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Top 5 Omnidesk Products To Elevate Your Home Office That Aren’t A Standing Desk

10 May 2024 | BY

All the stylish Omnidesk accessories you’ll need to crank up the vibe inside your WFH space.

omnidesk products

If you’ve ever lived the WFH life or built a home workspace setup, you’d have heard of Omnidesk—the brand behind some of the sturdiest standing desks. 

What you might not know, however, is that the folks at Omnidesk are also pros at making accessories that will boss up your workspace. Here are 5 of the best Omnidesk products apart from their desks.

1. Height-adjustable coffee table

omnidesk productsImage credit: Omnidesk

Adding a Caturra height-adjustable coffee table ($469) to your home means you can work comfortably from your sofa without worrying about neck and back pain. It’s also a bite-sized version of the bigger Omnidesk that’ll fit into smaller homes which might not have the room for a home office.

Coming in a walnut veneer finish, the sleek Caturra will give your space an instant lift. With a built-in anti-collision feature and soft curves, it ensures maximum safety for households with pets and children. For continuous height adjustment, all you need to do is tap twice. Opt for a battery pack so you can go wire-free and won’t have to worry about hiding the cable. 

2. Embrace Pro ergonomic office chair

omnidesk products

Get an Embrace Pro office chair ($519) so your back and posture can thank you later.

The chair’s 3D lumbar support system, 12-point ergonomic adjustment, and mesh ventilation ensure superior comfort even on long work days. Made in Germany, the mesh fabric is both high quality and extra durable. 

You can either go for the a full-mesh chair to battle the heat in Singapore or thea cushioned seat for a comfy option. Besides the usual black and grey colourways, it’s also available in a variety of pastel colours to suit your space. 

3. Castor wheels for standing desk

omnidesk products

If you’re blessed to have an Omnidesk at home, it’s only right that you grab the Castor wheels ($49) for it. Made with a specialised rubberised rolling surface, the wheels allow you to move your desk freely and are gentle on the floor. That way, you can do things like move the desk to save space or sweep and mop underneath the desk with ease.

4. Arka desk riser

omnidesk products

Raise your screen to eye level with an Arka desk riser (from $109) so you can bid farewell to your unhealthy habit of hunching over your laptop. Which, you know, can reduce the chances of you developing all sorts of aches and pains.

desk riser

With black, white, and 6 solid wood variations, you’ll be able to find a design that fits your vibe. Besides lifting your monitor, the Arka desk riser doubles up as extra storage space so you can keep your work area clutter-free. It can handle up to 30kg so you can squeeze 2 screens on it for those multitaskers.

5. Hestia desktop organiser

desk organizer
Image credit: @theomnidesk

A Hestia desktop organiser ($129) might fix the current chaos that is your workspace.

With a modular bracket system, this nifty tool lets you attach your knick-knacks straight onto the baseboard using the clamps provided. It comes with 2 table attachments so you can secure it onto any edged surface—no drilling required. Use the Hestia desktop organiser to store your stationery, display decorative pieces, hang your headsets, and everything else in between. 

It can also serve as a mini barrier for those sharing their WFH space with a partner or roommate.

Omnidesk accessories & products

omnidesk products

There’s not much the folks at Omnidesk can’t do. Beyond building some of the best standing desks on the market, the brand also manufactures many multifunctional accessories and products to help you customise your dream WFH deskspace. Come check out what Omnidesk has to offer at their showroom inside Suntec City and Funan Mall

Omnidesk Suntec City

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-328, Singapore 038983
Opening hours: Sun-Thu 11am-9pm | Fri-Sat 11am-10pm
Contact: 3138 8324

Omnidesk Funan Mall
Address: 107 North Bridge Rd, #03-K03, Singapore 179105
Opening hours: 11am-9pm, Daily
Contact: 3138 8324

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This post was brought to you by Omnidesk.
Photography by: Huiwen Chan


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