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What Is “Beige Christmas?” 8 Tricks To Nail The Look For Your Wabi-Sabi Home

8 December 2023 | BY

There’s no reason to ruin the wabi-sabi aesthetic with vibrant reds and greens. Consider the Beige Christmas style instead.

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It’s the season to be jolly, but if you’ve painfully toiled to nail the warm simplicity of the wabi-sabi aesthetic, there’s no reason to ruin the neutral minimalism with vibrant reds and greens.

Enter the aesthetic-saving Beige Christmas: also known as “Neutral Christmas”, this aesthetic casts aside the garish multi-coloured lights and ornaments of your typical Christmas decor and keeps things chill.

Now that we’ve covered the concept, here’s a list of 8 items that will help you build your own Beige Christmas at home.  

1. Brown kraft wrapping paper & twine for presents

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This has to be the smartest – and most cost-efficient – trick in the gift-wrapping book. Do away with printed wrapping paper in favour of plain, ol’ brown kraft paper. You’ll be surprised how put-together your home looks with a heap of brown parcels under the tree. Finish the look with a twine ribbon & write your names is white or gold ink.

If you feel this combo is a tad plain, you can add a pop of colour with a pine sprig or some mistletoe – coloured ribbons work too!

2. Earthy and neutral ornaments with pops of gold 

beige-christmas 3Image credit: @carolineinterior

When decking out your Christmas tree, set aside the lurid orbs and tacky winter-themed knick knacks, and opt for earthy, neutral ornaments. Without the saturated colours of typical ornaments, play around with contrast by alternating your browns, whites, and golds in a pattern.

beige-christmas 4Image credit: Pinterest

Think outside the box as well—consider jute ribbons, woven seagrass ornaments, and origami Christmas trees as additional ways to introduce visual interest and texture to your tree.

3. Muted wreaths

beige-christmas 5Image credit: Etsy,

Your wreath can also embody the Beige Christmas aesthetic. Rather than the typical Balsam Fir and red berries, consider using an assortment of different kinds of leaves, branches and dried flowers to achieve the look. Alternatively, this Shopee Pampas grass wreath will easily give your home understated elegance for just $12.17.

muted wreathsImage credit: Etsy

Etsy is also another great trove for interesting wreath options that will get heads turning and people talking. Just stick to the general rule of having a neutral base, then add on some rustic elements such as pine cones and dried cotton in the case of the tufted wreath above.

4. Plain warm lights

beige-christmas 7Image credit: TheLifestyledCo

The Beige Christmas aesthetic calls for the use of warm strong lights so it’s easier on the eyes and senses. Subtle and warm-toned lighting, such as soft white or amber-hued fairy lights, will gently illuminate the muted tones and natural textures, creating a cosy and inviting home all December long.

beige-christmas 8Image credit: IKEA

This applies to all other decorative lighting you’re planning on adding to your current home setup. We recommend IKEA for their new range of faux candles and festive lights that will help you achieve the look without burning a hole in your pocket.

5. Rattan Christmas tree skirt

beige-christmas 9Image credit: @winter_wondergram on Instagram

It’s all too easy to neglect the base of your tree when you’re decorating it. While you can simply arrange presents around it to hide the base, we don’t all have that many on hand to do the job.The solution is simple: sit your tree inside a rattan Christmas tree skirt, which blends nicely into the Beige Christmas aesthetic with its intricate woven design.

beige-christmas 10Image credit: IKEA

You can easily pick up yours over at IKEA, where the VINTERFINT Christmas tree skirt retails for $27.90.

6. Pampas Christmas tree

pampas treesImage credit: Etsy

If you think the pine tree is too festive for you, check out pampas Christmas trees as a possible alternative. Soft, feathery, and daubed in an elegant shade of beige; pampas Christmas trees will give your home the illusion of being snowed in. 

These are quite hard to find in Singapore, so you’ll want to order yours from platforms like Etsy where these trees are retailing for around $360 excluding shipping costs.

7. Cream, beige, and grey stockings

beige-christmas 12Image credit: @bymeghang on Instagram

Stockings are a staple of any Christmas celebration, and you can get them in shades of cream beige, or grey to complement your Beige Christmas look. You don’t need a mantelpiece to hang them too; you can improvise by using a simple row of 3M hooks – a simple and easy way to install and dismantle once the season is over.

8. White and gold tableware

white and gold tablewareImage credit: Ana Rosa on Tumblr

Your Christmas feast table is where the magic happens. So embrace a mix of whites, golds, and browns while adding pops of green from pine, eucalyptus, and holly to give your guests the full Beige Christmas experience. These natural touches break the monotony beautifully, keeping the vibe calm yet vibrant.

Nailing the Beige Christmas aesthetic at home

Christmas is often associated with cheer and an excess of red and green, but that doesn’t mean you have to dramatically alter your style to fit the season. The Beige Christmas aesthetic gives you a light and graceful alternative to the chaos of Christmas, and these 8 items will help you experience the season without the sensory overload.

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