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11 Extendable Taobao Furniture To Maximise Space In Your Small HDB Or Apartment

6 March 2023 | BY

Short on space at home? Try giving these pieces of extendable furniture a go.

You don’t have to be an architect or interior designer to notice that your new BTO feels way smaller than the HDB flat you grew up in. Homes have shrunk significantly over the years, and making good use of our limited space has become increasingly important as a result.

Enter Taobao, which has blown up in Singapore in recent years for a good reason. Not only do they offer a wide range of home and living items to choose from, but their offerings also come with more wallet-friendly price tags compared to local stores. And for those of us who may be short on space, fret not. Taobao has a surprisingly large range of creative, extendable furniture, and here are some options worth giving a go. 

Dining Tables 

Solid wood cabinet-cum-dining table

taobao extendable tableImage credit: Taobao

It’s great having friends and family over for a meal or two – until you realise that your dining table is way too small to accommodate everyone comfortably. Instead of cramming as many stools around your dining table as possible, try supplementing your existing dining table with this solid wood cabinet-cum-table.

In its folded form, it looks like a simple storage cabinet. Once unfolded, however, it becomes a table that can be extended horizontally to accommodate up to 4 people, while the shelf on the side of the table can store items such as ketchup bottles and extra cutlery. 

The simple and minimalistic design comes in regular wood and walnut wood variants, and there are add-on bundles that include items such as an oval bench and matching Windsor chairs.

Price: Starts from RMB1491 (~S$290)

Round luxe dining table

taobao marble tableImage credit: Taobao

Enjoying the finer things in life is nice, but that typically comes with a hefty price tag and takes up way too much space in a small house. Once again, Taobao comes to the rescue with this simple yet elegant dining table that just oozes luxury.

In its folded form, the round countertop can fit roughly 6 people. But if you need more space for extra people, it can be extended into an oval shape that can fit up to 8 people, making it ideal for pizza parties and family potlucks. 

If white table tops aren’t your thing, there are other alternate colour options to choose from. The customisation options don’t stop there either. You can choose from different table lengths – 1.2m, 1.35m, and 1.5m – to suit your needs, or even add on extra chairs with customisable leather covers.

Price: From RMB3080 (~S$599)

Italian-style slab dining table 

taobao luxe dining tableImage credit: Taobao

This Italian-style dining table combines the hallmarks of industrial and modern styles – dark colours, sharp lines, raw materials, and unexpected silhouettes – into one fancy piece of furniture. Its price tag isn’t the lightest, but it’s a worthwhile investment for those who are willing to splurge a little more on a practical yet fancy option. 

The table can be extended from 1.6m to 2.4m by using 2 pullouts on both ends of the table, and according to the shop’s description, the table is able to withstand 500 kg. All in all, there’s no need to worry if you’re planning to fill the table top with countless plates of food during a hotpot sesh with a large group of friends. 

There are other customisation options to further elevate this table – if black isn’t your cup of tea, go for a white or grey tabletop. You can even choose to include a built-in induction cooker to bring the Korean BBQ experience to your home, or complement the table with a bundle of 6 dining chairs.

Price: From RMB2080 (~S$404)

Sofa beds

Folding solid wood sofa bed 

taobao extendable sofa bedImage adapted from: Taobao

Sofa beds are often forgotten when we think about space-saving furniture, but it’s time to change that. Not only are they compact, but they also combine the functionality of a sofa with the comfort of a bed. When folded, this sofa bed looks like a simple one-person couch. But when unfolded, it becomes a bed that will be a godsend during late-night TV bingeing sessions. 

The storage pocket on the side of the sofa can be used to tuck away items such as TV remotes and magazines, and the fabric cover of the seats can be easily removed and washed. Oh, and there’s a 2-seater option available too.

Price: From RMB528 (~S$102) 

Sofa bed with under-bed storage

taobao extendable sofa bedImage credit: Taobao

Speaking of sofa beds with storage space, this sofa bed can seat up to 2 people when folded, and unfolds to become a bed with an underbed storage compartment that can be used to stow away blankets and pillows. Moreover, it’s easy to maintain thanks to the removable fabric cover that comes with it.

The width of the sofa is roomy enough to fit 2 pillows, and there are pockets on the side where you can keep knick knacks such as remote controls, magazines, and power banks.

Price: RMB639 (~S$124)

Coffee tables and stools

5-in-1 Rubik’s Cube stool

taobao rubiks stoolImage credit: Taobao

One of the most troublesome parts of having friends and family over is the frantic scramble to find enough seating for everyone – unless you’re well-prepared. Thankfully, this 5-in-1 Rubik’s Cube stool has you covered for future gatherings.

In its original form, it can be used as a regular table, but the table’s sides can be pulled out to become 4 colourful, padded stools. The table section can hold items such as drinks while all the chairs are removed, and a set of wheels at the bottom allows it to be moved around easily. 

Besides being extremely compact, the Rubik’s Cube stool is also highly customisable. There are numerous colour variations to choose from, and all of them add a cheeky and playful burst of colour to any room, allowing it to act as a statement piece for your home. 

Price: RMB366 (~S$71)

Multi-functional marble coffee table 

taobao extendable tableImage credit: Taobao

This innovative coffee table may look like an ordinary modern piece at first, but you’ll quickly notice that it has various pullouts and extensions that reveal various storage compartments, as well as the fact that the surface can be extended into a round tabletop.

Its height can also be adjusted with the help of a mobile app, which removes the need for heavy lifting. The coffee table can then double as a laptop desk, which will come in handy while you’re WFH. To top it all off, it also comes in black and white variants. 

Price: RMB2560 (~S$498 SGD)

Foldable paper stool

taobao folding stoolImage credit: Taobao

Extendable furniture solutions have a bit of a reputation for being boring and bulky, but this foldable paper stool defies these stereotypes.  

Instead of extending upwards like a regular foldable stool, this one expands from the side like an accordion, and can be folded back into a compact square when not in use. This is unlike regular folding stools, which can still be fairly bulky even when folded up, and don’t look the most attractive.

Besides its simplistic and universally appealing design, the folding stool also comes in colours such as red, black, white, and brown, allowing you to easily match them according to your home’s colour palette. 

Price: From RMB129 (~S$25)


Children’s leather storage ottoman

taobao storage ottomanImage credit: Taobao

We have all heard of storage ottomans, but what about ottomans made for kids? For those who may be looking for more storage options for their little ones, this nifty little ottoman might just be the solution. 

Like most storage ottomans out there, this one has the quintessential removable lid and storage space, but what sets it apart is the handle attached to it. Despite looking rather bulky, it’s lightweight enough to be carried around by a child, and the storage area can store toys and books neatly.

Besides grey, there are other colour options for you to choose from. Its simplistic yet fancy design makes it fit means that it’ll fit not just your kids’ room, but also the living room and other shared spaces in the house.  

Price: From RMB499 (~S$96)

Wooden low stool-cum-drawer

taobao storage stoolImage credit: Taobao

Stools may be simple in design, but just adding a pull-out drawer can greatly increase its versatility, all while looking simple and stylish. 

These storage stools come in 3 different sizes, and each type can be used in different ways. The small stools can be used to store footwear and socks, and double as a place to sit whilst putting on your shoes. The medium and large stools can be used to store extra knick-knacks such as books, while also serving as a minimalistic side table. 

Price: From RMB39 (~S$7)

Kitchen accessories

Multipurpose retractable kitchen rack

taobao kitchen rackImage credit: Taobao

Kitchens in newer BTOs and condos do tend to be on the smaller end, but you can make the most of your counter space by getting this multipurpose kitchen rack. While it may look simple, it’s also versatile.

The top rack can be used to store appliances such as a toaster oven or the miscellaneous sauce bottles you’ve collected. The bottom rack is specially designed to be retractable, and can snugly fit any type of rice cooker even when the lid is opened. The sides of the rack feature hooks that can be used to hang up rice paddles and soup ladles.

The rack comes in various different sizes, and you can even pick from black or white options to match your kitchen. 

Price: RMB248 (~S$48)

Quick tips on how to navigate Taobao

  • You can’t view products on the mobile app or website without an account, so it’s important to get one set up for a smooth browsing experience.
  • Use Chinese search terms instead of English. If you don’t understand Chinese or aren’t fluent, run the page through programs such as Baidu Translate or Google Translate. You can also translate your search terms using said programs. Alternatively, try asking someone who is fluent for help. 
  • Sometimes, making a minor change to your search greatly alters what you get on the results page. Try using variations of your query if one term doesn’t work out. For example, replace “pullout” with “extendable”.
  • Pay attention to the product details, usually under the “宝贝详情” section. It provides useful info about the item’s materials, transportation details, and product care.
  • Read through and translate the accompanying product images on the page itself as well. They inform you about additional features and options that the top section may omit.

Best Taobao extendable furniture to maximise your space

While we can’t avoid the inevitable shrinking of newer HDB flats, homeowners can get creative with extendable furniture to make the most out of the space they have. Taobao is a great place to try out if you’re looking for creative and functional home solutions, and items there generally carry a smaller price tag compared to similar options in Singapore. 

While the language barrier and site navigation can be intimidating to some of us, you can always seek help from friends or use various translation tools to help facilitate your shopping experience.

Currency conversions are accurate as of 24 February 2023. 

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Cover image adapted from: Taobao, Taobao

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