit smaller, the Docksta retains the stem and laminate finishing, which ensures that the table is resistant to just about any type of spill you can imagine. 

Astep’s Nox table lamp vs IKEA’s Dejsa table lamp

astep nox vs ikea dejsa
Image credit: Astep, IKEA

This cute mushroom-looking Nox table lamp is actually the brainchild of Swiss-Argentinian designer Alfredo Häberli, best known for his flawless merging of retro designs and modern technology. This lamp is made up of four parts: base, body, lamp and handle, with the base serving as a wireless charger. The body can be detached from the base too, so the lamp can be used anywhere from the balcony to the bedroom.

IKEA’s Dejsa table lamp, while unfortunately not as portable as its very expensive counterpart, retains some of its best features. For example, the glass diffuser which provides gorgeous ambient lighting, and the environmentally friendly LED bulbs.

Jube’s SP P pendant lamp vs IKEA Evedal pendant lamp

jube sp p vs ikea evedal
Image credit: Lightology, IKEA 

Jube’s SP P pendant lamp looks like something straight out of a 50s period drama, which gives any room a nostalgic and homely feel. The glass diffuser coupled with the outer dome shade provides lighting for various occasions, be it just curling up in bed after a long day or hosting a family dinner party.

Like the SP P pendant lamp, IKEA’s Evedal pendant lamp’s double-layered shades can provide both ambient and direct lighting for a plethora of needs.

Marset’s Polo floor lamp vs IKEA’s Nymane floor/reading lamp

marset polo vs ikea nymane
Image credit: Marset, IKEA

Marset’s Polo floor lamp stands out for its uncanny resemblance to the very famous Pixar lamp from their movie intros. The light and thin structure of the lamp makes it easy to swivel and move around, especially if you are fond of switching between laying and sitting down while you work. 

While IKEA’s Nymane floor lamp is not as mobile as the Polo, its lamp arm is just as easily adjustable. The lamp also provides direct light, which is great for work and reading. If you do want to have something that looks exactly like the original, though, spray painting the lamp black should work.

Designer dupes from IKEA to furnish your home on a budget

We all have our dream homes filled with furniture from our wildest imaginations. Very often, however, a lot of what is stopping us from making these dreams a reality is the prospect of blowing a month’s salary on a single piece of furniture. IKEA reminds us that this need not be the case.

After all, who would dislike stylish pieces of furniture that are not only wallet-friendly, but also come with a 10-year guarantee on quality? 

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Cover image adapted from: Twentytwentyone, IKEA

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