9 Next-Level Kids’ Bedroom Ideas That’ll Make You Want To Be A Child Again

28 June 2023 | BY

From boho-inspired havens to modern designs, these 9 next-level kids bedroom ideas will make you wish you were a child again.

9 Next-Level Kids Bedroom Ideas That'll Make You Want To Be A Child Again

Shopping for kids’ home decor is easy, but selecting the perfect items to elevate your design can be a challenge. Don’t settle for the ordinary when you can unleash your imagination and create a truly remarkable bedroom for your little one.

A little creativity can go a long way in designing a bedroom your child will never want to leave. From boho-inspired havens to more modern designs, these 9 next-level kids’ bedroom ideas won’t just delight your little one – they’ll make you wish you were a child again too. 

1. Modern American

Kids bedroom ideas -Modern American nurseryPinterest-worthy nursery with white-framed wooden cot from mothercare and white baby changing table from Stokke.
Image credit: @houseofchais, @houseofchais 

Created by a husband and wife interior design team for their own home, this gorgeous nursery has a distinctly modern American aesthetic. Grid-patterned wallpaper comes together with a half-fluted panel to create a delightful play of dimension in the room, while a bouclé armchair and red polka dot bed sheets add to the amalgamation of patterns and textures. 

The opposing side of the room is just as eye-catching. Covered by a textured white laminate that bears resemblance to that of shiplap, the wall serves as a canvas for an assortment of decorative elements – a mini wood-framed bunny-eared mirror, a cartoon-illustrated adventure map, and floating wooden shelves that display toys and adorable sets of baby clothes. 

Blending modern American aesthetics with various patterns and textures, this Pinterest-worthy nursery offers a sense of calm and composure for those challenging moments when parenting gets tough.

2. Space-themed

Space-themed condo kids bedroomImage credit: Jesigns Interior Design, Jesigns Interior Design

It’s almost impossible to believe that this space-themed kids’ bedroom was created within a 3-room condo in Geylang. With a specially-designed space capsule bed loft, a custom-made sleek study area, and a modern geometric entranceway with bespoke LED lights, there’s no denying that the bedroom design truly transcends worldly expectations. 

Every inch of the futuristic blue-illuminated room is fully decked out, including the ceiling. Using a custom-made fibre star ceiling imported from overseas, the interior designers were able to create the illusion of sleeping beneath luminescent stars – a mesmerising celestial experience brought straight into a condo bedroom.

3. Pastel-Scandi

While the extravagance of the previous bedroom certainly leaves nothing to be desired, there’s also beauty to be found in simplicity and minimalism. This little girls’ bedroom is found within a minimalist-themed Serangoon HDB flat, and its delightful ambience is achieved through neutral tones and delicate design elements.

Pastel-Scandi themed kids bedroom

The bulk of the space is occupied by twin beds with chic white bed frames – the beds are differentiated by elegantly-lettered name prints on the wall above the headboard, giving each daughter a sense of individuality and ownership within their shared room.

The bedroom feature wall is a spin on the 2-toned split-painted wall trend; while the bottom half of the wall is painted a soft blush pink hue, the top half is covered by patterned wallpaper that livens up the overall atmosphere of the room. Other notable features are the soft pink cascading curtains and white room accessories, which all come together to create a seamlessly elegant look. 

4. Jungle-themed nursery corner

Jungle-themed nursery cornerImage credit: @houseofchais, @houseofchais 

With sage green paint and palm tree wallpaper from Hello Circus, this classy jungle-themed nursery corner is fit for a refined baby Tarzan. Jungle animal elements bring the room to life; a furry lion rug sprawls across the floor, while a giant giraffe stuffed toy looks into the baby cot and watches over the little one.

Wooden accessories and furniture add a natural charm to the space. A standing wooden play mobile with dangling mini stuffed animals immerses the child in the jungle scape, and a Momiji baby cot placed beneath the palm tree wallpaper adds to the entire vibe, with the vertical wooden grills of the cot vaguely resembling jungle tree trunks.

5. Sage green gender-neutral bedroom  

Instead of going with the traditional “pink for girls, blue for boys” colour scheme, this room abandons gender norms and uses muted sage green and woody light brown hues to create a gender-neutral kids’ bedroom. 

Sage green gender-neutral kids bedroomImage credit: @furrychan, @furrychan

The room’s dual-toned sage green and white walls are adorned with whimsical light brown balloon decals, letter sticker decals spelling out the child’s name, a light brown cartoon bear flag, and a circular wooden display shelf for trinkets and toys. The different elements come together as one, creating an interesting space brimming with creativity and personality. 

Another key feature in the room is the Korean-designed wooden bed, which has a unique mattress-surrounding bed frame. Adjacent to the bed, a light brown lion rug introduces an additional layer of texture while perfectly aligning with the room’s playful yet peaceful ambience. 

6. Modern celestial-themed

While most people shy away from darker colours to avoid the illusion of a constricted space, the designers of this modern celestial-themed bedroom opted for a gorgeous navy blue wallpaper with starry gold details, along with luxurious deep blue curtains. 

Modern celestial-themed condo kids bedroomImage credit: Mr Shopper Studio

The clever use of lighter colours and space-saving carpentry prevents the room from being overly cramped; white overhead cabinets were installed instead of a full-length cupboard, and a white floating shelf opposite the bed maximises floor space and doubles up as a study desk. 

Wooden toys and wooden kids’ furniture imbue the room with a cosy vibe by brightening up the room and adding a touch of rustic charm to the modern design. A chunky knitted throw on the bed serves the same purpose – it contributes another dimension to the texture while furthering the homey vibe of the room.

7. Boho-chic

Pink boho-chic nursery with rattan elementsImage credit: @houseofchais, @houseofchais

Different weaving patterns and textures unite in this boho-chic rattan-centric haven. An intricately woven cot from Momiji sits at the heart of the room, standing against a dusky pink and white scallop wall with pastel decal details. Next to the cot, fruit-shaped wicker storage baskets add both functionality and whimsy to the room, along with an adorable woven toy pram.

A neutral-coloured double arch decal on the adjacent wall draws attention to a standing rattan cabinet and the delicate decor elements placed atop the storage unit, while a circular woven jute rug ensures that the floor isn’t left bare either. 

Matching soaring bird decals from Urban Li’l are pasted onto the walls and complete the scene by adding a lovely youthful touch to the boho-chic pink paradise.

8. Whimsical fairy-themed

Whimsical fairy-themed kids bedroomImage credit: Mr Shopper Studio

Clad in varying hues of pink and white, this condo bedroom is the perfect, charming and whimsical fairyland for 2 little girls to grow up in.

Twin pastel pink chiffon bed canopies cascade over the headboards of identical white-framed beds, complete with gold star details and decorative chiffon balls. Meanwhile, tassel-strung decorative elements are draped over the footboards of the beds, giving off a fun boho fairy vibe.

10. Custom-designed neutral-themed bedroom & playroom

Naomi Neo’s kids’ bedroom and kids’ playroom Naomi Neo’s kids’ bedroom and kids’ playroom (sans wallpaper).
Image credit: @naomineo_, @naomineo_  

How could we forget the kids’ bedroom and playroom in Singaporean influencer Naomi Neo’s home? The shared kids’ bedroom in Naomi’s home boasts a bespoke double-decker bed as its main feature – complete with floor-to-ceiling plush wall panels, a giant white archway installation, and practical storage space incorporated into the stairs leading to the top bunk.

Aside from a simple white slide and a Miffy lamp, the neutral-themed bedroom is largely devoid of frills and fancies – a large bulk of books and toys take residence in the playroom instead.

Naomi Neo kids playroom wallpaperImage credit: Naomi Neo

The kids’ playroom follows a similar neutral colour palette. Custom-made wallpaper from Layerplay gives the room a personalised touch, and plush scallop wall panels with a soft backlight give the room a luxe yet playful vibe.

Next-level kids’ bedroom ideas in Singapore

When it comes to these 9 kid bedrooms, the word “aesthetic” is an understatement. From extravagant out-of-this-world designs to simple minimalism, there are limitless possibilities when it comes to designing spaces for children – and these 9 next-level kids’ bedroom ideas truly take the cake. 

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Cover image adapted from: @houseofchais, Jesigns Interior Design, @naomineo_

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