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This Singaporean’s Room is A Magical Harry Potter Wonderland With Over 300 Collectibles

16 June 2023 | BY

This Hufflepuff’s room is a dream come true for all Potterheads with countless Funko Pop! figurines and, of course, replicas of all 7 Horcruxes.

harry potter room - cover image

The magical world of Harry Potter has captivated the hearts of many kids and adults alike – we have all dreamt of walking through the walls of Platform 9 ¾, where the adventure begins. Though most of us are still passively waiting for our Hogwarts admission letter, one particular Potterhead took the initiative to bring the Wizarding World to a bedroom in her 4-room HDB flat.

The Potterhead in question is none other than Cheryl Ma. Her Harry Potter journey started when she was a wee child watching the movies, and since then, she’s turned her room into a mini Hogwarts with numerous official merchandise adorning her shelves, desk, and bed. With that said, let’s apparate to Cheryl’s Wizarding World and hold tight because you’re in for a sirius ride.

1. Hufflepuff tablecloth and Secretlab chair

harry potter room - deskSecretlab SKINS Harry Potter Hufflepuff Edition ($269) to prevent her cats from scratching the  Leatherette Secretlab chair.
Image credit: Cheryl

If it isn’t obvious enough looking at the yellow-and-black tablecloth and Secretlab chair, Cheryl is a proud Hufflepuff. Apart from essentials such as a monitor and keyboard, Cheryl has also spruced up her desk space with many more collectibles such as Hogwarts mugs and even the treasured golden snitch, which Harry swallowed in his first Quidditch match.

harry potter room - pin boardImage credit: @c.wizardrycorner 

The pièce de résistance of Cheryl’s wall is her Hogwarts Pin Board from Pottery Barn Teen, and it just so happens to be her favourite decorative piece. Umbridge’s lenticular cat plates and Cheryl’s collection of wands surround the pinboard, adding to the magical vibe of the desk setup. In spite of Umbridge’s annoying character, Cheryl shares that she’s quite fond of her sweet and pink aesthetic. Other notable features of Cheryl’s setup include her Platform 9 ¾ wall clock, Alohomora key holder, and several Harry Potter & Friends plush ornaments. 

2. Owns all 7 Horcrux replicas 

harry potter room - shelvesImage credit: Cheryl

Cheryl’s massive collection may lead people who don’t know her personally to assume that she has been collecting official merchandise since young. In reality, she only started collecting actively at the end of 2020, when she got her own apartment.

The only threat to her ever-growing collection is space. “There are just so many collectibles to collect and a new HDB is tiny,” said Cheryl. The solution? Huge floor-to-ceiling shelves to house her massive collection, which Cheryl admits she doesn’t actually keep count of. 

harry potter room - bookThe collector’s version of The Tales of Beedle the Bard, which is Cheryl’s rarest collectible.
Image credit: Cheryl

From Funko Pop! figurines to the rare collector’s version of The Tales of Beedle the Bard, nearly every memorable Harry Potter artefact can be found on Cheryl’s shelves or in her room. Naturally, she has all 7 Horcruxes replicas on her shelves. In the event that Voldemort rises again, you know that Cheryl will be ready to save us.

harry potter room - haulCheryl at the Harry Potter New York Store (left) and back home (right) with her haul.
Image credit: @c.wizardrycorner, @c.wizardrycorner 

Cheryl gets official merchandise from a variety of places – overseas, local, and online. Her trips to places such as Universal Orlando, Universal Studios Japan, and Harry Potter New York Store frequently see her hauling bags upon bags of merch back home.

Besides that, Cheryl also has a subscription to the Wizarding Trunk and often sources on Carousell for good finds.

3. DIY Hogwarts wall inspired by the Hogwarts Grand Staircase

harry potter room - grand staircaseImage credit: Cheryl

In the Harry Potter series, the Hogwarts Grand Staircase is a massive stairway lined with hundreds of portraits on its walls. Inspired by it, Cheryl DIY-ed her very own portrait wall, filling it with memories such as a picture of her at London’s King Cross station’s Platform 9 ¾.

If you look closely enough, you may even be able to find some really familiar faces. 

harry potter room - cast membersImage credit: @c.wizardrycorner 

Cheryl had the honour of the photos with the cast – Daniel Radcliffe who played Harry Potter, Jude Law who played young Dumbledore in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, and David Tennant who played Barty Crouch Jr. 

4. $300 Mirror of Erised

harry potter room - mirror of erised 2Oh to be Dobby, chilling amongst a massive Harry Potter collection.
Image credit: @c.wizardrycorner 

Sitting snugly among other collectibles is Cheryl’s most expensive purchase, the Mirror of Erised from Pottery Barn Teen. In Harry Potter, the magical mirror could show the viewer their “deepest, most desperate desire of [their] hearts”. Cheryl had purchased it for close to $300 after tax and shipping from the USA to Singapore, but to her, it was all worth it. 

harry potter room - mirror of erisedImage credit: @c.wizardrycorner 

Though it doesn’t show Cheryl her deepest desires, the Mirror of Erised is an actual functional mirror that lets check out her Hufflepuff fit.

5. Harry Potter bedsheets and pillows

harry potter room - bedImage credit: Cheryl

Of course, even the bed is Hogwarts-themed. Colourful pillows shaped like Harry Potter’s birthday cake, the Knight Bus, and even the Weasley’s flying car add even more character to the already eye-catching bedsheets bearing the Hogwarts crest.

Self-proclaimed to be Sirius Black’s wife, Cheryl has a wall papered with her husband’s creation, the Maurauder’s Map, which shows every inch of the grounds of Hogwarts. The wall is further decorated with prints, chocolate frogs, berets, and display shelves with even more collectibles.

Harry Potter wonderland

harry potter room - roomImage credit: Cheryl

“Magical”, “maximalist”, and “sanctuary” are three words Cheryl used to describe her bedroom, which fully showcases her evident love for the Harry Potter series. “I want to feel like I’m part of the Wizarding World, away from the muggles, when I’m in my room,” Cheryl said. 

Cheryl’s room has become a safe haven for her to geek out and soak in the magical atmosphere in the comfort of her own home. She has already maxed out the space in her Harry Potter room, so much so that her growing collection is slowly spreading out to her living room.

Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10, we’re 9¾ obsessed with Cheryl’s room.

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Cover image adapted from: Cheryl, @c.wizardrycorner 

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