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Inside A $45K Contemporary Modern Bearbrick Collector’s Home Renovation

26 February 2024 | BY

A unique blend of organic, neutral-palette interiors and art gallery-style elements, this Bearbrick collector’s home is a visual treat.

Inside A $45K Contemporary Modern Bearbrick Collector’s Home Reno

With its myriad of designs, one would imagine a Bearbrick collector’s home to look like a dizzying, psychedelic mix of colours. This collector, though, took another approach to his display: here, neutral palettes meet lighting cues from art galleries to put the Bearbricks in the spotlight, along with a few artworks too.


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200-piece Bearbrick collection worth $120K

Bearbrick collector’s home 2

The Bearbrick display shelf is very much one of the first things that you’d see here, giving guests a strong first impression upon entering the living room. They’re deliberately arranged with adequate spacing, allowing each one to be equally appreciated. This also helps the display avoid becoming too visually busy.

Bearbrick collector’s home 3The Hajime Sorayama x Daniel Arsham 1000% Bearbrick (right), along with other Bearbricks.

The homeowner is a long-time collector, having invested about $200K over 19 years in this hobby. He’s sold a bunch of them, though, as they no longer fit the themes he wants in his collection. His remaining Bearbricks are now valued at $120K. This still amounts to an impressive 200-piece collection, only a fraction of which is displayed here.

The Hajime Sorayama x Daniel Arsham 1000% Bearbrick is his most prized piece, with the homeowner saying that it currently fetches about $16K-18K on the market.

Bearbrick collector’s home 4

Contrary to what one might think, the design of the Bearbricks collector’s home isn’t entirely dedicated to the hobby. The homeowner preferred instead to largely preserve the calming vibe and “livability” of the home while having the toys and artworks tastefully contrast with the neutral shades.

Beyond Medicom’s lovable bears, the homeowners are big fans of a lot of other Japanese products too. The Karimoku Elephant sofa and colour wood coffee table seen here, for example, were specially flown in from Japan.

Bearbrick collector’s home 5

This unit benefits from an abundance of light from the balcony, which also provides an admittedly great view of the surrounding area. It comes equipped with a remote-controlled zip track, allowing for it to be closed off during inclement weather as well.

Bearbrick collector’s home 6

Art gallery-style curvy corridor

Bearbrick collector’s home 7

The homeowners purport to have been partly inspired by the product displays of luxury brands like Celine and Saint Laurent and wanted the Bearbricks display cabinet to have the same feel. This was achieved with curved walls and a strikingly irregular oval cove ceiling, giving the area a fashionable luxe look.

organic design

takashi murakami

Doubling down on the luxury aesthetic, they’ve also taken cues from art galleries, using wire hangers to hang these excitingly colourful paintings from Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami.

Bearbrick collector’s home 10

To complete the artsy displays here, they’ve added studio lights to ensure that their collections, both Bearbricks and paintings, are well-lit.

Neutral colour palette with pops of colourful art

Bearbrick collector’s home 11

The design is decidedly modern and contemporary, featuring plenty of curved lines and an overall sleek aesthetic. Even the air-conditioners are recessed into the ceiling to give the home a cleaner look overall. 

Bearbrick collector’s home 12

This place also happens to be home to another small display of their collection, including another Takashi Murakami painting.

Bearbrick collector’s home 13

These cute little pumpkins are souvenirs from their visit to Naoshima island, sometimes dubbed Japan’s art island. It is home to modern art museums, galleries, as well as giant pumpkin sculptures.

Naoshima islandA pumpkin sculpture on Naoshima island that the little trinkets are modelled from.
Image credit: Japan Guide

Study room that is like an organisational showpiece

study room

The common bedrooms have been mostly left unrenovated but were repurposed as office studies for him and her. This is most likely to keep things nice and conducive for those work-from-home days.

Bearbrick collector’s home 16

The couple is in love with pegboards, and have used them extensively to organise their space here. Whilst not quite a full pegboard wall, the variety of shelves and holders certainly helps keep the workspace looking neat.

Bearbrick collector’s home 17

The one change to this place was the construction of an additional wardrobe, which conceals yet another pegboard, this time used to keep their cleaning appliances. This one almost looks like a cool showpiece for an organisational pegboard. Take notes, IKEA.

Bedroom with a view & optimal Feng Shui

Bearbrick collector’s home 18

The bedroom is similarly almost untouched, save for the bed itself. This was because the homeowners had to position the bed towards the window as part of good feng shui. With the full-length windows, it means that the couple also wake up to a gorgeous view of the neighbourhood. 

Bearbrick collector’s home 19Bearbrick collector’s home 20

The bed itself came with a built-in vanity counter, complete with a flip-up mirror, making it highly convenient when preparing for work in the mornings.

A contemporary modern Bearbrick collector’s home

Bearbrick collector’s home 21

All in all, the cost of this Bearbrick collector’s home renovation was $45K, partly due to the already good design of the unit and partly due to the fact that this home is not their forever home. With that said, you can tell that a lot of thought went into it, using a careful balance of decor and negative space to create a home that feels cosy and minimalist whilst showcasing their impressive collection.


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