8 Pretty In Pink Singapore Bathrooms That Prove That Pink Is The “It” Colour Of 2023

12 May 2023 | BY

The pink-clad bathrooms in these 8 Singapore homes showcase the versatility and design potential of the iconic colour pink.

Best pink bathrooms

We’ve seen our fair share of interesting bathrooms, from the cyberpunk-themed bathroom in this futuristic HDB to the onsen-inspired bathroom in this modern Japanese HDB resale. And while we love being inspired by niche themes and specific cultures, there’s something liberating about designing your bathroom according to a colour palette instead.

While it might not be an intuitive colour to choose, we’ve seen a resurgence of Singapore homes with pink bathrooms – and we can’t help but admire the versatility and design potential of this distinctive colour. Whether you’re a fan of bold, eye-catching hues or prefer softer pink tones, these 8 pretty in pink Singapore bathrooms are sure to inspire your next bathroom renovation.

1. Dainty baby pink kids bathroom

Dainty baby pink kids bathroomImage credit: @houseofchais 

Styled by the interior design team at HouseOfChais, this 2-toned kids bathroom is the perfect amalgamation of soft gentle tones and childhood whimsy. The baby pink rectangular KitKat tiles across the top half of the bathroom are the primary feature, with their cheerful pop of colour contrasting against the simple white Zellige tiles along the bottom half.

Similar tones of clean white and pops of brushed gold are used for the bathroom fixtures to add a sense of understated luxury. A playful white rimmed mirror hangs below round wall sconces, alongside a whimsical pink and white art piece – the overall effect gives the bathroom a cohesive look and feel.

2. Mid-Century Modern with Aesop vibes

Mid-Century Modern bathroom with Aesop vibesImage credit: @fifthavenueinterior 

If there’s something we’ve established from the first bathroom, it’s that pink, gold and white are a heavenly combination. And this killer combo is seen again in this Mid-Century Modern bathroom that screams Aesop.

Blush pink iridescent Moroccan tiles are used to create the backsplash in this classy, otherwise minimalist HDB bathroom with brightness and vibrancy without being too loud or overt.

The chic gold fringed arch mirror and round pendant light are other noteworthy features of this pink bathroom. They come together with the wooden texture of the vanity and the smooth rounded edges of the countertop to create an elegant and sophisticated overall look.

3. Boutique hotel-looking bathtub

Boutique hotel-looking bathtubImage credit: @zazeekreate, @zazeekreate

Creating a Pinterest-worthy bathtub in an HDB flat is a tall order, but this Tampines flat’s bathroom is a place of wonder. Hafary’s baby pink ceramic tiles grace the top half of the bathroom and are contrasted by white KitKat tiles that blend into the bathtub and add texture and dimension to an otherwise plain exterior. 

The pink theme is further accentuated by rose gold shower fittings, as well as a matching rose gold quadrant shaped soap rack. The entire area is illuminated by soft light from a spherical mounted wall lamp which completes the gentle, dreamy vibe of the space.

4. Whimsical floral bathroom

Whimsical floral pink bathroomFeaturing a terrazzo sink from Modeste.
Image credit: @zazeekreate

Even small spaces can be infused with personality and character. Case in point, this tiny yet eye-catching pink bathroom with floral patterned tiles. This next HDB bathroom transformation was also done by interior designer, @zazeekreate, and it is another pink delight.

Sourced from Hafary, these unique patterned tiles are used to create a spectacular light pink floral design that spans across part of the wall and floor, and transports bathroom users to a field of blooming flowers. The other half of the bathroom features more muted colours, with touches of peach and shades of pink giving off a dainty yet fun vibe.

5. Elegant old-school baby pink & white bathroom

Elegant old-school baby pink & white bathroomImage credit: @idmayjie

Designed by an interior designer from Meter Square, this baby pink and white bathroom blasts us back to 2018 when mermaid tiles were all the rage. The old-school vibe is furthered by the vintage light fixtures above the vanity – with their bulbous shape and visible glowing filaments – along with other elegant gold fixtures around the vanity area.

A tessellation of hexagonal tiles blankets the bathroom floor and the shower area, with a 30-70 ratio of blush-pink to white tiles – the colour composition and tile arrangement gives the bathroom the perfect pink tinge without being too overbearing.

6. Feminine traditional bathroom 

Feminine traditional pink bathroom Image credit: @houseofchais 

The pink tiled wall in this HDB bathroom plays with both patterns and colours – the weaving look of the herringbone tile arrangement is elevated by the use of different shades of pink, which adds dimension to the wall and makes it a focal point in the otherwise-grayscale bathroom. 

By opting for slightly more muted pink tones and using the colour sparingly, the bathroom manages to avoid looking overly outlandish. The pink-hued herringbone wall pairs nicely with the delicate gold fittings near the sink area, hitting the sweet spot between luxury and playfulness. 

The uniquely shaped gold tap adds a quirky vintage character to the bathroom, and a low-hanging pendant light on one side of the arch mirror gives the bathroom the atmosphere of a powder room.

7. Retro Wes Anderson-esque bathroom 

Retro Wes Anderson-esque pink bathroom Image credit:

Instead of creating a bathroom feature wall or using a combination of different sizes and colours of tiles, the interior designers at Shed Studio decided to go back to the basics with regular square shaped tiles. 

The walls, floor, and even sink countertop in this bathroom are covered with uniform baby pink square tiles and white grout, giving the entire bathroom a gorgeous Wes Anderson-esque old school symmetry effect. A similar shade of pink is used for the sink base cabinet – nothing fanciful or extravagant, the cabinet blends in with the rest of the pink bathroom. 

The toilet bowl, sink, shower features and even soap bottles are all white, such that all the parts of the bathroom come together to create a cohesive and clean look.

8. Bohemian chic bathroom

Bohemian chic bathroomImage credit: @authorsinstyle 

Last but not least, the pink bathroom of this 120sqm Singapore home deserves a mention. Variegated pink tiles are used for the 2 opposing walls at the ends of the bathtub, while lighter neutral-coloured tonal tiles were selected for the third wall, causing the bathtub area to be surrounded by a soft rosy aura without one feeling too boxed in.

The window above the tub allows natural light to enter the bathroom and reflect off the pink tiles, giving the entire bathroom a warm pinkish glow. The cosy atmosphere is furthered by wooden bathroom elements – a decorative yet functional wooden ladder is propped in the corner and used to drape towels and suspend hanging plants, while a wooden bath caddy tray keeps bath essentials within reach.

Pretty pink bathrooms in Singapore

We’re way past the point of reserving the colour pink for exclusive use in little girls’ bedrooms. Pink is a universal colour, and when it comes to bathrooms, pink unlocks endless potential for designing and creating a beautiful space that stands out in your home. 

Ranging from classy and elegant to playful and whimsical, these 8 pink bathrooms not only unveil the charm and personality that a pink bathroom can bring to a home, but also prove that pink really does deserve to be the “it” colour of 2023.

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Cover image adapted from:, @fifthavenueinterior, @zazeekreate

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