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Naomi Neo’s Envy-Inducing Glass House Is Ultimate #HomeGoals, Was 3 Years In The Making

28 March 2023 | BY

Naomi Neo’s new house is a contemporary 3-storey abode designed to entertain the closest friends and family.

naomi neo new house

Of all the celebrity homes in Singapore, Naomi Neo’s new home is probably one of the most prominent. The sneak peeks of her home that she posted on TikTok have garnered nearly 10m views on the platform already, and we haven’t even seen the full interior yet. Until earlier this week when she uploaded the full house tour on her YouTube channel.

Wanted a glass house since forever

naomi neo new house - glass facadeImage credit: Naomi Neo

Since she was a small girl, Naomi had always dreamt of living in a glass house. But as she grew older and wiser, she realised that Singapore’s heat will turn her home into a giant toaster, and high-quality glass will cause her budget to skyrocket. “I kept those [factors] in mind while trying to live my dream,” she said in her YouTube video.

The result is a contemporary structure that still sports plenty of glass walls and windows, although the equatorial sun and heat are tempered thanks to the installation of floor-to-ceiling blinds and curtains.

naomi neo new houseImage credit: Naomi Neo

The huge living room was one of the first places that Naomi previewed on her socials, and it’s also the place where she threw a dinosaur-themed birthday party for her daughter Zyla Rey that was reportedly worth $20,000. However, that doesn’t hold a candle to the Estelon XB speakers which are worth at least $38,000 for one pair. That’s a downpayment for a BTO.

crystal chandelier on ceilingImage credit: Naomi Neo

Above the living room is the main feature: a contemporary crystal chandelier that spans almost the entire ceiling. “We have a pretty high ceiling, so I really wanted something that would be eye-catching,” Naomi said about the idea behind the lights up above.

Large spaces for entertaining guests

naomi neo new house dining room and tableImage credit: Naomi Neo

Naomi also gave us a peek at the plenty of rooms that are dedicated to entertaining friends and family. For instance, her main dining room features a large 10-seater dining table that was deliberately chosen to seat as many people as possible. “We do have a huge family and [have] friends that come over pretty often,” she explained.

naomi neo new house karaoke roomImage credit: Naomi Neo

Tucked elsewhere in the house is a home theatre that doubles up as the karaoke room, depending on the crowd.

karaoke roomImage credit: Naomi Neo

Naomi reveals that this is where she normally hosts her guests, and once they’ve left the compound it becomes a space for her family to catch up on the latest movies. The hidden speakers are set up with Dolby Atmos surround sound. To top it off, the room’s ceiling emulates the night sky after Naomi was inspired by the Rolls-Royce Starlight Headliner bespoke feature.

projector with star ceilingImage credit: Naomi Neo

For days when the weather is nice and sunny, Naomi and her guests can chill out by the outdoor patio thanks to a 2.6m-long live edge table from Grey & Sanders. 

naomi neo new house outdoor patioImage credit: Naomi Neo

Naomi credits the family scenes in the Fast & Furious movie series and being inspired by many Western homes with similar outdoor settings 

naomi neo rock speakerImage credit: Naomi Neo

She even had speakers disguised as rocks installed by the patio for maximum discretion. 

An architectural pool with no edges & mini jacuzzi

naomi neo new house architectural poolImage credit: Naomi Neo

And right by the patio is the stunning architectural pool, one of Naomi’s favourite spots in her new home. The pool, which looks bigger than some shoebox condo units, was designed to blend into the home seamlessly, which is why the drainage has been made flush with the rest of the floor, occupying as small of a footprint as possible.

naomi neo new house jacuzziImage credit: Naomi Neo

There’s also a mini jacuzzi by one corner of the pool so the adults can relax while the kids splash about in the main part of the pool.

Built her dream home office with glass walls & “floating” tables

naomi neo new house naomi neo officeImage credit: Naomi Neo

Naomi also gave a tour of her personal spaces, the first of which was her dream home office. Keeping in line with the glass house theme, her home office has glass doors to take advantage of all the natural light streaming in.

naomi neo new house glass tableImage credit: Naomi Neo

She also chose a desk with glass legs to give the illusion that it’s floating in midair.

Custom-built double-decker bed for her 2 kids

naomi neo new house double decker bed for kids roomImage credit: Naomi Neo

It’s no secret that Naomi’s 2 kids – Kyzo and Zyla Rey – are her pride and joy, as she so often shares on her social media. As they are still young and growing, Naomi wanted them to co-sleep together for the first few years of their lives before they get their own space.

naomi neo new house stairs storageImage credit: Naomi Neo

The kid’s bedroom features a custom-built double-decker bed which was something Naomi had always wanted. And one perk about the customisation is that the steps to the top bunk also double up as storage units for bedsheets and blankets.

Kylo and Zyla also have a playroom nearby that has no built-in furniture. This is so that the room can become either one of the sibling’s bedrooms when they grow up. “We made sure everything could be moved around,” Naomi said.

naomineo-playhouseImage credit: Naomi Neo

Rather than go with a classic children’s-themed wallpaper, Naomi designed a wallpaper with the initials of all her family members to be plastered on the wall. This was then printed and installed by Layerplay. “Hopefully we don’t have a third kid because otherwise, I’d need to switch out this wallpaper,” she joked.

Designed her bedroom to feel like a hotel

naomineo-bedroomImage credit: Naomi Neo

One of Naomi’s top priorities was a good night’s sleep, so it doesn’t surprise us that she had her master bedroom designed to evoke the vibes of a luxury 5-star hotel. She also shared that she invested in a high-quality mattress from Simmons, in particular the Beautyrest Ultimate Grandeur. “I wanted it to feel like a hotel lah,” Naomi said.

naomineo-roomImage credit: Naomi Neo

The ensuite bathroom also has the same staycation aesthetic.

naomi-neo-bathroomImage credit: Naomi Neo

Naomi revealed that in her previous bathroom, she and her husband “could no longer deal with each other’s sh*t in the morning fighting over one sink” which was why they had his-and-hers sinks built into the master bathroom. “This [was] completely necessary,” she said.

naomineo-bathtubImage credit: Naomi Neo

A gorgeous freestanding bathtub sits right by the picture window. Unfortunately, only Naomi’s kids have had the time to take bubble baths here as the adults have not had the luxury of time to take a soak.

Huge walk-in wardrobe for makeup, shoes and bags 

naomi-neo-closetImage credit: Naomi Neo

The pièce de résistance of Naomi’s room is the expansive walk-in wardrobe. Naomi initially wanted an open wardrobe, but she decided to install glass doors to protect her clothes, bags, and sneakers from all the dust that might gather.

naomi-neo-closetImage credit: Naomi Neo

In the middle of the walk-in sits an island with a marble counter and drawers with custom drawer organisers from @keeepersg. However, the star of the show here is Naomi’s vanity corner.

naomineo-vanityImage credit: Naomi Neo

Not only does the vanity have all the beauty essentials, but it also has a mirror taller than some people and light strips flanking both sides so Naomi’s face is bathed in perfect lighting.

Naomi Neo’s house tour

naomi neo new house - glass facadeImage credit: Naomi Neo

Naomi Neo’s new house has been 3 years in the making. Since she got the keys to the place back in 2019, the house has gone through a complete overhaul, including the demolition of the original house and the building of this brand-new contemporary home.

The original house.
Image credit: Naomi Neo

Aside from Naomi, her husband, and her 2 kids, the home is also occupied by her extended family – presumably her parents and her in-laws – who reside on the second floor of the house.

naomi-neo-otherroomThe other rooms on the second floor of the house.
Image credit: Naomi Neo

“One of my favourite parts of living in a big family, or a multi-generational family, is the love and support we get from one another,” Naomi shared towards the end of the video. Being an only child to her parents, she felt lonely growing up. But in such a big home, her children have the opportunity to bond with their cousins more, something which Naomi loves to see.

Check out the full house tour of Naomi Neo’s new home on her YouTube channel.

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