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Kim Lim’s Secret Penthouse Condo In Singapore Has A Collection Of Bags Worth More Than HDB Flats

5 June 2024 | BY

Billionaire heiress and beauty mogul Kim Lim gives us a glimpse of her penthouse condo in Balmoral before her big move out.

kim lim penthouse condo

Most socialites have no qualms about showing off their multi-million dollar cribs and wardrobes filled with designer bags worth a small HDB flat. Kim Lim, billionaire heiress and daughter of Peter Lim, is an exception to this, having kept a relatively low profile on this front. However, her close friend JianHao Tan recently uploaded a video titled “The Secret Home Tour of Kim Lim, Billionaire Heiress”, which gave us a peek into the beauty mogul’s penthouse condo.

One of the reasons why this video is coming out now is probably because Kim is said to be moving out of the unit soon, and she won’t be doxxing her address by accident. For all those curious about how a billionaire businesswoman lives, here’s a glimpse of Kim Lim’s penthouse.

Living in the penthouse unit of a condo her dad owns

kim lim penthouse condo living roomImage credit: JianHao Tan

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Kim Lim didn’t settle for any ordinary apartment in Singapore to call home. She’s been residing in the penthouse unit of a condo owned by her father, billionaire Peter Lim, since around 2021. FYI, she moved here from another unit in the same building. 

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the penthouse in the Balmoral neighbourhood is a duplex unit that spans around 6,000sqft. A quick glance at property listings in the area indicates that similar units go for anywhere between $18M-$45M, with rental listings for penthouses fetching around $23,000 for a comparable unit. This gives you a rough ballpark of how much Kim’s penthouse is worth.

Has a guest room with a $60,000 mattress

kim lim penthouse condo hastens bedImage credit: JianHao Tan

It’s one thing to have a guest room in your condo. It’s another to outfit your guest room with a mattress that costs $60,000. During the home tour, we get to see JianHao and company rave about the “best freaking mattress that [they’ve] ever slept on.”

“It’s very, very soft. The moment you sleep on it, it’s like you’ll get enveloped by the mattress,” Xiaxue added. Judging from the price tag, we can assume it’s a Hästens mattress. The brand is best known for its ultra-luxurious beds that the Swedish Royal Family sleeps on.

A walk-in wardrobe with bags worth more than an HDB flat

kim lim walk-in wardrobeImage credit: JianHao Tan

Since Kim was supposedly in the process of moving out, the majority of the house was in a mess, with boxes, clothes, and designer handbags casually strewn about the home. But one spot that was still relatively in order was her walk-in wardrobe.

kim limImage credit: Kim Lim

Contained within these 4 walls are bags and clothes that have a combined value that’s more than the net worth of the entire Uchify team. Kim also casually mentioned that she’s never used around 70% of these bags, although she also said that she would often give out designer bags to her employees so that they can all match.

She also added that she has another warehouse unit that holds all her winter coats, wine, shoes, and other clothes.

Kim Lim’s penthouse condo in Singapore

It’s not every day that a socialite lets us into their world of luxury living. Even this home tour of Kim Lim’s penthouse condo by JianHao is just a small peek into how the ultra-rich have messes at home, just like the rest of us.

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Cover image credit: Kim Lim, JianHao Tan

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