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This $120K 5-Room HDB Reno Is The Cosiest Japanese-Inspired Home Full of Organic Curves

21 February 2024 | BY

Japandi aesthetics is calm, cosy, and pretty much what the doctor ordered. If you need some inspo, have a look at this Japandi 5-room HDB reno.

Japandi reno

The cosy Japandi interior design has been trending for a while, and it’s not going anywhere. Case in point, this 5-room HDB flat that was recently taken from bland to grand with clean lines and a neutral colour palette. 

Here’s what we love about this home transformation:

A Japandi home with neutral tones & cafe vibes

The space’s all about simplicity and a “less is more” mentality. 

Japandi renoImage credit: @chengyiinteriordesign

With the use of light and dark woods, crisp fabrics, and earthy tones, designer Joyce Ang was able to bring in a sense of calm. Shades of soft greys, creams, and browns take centre stage and are used across the walls, ceiling, and doors to create a cohesive feel for the flat.

Instead of traditional curtains, wabi-sabi roller blinds diffuse more natural light into the house and brighten up the space. On top of that, the subtle curves and accent features in the living room do wonders in adding visual interest, depth, and personality.

The 5-room flat was fully renovated to feature modern amenities but still feels like a traditional Japanese home with Shoji sliding doors, a tatami room, and a wooden partition.

Shoji sliding doors and partitions demarcate the home’s different spaces

Japandi renoImage credit: @1oyce 

There’s the sweet shoji sliding door that’s a quintessential element in Japanese interior design. Generally speaking, sliding doors are more space-efficient and suitable for small space in comparison to its hinged counterpart. 

Over here, the double-sided shoji door opens up to the tatami room which also happens to be an office space or a reading corner.

Then, there’s the delicate wood partition that’s used to separate the dining area and living room. It defines different zones within the home without blocking airflow and visual sense of space. Both the shoji doors and partition are done in a similar style to divide the room while maintaining its minimal feel.

Soft Yin & yang-inspired wall & furniture

minimalist home interiorImage credit: @1oyce 

Curved edges are used in furniture, lighting, and fixtures throughout to complement the soft aesthetic of the space. Step inside the living room, you’ll be greeted by a Yin and Yang-inspired curved wall. It was cleverly constructed to break up the living and dining rooms and soften up the space.

If you’re big on Feng Shui, you’ll know circles can promote the flow of qi (positive energy). Circular objects also give a sense of harmony, making the interior feel serene yet dynamic.
  minimalist home interiorImage credit: @1oyce 

Inside the kitchen, the ID added a rounded kitchen island that resembles a Japanese tea bar and stools to balance out the clean lines of the cabinets. 

The shoji doors make yet another appearance here as a divider between the kitchen and the service yard. But unlike traditional shoji doors, the ones featured here don’t have any translucent film on the wooden door frame, allowing more light to enter the space.

A neutral Japandi 5-room HDB reno for the minimalists

The Japandi home aesthetic continues to take over our feeds and hearts. It’s the timeless wooden carpentry, neutral colourway, soft curves, and minimal hardware that turn your home into a safe haven. And that’s exactly what this 5-room HDB renovation – done by Joyce Ang from ChengYi Interior Design – was able to achieve. 

What is Japandi?

Japandi is an interior design style that marries Japanese practicality with Scandinavian minimalism. Expect earthy, muted palettes, contrasting textures for furnishings, a balanced use of natural elements such as wood and stone–and some limewash paint.

In a Japandi space, everything’s got a reason to be there, marrying beauty with practicality. It’s about durable, functional pieces that look great too. 

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Cover image adapted from: @1oyce 

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