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10 Best Home Items To Buy From SHEIN From Elegant Mirrors to Wooden Tableware For As Low As $2.25

8 January 2024 | BY

We’ve compiled the 10 best home items to buy from SHEIN that are both affordable and do a great deal in sprucing up your space.  

wooden tableware

Mention cheap clothing and you can almost guarantee that SHEIN will pop first into mind. What some may not know, though, is that SHEIN is more than just about fashion. Recently, they’ve become popular for their enormous range of home and living decor items too which are, without a doubt, sold at super affordable prices.

We’ve done the groundwork and compiled the 10 best home items to buy from SHEIN that not only go easy on your wallet, but can do a great deal in sprucing up your space.  

1. Ambient lamps

SHEIN home items 2Image credit: SHEIN Singapore

Beyond an elaborate reno and buying your dream furniture, lighting is often the secret ingredient that can give your home a major face-lift; except there’s one concern: it’s usually a rather pricey investment. Luckily, SHEIN’s collection of ambient lamps bring style to suit every home theme without breaking the bank.

SHEIN home items 3RGBIC TV Light Bars ($21.75).
Image credit: SHEIN Singapore

Priced as low as $5, these lamps come in a whole range of shapes, sizes and patterns. Expect to score eclectic finds like the mushroom jellyfish lamp ($5). Alternatively, level up your TV console with the smart-controlled RGBIC TV light bars ($21.75) for an instant jazz-up.

2. Marble-printed waterproof kitchen sticker

SHEIN home items 4Crafted from modern PVC, this sticker mimics a luxurious marble finish, providing an atas look without the expenses or installation hassles.
Image credit: SHEIN Singapore

For renters looking to spruce up their living space without breaching the rental contract, peel-and-stick tiles offer a fantastic solution. SHEIN’s marble kitchen sticker (starting from $2.25) can transform kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and cabinet doors.

3. Mini vanity mirrors

SHEIN home items 5Image credit: SHEIN Singapore

Wavy mirrors are making waves in homes, and we’re all for it. Fit for both your bathroom and bedroom, these decorative mirrors ($5.50) contain Pinterest-esque curves that’ll make your space resemble an Avant-Basic lookbook. On the other hand, their irregular wabi-sabi vanity mirrors ($17) can inject some quirky character to your space.

4. Decorative candles

SHEIN home items 6Little angel aromatherapy candle ($4.75), and Michelangelo-inspired wax candle ($6).
Image credit: SHEIN Singapore

Channel some old money glamour into your space with these angel aromatherapy candles ($4.75), which can pull double duty to decorate your empty shelves. If dark academia is more up your alley, get their Michelangelo-inspired wax candle ($6) which will make a whimsical addition to your bookshelves.

5. Friends desktop picture frame

SHEIN home items 7Image credit: SHEIN Singapore

There’s no denying the sheer influence Friends, a popular American sitcom has on our mainstream culture. One homeowner has even gone to the extent of renovating his Boon Lay HDB flat to resemble Rachel and Monica’s apartment in the show.

Even if you don’t share that level of commitment, this Friends picture frame ($5.25). It’s a perfect time capsule to display precious pictures with your own friends, and one that can easily be placed on your work desks, shelves and coffee tables.

6. Wooden tableware

SHEIN home items 8Image credit: SHEIN Singapore

We love the look of acacia tableware, and SHEIN’s tableware collection is a good place to start without having to dig too deep into your finances. This European-style cake plate (from $27) is ideal for dinner parties, while their Japandi-inspired fruit platter (from $19.25) is a sleek way to display snacks.

7. Patterned coasters

SHEIN home items 9Image credit: SHEIN Singapore

Another item we’ve added to the best to get list is coasters. SHEIN’s got an impressive collection of patterned coasters like these flower-shaped wooden coasters ($9.25), marble-wood coasters ($4.50) and Graham cracker-like coasters ($4.50) that’ll help make you look put together when you’ve got company at home.

8. Pampas grass

pampas grass SHEINImage credit: SHEIN Singapore

Commonly featured in wabi-sabi-inspired home makeovers, pampas grass introduces a desert-inspired ambiance, lending a resort-like or farmhouse feel to your space. With SHEIN’s assortment featuring reed grass, dried bunny tails, and white & brown pampas grass bundled in a generous package of 100 pieces for $15.25, you’re all set to curate your own stunning bouquets.

9. Portable mini desks

SHEIN home items 11A multifunctional folding table ($22.60), and small sofa table ($12.25).
Image credit: SHEIN Singapore

When you’re too lazy to get out of bed for WFH days, SHEIN’s portable mini desks are here to remind you that there’s no excuse. 

Their multifunctional folding table ($22.60) is ideal for those who like sitting on the floor while working, and can be easily folded back into a compact size for storage. There’s also their small sofa table ($12.25) which can be clipped onto your sofa should you wish to work couch potato style.

10. Smart LED lighting

smart led lightingImage credit: SHEIN Singapore

You don’t need to be a tech whiz to spruce your home up with some smart RGB lights. Get ready for some DIY with their RGB LED strip light (from $3.75) – available in 4 different lengths with a varied number of LEDs, these strips can be aligned anywhere from the bottom of your shelves to the linings of your ceilings.

Similar to most smart lighting systems, these lights can conveniently have their exact colour and intensity controlled through their app.

Best SHEIN home items to buy

While many of us are willing to fork out a solid amount of money to renovate and decorate our homes, it’s unlikely that we’d ever shy away from affordable products, especially if they are of good quality. Just as we scroll through SHEIN when in need of a new outfit, more of us will likely do the same when looking for new home items for our abodes.

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