8 Best HDB Access Corridor Transformations That’ll Make You Wish You Had One

29 July 2023 | BY

These 8 unique designs harness the plethora of potential that comes with buying a HDB access corridor.

8 Best HDB Access Corridor Transformations That'll Make You Wish You Had One

There’s been a fair bit of debate over HDB corridor gardeners, whose plant jungles spill beyond their own homes into public HDB corridors. Yet, one surefire way to avoid any disputes revolving around shared corridor space is to purchase a segment of your HDB corridor for private use – which isn’t as easy as it sounds, given certain HDB eligibility criteria.

However, fortunate HDB residents who manage to buy over their access corridor – also known as a “recess area” – enjoy the luxury of privacy and complete freedom in decorating and utilising the space outside their homes.

From designing a partial open-concept kitchen, to creating a luscious plant corridor with peace of mind, here are 8 best HDB access corridors to take inspiration from if you’re looking to purchase the recess area outside your flat.

1. Kaws x Elmo door & checkerboard floor

Kaws x Elmo door & checkerboard floorImage credit: Fifth Avenue Interior

With an edgy Kaws x Elmo door as the focal point of their private access corridor, it should come as no surprise that the homeowners of this HDB jumbo flat are avid collectors, with an impressive built-in Bearbricks display located within the couple’s home just beyond the access corridor.

Stylish checkerboard tiles are laid across the once-plain corridor floor, while sleek cove strip lighting illuminates the area. A convenient built-in shoe cabinet occupies the space beneath the windows, completing the chic contemporary look.

Dual entrance HDB access corridorDouble entrance from the access corridor into the home.
Image credit: Fifth Avenue Interior

2. Modern glasshouse

Once a dimly-lit space with windows framed by thick black grilles, the access corridor in this East-side home underwent a complete overhaul.

Modern glasshouse access corridor transformationAccess corridor transformation.
Image credit:

Complete with huge black-framed glass panels and a grille-free, curtainless window, the revamped access corridor resembles more of a modern greenhouse, and less of a HDB home. 

Lush green potted plants are placed at one end of the access corridor, flourishing in the sunlight that floods through the windows. Meanwhile, the beige-toned herringbone floor tiles and wooden features contrast against the sleek black metal features, complementing the greenery and enhancing the natural beauty of the space.

3. Modern farmhouse

Modern farmhouse access corridor transformationAccess corridor transformation.
Image credit: @myoldnewflat 

Instead of opting to reconstruct the entire area, the homeowners of this 1,399sqft home decided to retain the wooden blinds from the original access corridor. Polished wood flooring complements the wooden blinds, while an eye-catching pastel green door adds a funky retro touch and pulls the entire modern farmhouse look together.

4. Classy cabin 

Classy cabinEntryway with a built-in fluted panel shoe cabinet and cushion-topped fluted panel bench.
Image credit: Aart Boxx Interior 

With warm lighting and dark wood accents, the access corridor of this jumbo flat in Woodlands sets the tone for a classy yet rustic retreat. Wooden Venetian blinds and fluted panel carpentry in the entryway blend seamlessly into the home interior, creating a cosy vibe reminiscent of a modern wooden cabin in the winter – the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.

5. A partial open-concept kitchen

Partial open-concept kitchen access corridorImage credit: Anhans Interior Design

Taking advantage of their access corridor, the homeowners of this 4-room HDB at Bukit Merah View knocked down the top half of the wall between the entryway and their home, installing tinted glass folding windows to create a partial open-concept kitchen.

The corridor is further adorned with floor tiles sporting an intricate pattern, conferring the space a touch of artistic elegance. Minimalist storage cabinets are built-in beneath the window, ensuring a balance between both style and utility.

6. Minimalist & monochromatic

Minimalist and monochromatic access corridorImage credit: The Alchemists Design

The uncluttered access corridor in this 4-room HDB on Marsiling Road is the picture of monochromatic minimalism, with an unembellished grey marble floor giving an illusion of abundant space.

Black window grilles and matching black-framed glass panels add an air of sophistication, while the view into the home reveals a similarly minimalist interior with polished marble floors and simple, modest black furniture. A small green house plant serves as the sole spot of colour, offering a refreshing touch of nature to the monochromatic ambiance.

7. Lucious plant corridor

Lucious plant corridorImage credit: The Local INN.terior

Filled with rows of flourishing greenery, this luscious plant access corridor in Potong Pasir is the way to go if you’re looking to create a home jungle without getting complaints from your neighbours.

A unique dark green dangling lamp perfectly complements the deep green hue of the plants, while a window leading to the kitchen serves as a convenient drop-off point for GrabFood deliveries. The kitchen interior itself mimics the access corridor, with woody carpentry, dark green tiles, and small indoor plants – enhancing the overall design of the lush and airy plant corridor.

8. Colourful eclectic

Colourful eclecticImage credit: Free Space Intent

Last, but certainly not least, this access corridor along Pasir Ris Street 21 embodies colourful eclecticism. Featuring a teal-outlined entryway, a bold magenta front door, and a bright orange ceiling, it’s a pop of colour that we just can’t look away from.

Against the more common tones of the greyscale floor tiles, white folding window, and brown wooden blinds, these vibrant hues not only stand out, but add a dynamic and lively touch to the space.

Best HDB access corridors

In addition to lending privacy from noisy and problematic neighbours, buying over an access corridor offers homeowners the opportunity to renovate the space into a unique extension of their home. From modern glasshouse to classy cabin or even colourful eclectic, bookmark these 8 best HDB access corridors for future inspiration.

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Cover image adapted from:, Fifth Avenue Interior, Aart Boxx Interior

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