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These Kitchenware Are So Pretty That They’ll Instantly Elevate Your Food Shots

25 January 2023 | BY

Wanna spice up your kitchen and up your home aesthetic game? Here are 7 aesthetic kitchenware under $200 that’ll help.

aesthetic cookware

Whenever you feel like pulling a Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay in your own home, all you need is your trusty kitchenware, and the right ingredients. Nowadays, homeowners also spend more time and money on building a kitchen that suits their aesthetic tastes – but why stop there?

 Take your cooking to the next level with gorgeous cookware pieces that are not only multi-functional, but also great for decorative purposing and double up as serving bowls. From classic names like Le Cruset and Staub to newer, cooler kids on the block like Our Place and Modori; here are 7 aesthetic kitchenware in Singapore to help you elevate your kitchen.

1. Crock-Pot Artisan Dutch Oven – Pretty ombre colours

Kitchenware in Singapore - CrockPotImage credit: Lazada

Le Cruset is a cult classic among foodies and those who love cooking – it’s a luxury brand revered by many people. But with most of the brand’s products hitting at the S$300-500 range, it might put a sizable dent in your wallet. But fear not – we’ve found an affordable dupe for a fraction of the usual price.

Like the signature complexion of Le Creuset’ cast iron products, the Crock-Pot Artisan Dutch Oven has a soft ombre finish and comes in 5 colours: blush pink, scarlet red, aqua, gradient teal, and pistachio green.

Moreover, these dutch ovens are made of easy-to-clean porcelain enamel, and they’re pretty versatile in terms of functions. Whether it’s baking a loaf of bread or cooking up a hearty stew, these ovens will not easily let you down.

Price: From S$81.43
Best for: Slow-cooking, braising, baking

Buy the Crock-Pot Artisan Dutch Oven here.

2. Modori Sodam Cookware Set – Minimalist pieces that double up as serving bowls

Kitchenware in Singapore - Modori SodamImage credit: @theramengirl

This Modori cookware set is a popular newcomer among Singaporean homeowners – many local home influencers have spoken highly about it in reviews, including Jo & Kin from @ourfookinhouse. Not only do the Modori pots save space with their stackable feature, but the range comes with a detachable handle so these minimal pots and pans can double up as serving bowls. 

The subtle matte finish of the set is perfect for homeowners that prefer classy or minimalistic styles for their kitchen. Plus, it comes in 2 colours – pink and beige. Coupled with a non-stick surface that gives you fuss-free cleaning, the Modori pot is unsurprisingly a product that has its own cult following.

Kitchenware in Singapore - Modori SodamImage credit: Lazada

This set includes their 18cm Cooking Pot, 18cm Multi-Use Pot Lid, 22cm Cooking Pot, 24cm Frying Pan, and the Multifunctional Handle. The set is compatible with gas stoves, ceramic cookers, heating plates, induction cookers, and ovens that don’t exceed 300°C. 

Price: From S$188.80 (U.P. S$236)
Best for: Slow-cooking, frying, braising, baking

Buy the Modori Sodam Cookware Set here.

3. Winnie the Pooh & Miffy kitchenware – Make pancakes, sandwiches, castella cakes & takoyaki 

Kitchenware in Singapore - Winnie The Pooh KitchenwareImage credit: NTUC Fairprice

Start your day right with pancakes and sandwiches impressed with the beaming face of Winnie the Pooh. Other than fluffy pancakes and sandwiches, you can try your hand at making street food at home with the Winnie The Pooh takoyaki maker – it even has a Miffy rabbit version. Besides the popular octopus-ball snack, this cookware can also be used to bake small castella cakes to feed your sweet tooth.

Kitchenware in Singapore - Winnie The Pooh KitchenwareImage credit: Amazon

Price: From S$43.20 (U.P S$48.44) (Winnie the Pooh collection), S$31.03 (Miffy and Minnie collection)
Best for: Frying, searing, toasting, baking

Buy the Skater Winnie and Minnie collection here.

4. Staub Cast Iron Pumpkin Cocotte – Radiates autumn vibes

Kitchenware in Singapore - StaubImage credit: @madaboutpot

The hyper-realistic contouring and finish of this cocotte might just fool you into thinking it’s an actual pumpkin. Other than the fact that it caters to more subtle aesthetic tastes with its other 2 colours – white and black – its classy look is elevated by the golden stem of an accent on its lid. 

Although not as coveted as Le Cruset, Staub is still a household name that’s sought after in the culinary world. It brings whimsical art and functionality together in a kitchenware piece that can be used to slow-cook meat and even bake pies. The craftsmanship is so exquisite, it can be used as statement serving bowl during events when you have friends or family over.

Price: From S$31.18
Best for: Broiling, roasting, baking, searing

Buy the Staub Cast Iron Pumpkin Cocotte here

5. Our Place Perfect Pot – One-pot solution

Kitchenware in Singapore - Our Place Perfect PotThe Perfect Pot (left) and the Perfect Pan (right).
Image credit: Our Place, Our Place

 You might have heard about Our Place’s Perfect Pan, which quickly sold out after it went viral on social media in 2022. Well, this original cult fav now has a sister – the Perfect Pot. 

Like its predecessor, it has a clean, muted complexion complete with a smooth matte finish. It comes in 8 fun colours and is known for being made of non-toxic materials, sporting a non-stick coating, and coming with a nesting spatula. You’ll also get a roasting and steaming rack along with it. 

The Perfect Pot has a lightweight cast aluminium body, as well as a built-in strainer in its pour sprout – a great feature for when you need to cook rice and pasta. With so much thought put into its design, it’s no wonder this brand has wormed their way into the hearts of celebrities like Selena Gomez and Oprah Winfrey – the latter calls it the “kitchen magician”. 

Price: From S$165.00
Best for: Boiling, crisping, baking, braising, braising, roasting, steaming, straining, pouring

Buy the Our Place Perfect Pot here

6. Visions Versa Pot Set (6pc) – See through pots with a hint of nostalgia

Kitchenware in Singapore - VisionsImage credit: CorelleBrandsAP

Visions cookware series are iconic blasts from the past. The brand is distinctly known for their amber-tinted pots and saucepans – you’ve probably seen one of these being used by your grandmother or mom back in the day. Made of glass, they’re non-toxic and easy to clean.

The highlight of these pots would be their transparent material, which allows you to monitor your food as it cooks. At the same time, they can also make cooking much more photogenic as an activity – one can take photos to show off their cooking process as the ingredients are easily visible. 

Functionality wise, this Visions pot set is versatile, being able to cook rice, stir-frying noodles, and even bake chicken pies. Speaking of versatility, these pots can easily be repurposed to serve your dishes once you remove its lid. In fact, its stellar 4.5-star rating and reviews on Amazon are testament to its trustiness and durability.

Price: From S$139.64
Best for: Baking, microwaving, chilling, refrigerating, boiling, braising, stir-frying

Buy the Visions Versa Pot Set here

7. LOCK & LOCK MINIMAL cookware – Sleek, modern additions to your kitchen

Kitchenware in Singapore - Lock & Lock MinimalImage credit: Shopee

As its name suggests, this series’ selling point is its minimal design, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The full-black surface goes well with everything – it doesn’t matter whether your interior style leans more towards subtle or dramatic. 

Not only is this set highly versatile, but it also adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. Moreover, the wooden accent courtesy of the handles and lid knobs create a visually pleasing contrast to the bold black.

That’s not all – to make cooking simpler and easier for buyers, the lids were designed to allow this set to have a triple-steam control function, allowing users to control the amount of steam or heat when preparing a meal. Of course, like most newer cookware on the market, it comes with a non-stick coating. This ensures that cleaning will be a fuss-free affair for users.

Price: From S$59.94 (frying pan), S$72.63 (wok), S$78.12 (saucepan), S$105.39 (stock pot)
Best for: Stir-frying, deep frying, simmering, braising, steaming, slow-cooking

Buy LOCK & LOCK MINIMAL cookware here.

Bonus: BT21 Toaster – For the ARMYs & Koreaboos out there

Kitchenware in Singapore - BT21 ToasterImage credit: LINE FRIENDS INC

If you’re a fan of BTS or just K-POP in general, you’re probably no stranger to BT21, a collection of 8 LINE cartoon characters created back in 2018. There’s no doubt that they’re well-loved, with merch being sold out all the time.

Add a dose of fun into your kitchen with this BT21 toaster. Adorned with an adorable print of the characters in a group hug, this toaster will easily brighten up your kitchen with a pop of colour. You can also upgrade your morning toast with this appliance, which gives your bread a toasted print of the last BT21 member, Van. 

Price: From approximately S$53.59 (US$39.95)
Best for: Toasting bread

Buy the BT21 Toaster here

Aesthetic kitchenware in Singapore

For those who enjoy cooking up a storm at home, perhaps this is a sign for you to do it in style. Besides the pots and pans that usually appear metallic or plain black, there’s a wide variety of aesthetic alternatives out there, which could really elevate your cooking experience. What’s more – you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your hands on them. 

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Cover image adapted from: CorelleBrandsAP, @theramengirl, NTUC Fairprice, LINE FRIENDS INC

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