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Best Standing Fans In Singapore To Get Now To Keep Cool This Endless Summer

30 June 2022 | BY

Economically easier to maintain than an AC, here are 8 standing fans that’ll help you tide over this oven-like summer.


Singapore’s weather hit record temperatures this April and May, with the country being rocked by heat wave after heat wave. Using your air conditioner all-day every day isn’t an option – it’s certainly not cheap. So, you might need to start considering purchasing an additional fan to tide you through these months.

Standing fans are becoming more versatile – there are even options for smart fans that will purify your air or can be remote-controlled via a mobile application. Economically easier to maintain than an AC, here are 8 standing fans that’ll help you tide over this oven-like summer.

1. PowerPac Standing Fan PPFS616 – Most affordable option

standing fanThe PPFS616.
Image credit: PowerPac

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, efficient standing fan to cool your home down on a hot day, look no further than PowerPac’s Standing Fan PPFS616. At $39.90, the fan provides a strong, concentrated air flow and comes in the colours grey and black.

Rest assured, you can also let this fan run for extended periods of time without worrying about it overheating thanks to its built-in thermal protection. The PPFS616 is also packed with other features including a 3-speed setting, a 1-hour timer, and an energy saving mode that’ll help you save on your utility bill. 

standing fanThe PPFS818.
Image credit: PowerPac

Finally, if you have more space and want better ventilation in your home, consider the PPFS616’s sister model – the PPFS818. With 18-inch blades that overshadow the PPFS616’s 16-inch ones, this fan provides greater air flow.

Adjustable: Yes
Price: $39.90

Fan power: 4/5 – Provides a strong wind flow but produces noise that’s highly disruptive.

2. Mistral MSF 1678 – Easy to assemble & disassemble for cleaning 

standing fanImage credit: Amazon

This standing fan is equipped with 16-inch Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) blades – a material that ensures maximum airflow distribution and greater durability of the blades. It retails at $65 and one can look forward to its great breeze, even when it’s on its lowest setting. It also comes with an 8-year fan motor warranty for potential wear and tear in the future.

If you’re someone who dreads the thought of having to clean your standing fans because it’s hard to safely dismantle them or get between the grilles, the MSF 1678 has also been praised by buyers for being easy to assemble and disassemble. This will be sure to make cleaning a less-taxing affair.

Maximum height: 138cm
Adjustable: Yes
Price: From $65

Fan power: 4/5 – Affordable fan that provides a strong and pleasant breeze, but might be loud on the highest setting.

3. KDK P40US – Super silent & comes in 3 colours

standing fanComes in Champagne (left), Black (centre), and White (right).
Image credit: COURTS, KDK

The KDK P40US boasts a maximum height of 154cm, topping the average height of most standing fans – between 125-135cm. This means a greater radius for air circulation indoors and better cooling. 

Besides its strong power, the KDK P40US operates silently, which is great for super light sleepers who wake at the drop of a pin. This standing fan also comes in 3 colours – Champagne, Black, and White. These less-saturated tones will ensure that they match with the interior of your homes, no matter the colour scheme.

Maximum height: 154cm
Adjustable: Yes
Price: From $102

Fan power: 5/5 – Strong power has been tried and tested, and is able to cool a large area.

4. EuropAce ESF 168S – With a far-reaching airflow range

standing fanImage credit: Kfour Group

Homes with longer or wider layouts can consider EuropAce’s ESP 168S, which has an airflow range of up to 7 metres. The airflow coverage seems sufficient for a single room of most high-rise homes in Singapore, providing ventilation that’ll reach all four corners of the room.

Additionally, this fan’s pole or stand has a slim structure, making it ideal for smaller or cramped spaces. So if you’re looking for a standing fan that won’t make your living space more cluttered, the ESF 168S is a good option to consider.

Maximum height: 132cm
Adjustable: Yes
Price: From $75

Fan power: 5/5Has a strong airflow and also operates quietly – great for cooling at night.

5. Dyson PureCool air purifier TP00 (White/Silver) – Aesthetic & doubles up as an air purifier 

dysonImage credit: @kaownah

A unique take on standing fans, Dyson’s PureCool TP00 has a sleek and futuristic design that is characteristic of most Dyson products. With a lack of blades, this fan is a great choice for households that have little ones running around – no need to worry about curious children getting their fingers caught between the blades.

For homeowners with dust, pollen, and other common allergies, this is a great 2-in-1 option that both cools and purifies the air at home. It’s equipped with a 360° Glass HEPA filter that claims to remove 99.95% of allergens and pollutants from the air. With the rise in economic activity in a modern city like Singapore, this feature can help to improve our air quality.

Maximum height: 101.8cm
Adjustable: No
Price: From $419 (U.P. $549)

Fan power: 3/5 – Although the fan’s dual function is convenient and great for removing pollutants in the air, its actual cooling effect is relatively weaker compared to the rest on the list.

6. Xiaomi MIJIA Leshow Leafless Pedestal Fan SS4 – App-operated & child-friendly

Image credit: Walmart

As newer homes like BTO flats and condo units have only been getting smaller and smaller, this fan is the perfect pick that’ll help you save space. Shaped like a flat ruler, this fan is not only easy to detach and transport (weighing only 2.4kg), it also easily fits into the smaller nooks of your homes. 

Belonging to Xiaomi’s MIJIA, a sub-brand for smart home appliances, one can easily control and switch between the fan’s 11 wind speeds via the MI Home App. Last but definitely not least, this standing fan is bladeless and anti-scratch – a great alternative to most pedestal fans for households with young kids that might not know to be careful around appliances yet.

Maximum height: 116cm
Adjustable: No
Price: From $159.77

Fan power: 3/5 – The fan’s 11-level wind speed function might leave much to be desired for some, as the maximum level is often required to effectively cool down homes on a hot day.

7. Xiaomi Smartmi Wireless Fan 2S – Energy efficient with battery option for cordless use  

standing fanImage credit: @ourfookinhouse

Wire or cable clutter can be visually-unpleasant or messy, often presenting itself as a safety hazard behind slips and accidents in homes. Well, here’s another smart appliance from Xiaomi, that’s both wireless and aesthetically pleasing. 

It has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 20 hours on a single charge, which means that you can pretty much leave your fan running throughout the day. You can also move it as you like around the house. At the same time, you can always revert the fan back to a wired mode, as it comes with a plug-in option.

Like its name suggests, the Smartmi Wireless Fan 2S is a smart appliance that can be remote-controlled via the MI Home app. Through the app, you can adjust fan speed levels or switch between a standard mode and a more natural one that simulates outdoor breeze. You can even set parental controls or further link it to Google Home for greater convenience.

Maximum height: 90cm
Adjustable: Yes
Price: From $115

Fan power: 4/5 – This standing fan might not be the best option if you’re looking to use it outdoors as its airflow is less concentrated and thus, might not be felt significantly when used outside.

8. Sona SAF 6080 16” Antique Stand Fan – Nostalgic, vintage design

standing fanImage credit: Lazada

For fans of vintage styles and furniture, the Sona SAF 6080 is a standing fan that’s reminiscent of the antique fans from the 1930s – they were often made of materials such as cast iron, copper, or brass. 

Similarly, this standing fan has a metallic, copper-like finish, having been made up of polyresin and cast metal. With 4 aluminium blades that are both lightweight and less prone to corrosion, your fan will likely last longer in a humid location like Singapore. 

Maximum height: 125cm
Adjustable: Yes
Price: From $109

Fan power: 4/5 – Does not have the most powerful airflow but it still does its job well.

Hunting for the perfect standing fan

When it comes to looking for a good standing fan, we have to consider factors like price and aesthetic. Depending on the needs of the household, one might save and opt for a cost-effective option or a child-friendly one to give parents an ease of mind.

But at the end of the day, it typically boils down to the functionality and performance of the appliance – you probably won’t be thinking about how the fan fits in with your home aesthetic when you’re baking miserably in the 30°C Singapore heat.

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Cover image credit: @kaownah, Walmart

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