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Woodleigh HDB Neighbourhood Guide – Flat Prices, Amenities, Connectivity In This Upcoming Estate

6 June 2023 | BY

Here’s the 101 on the Woodleigh HDB neighbourhood from the cost of BTO flats to travel times to Changi Airport and City Hall.

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Even though I didn’t grow up in Woodleigh, it’s a neighbourhood that I’ve grown up in and around for the past 2 decades. From swimming lessons at Avon Park to riding on a bus down Upper Serangoon Road to work, I’ve seen Woodleigh evolve from a humble estate – and the former site of Bidadari Cemetery – into a concrete jungle with new HDBs on every corner.

Any home buyer worth their salt will make sure that they are equipped with all there is to know about the neighbourhood they’re moving into. So for those of you who are considering making Woodleigh your new home, here’s our Woodleigh neighbourhood review that covers everything from the affordability of houses here to the amenities and even the traffic situation.

Where is Woodleigh?

woodleigh hdb neighourhood review - google maps areaImage credit: Google Maps

Just so everyone is on the same page, Woodleigh refers to the area bounded by Bartley Road, Upper Serangoon Road, and Upper Aljunied Road. It sits between Potong Pasir and Serangoon but is technically part of the Toa Payoh HDB estate.

And to clear up any confusion, there’s a Woodleigh HDB district that sits within the new Bidadari estate. The other HDB districts within Bidadari include Alkaff, Bartley Heights, and Park Edge. According to HDB, more than 70% of the BTO flats in Bidadari have already been completed as of May 2023.

Affordability of Woodleigh

Woodleigh occupies a unique position when it comes to property availability. All the BTO launches here have been launched already so there’s no opportunity for that. And since the estate is still so new, none of the HDB flats have hit their minimum occupation period yet. This leaves only a smattering of condos available for potential buyers to check out.

However, in the spirit of providing our readers with all the information they need, here’s how affordable buying a home in Woodleigh is sorted by type.

BTO flats

woodleigh hdb neighourhood review - woodleigh bto flatsImage credit: TheSmartLocal

Woodleigh, by all accounts, looks and feels like a newer neighbourhood. But since it falls under Toa Payoh’s jurisdiction, it’s considered a mature estate if we’re to follow HDB’s definitions. This means that BTO launches here skew towards the pricier side. Here’s a look at the historical prices of BTO flats in Woodleigh:

Woodleigh BTO Prices

Looking at these numbers, it’s clear that Woodleigh – or more accurately the Bidadari BTO estate – is not as affordable compared to estates like Serangoon North Vista, although it is cheaper than the launch at prime estates like Kallang Horizon.

Check out how this 3-room Bidadari BTO flat was transformed into a cosy, open-plan studio.

Resale flats

Potong Pasir sloped HDB flatsImage credit: TheSmartLocal

Now, there aren’t any resale flats up for sale within the Bidadari estate as the 5-year MOP for residents there has not hit yet. Nevertheless, it’s possible to get a gauge of how much these Woodleigh BTO flats will sell on the market in the coming years by looking at resale flats in its neighbouring estate, Potong Pasir. Here’s a quick look at some of the listings in June 2023:

3-room flats:

4-room flats:

While it might seem strange that the 3-room flat with bigger square footage costs less than the other 3-room flat with less square footage, it’s because the former is situated on the groud floor, while the latter is a unit on a high floor.


If a condo is within your budget for home ownership, you’re in luck. Woodleigh is home to plenty of condominium developments:

  • Avon Park – Freehold, completed 1991
  • Blossoms @ Woodleigh – Freehold, completed 2007
  • 8@Woodleigh – 99-year leasehold, completed 2012
  • Parc Mondrain – Freehold, completed 2010
  • Park Colonial – 99-year leasehold, completed 2022
  • The Woodleigh Residences – 99-year leasehold, completed 2023

Amenities in and around Woodleigh

Aside from an estate’s location, most home buyers will want to have easy access to amenities like grocery stores, bubble tea, and restaurants when they don’t want to cook at home. Thankfully, Woodleigh in 2023 is a far cry from the Woodleigh that pre-dates 2023. The crown jewel of the estate is The Woodleigh Mall which sits atop Woodleigh MRT.

woodleigh hdb neighourhood review - The Woodleigh MallImage credit: TheSmartLocal

Within the mall itself are the usual mall mainstays – Fairprice Finest, Genki Sushi, Koi, I Love Taimei, Stuff’d, Tiong Bahru Bakery, and more – plus plenty of other amenities including enrichment centres and an indoor playground. Young parents living in the area will surely appreciate the many kid-friendly shops.

Behind The Woodleigh Mall will also be the upcoming Bidadari Park. Conveniently located in the heart of the Bidadari HDB estate, it will boast a recreation of the Alkaff Lake from the 1930s, playgrounds for the kids, and walking trails to escape the concrete jungle. 

Strength of SolitudeSolitude of Strength is an outdoor gym at Woodleigh Park.
Image credit: Solitude of Strength

On the other side of Woodleigh where most of the condos stand is the PUB Recreation Club and Woodleigh Park right behind it. With a football field that David Beckham has played on, an outdoor gym, and plenty of activities that occur especially on the weekends, this is a spot that will see heavy use from the athletically-inclined residents of Woodleigh and the surrounding areas like Braddell Heights.

If and when residents tire of the amenities at their doorstep, they can always step to either The Poiz Centre in Potong Pasir or even Nex at Serangoon.

Transport to and from Woodleigh

One of the biggest factors when it comes to house hunting is how accessible a place is. Fortunately, Woodleigh is not the ulu area it once was. In fact, Woodleigh MRT was not fully opened until 2011 even though it had already been fully constructed and operationally ready.

Woodleigh MRTWoodleigh MRT is just by The Woodleigh Mall.
Image credit: TheSmartLocal

Apart from Woodleigh MRT and easy access to the North-East Line, there is also Bartley MRT on the Circle Line that can be reached via Bartley Road or Mount Vernon Road. There are also plenty of buses that stop at Woodleigh MRT to bring commuters either into town or other parts of Singapore in cool comfort.

Those with a car will also appreciate the close proximity that Woodleigh has to major expressways like the PIE and CTE. The main thoroughfare Upper Serangoon Road also can take you from Woodleigh down to Jalan Besar in just under 15 minutes on a good day.

Google maps traffic around woodleighThis is how traffic typically looks on a Tuesday at 8am.
Image credit: Google Maps

However, Upper Serangoon Road can occasionally be the scene of atrocious traffic, especially on weekday mornings. My commute to work takes me along this road and I always have to buffer in time to leave early just in case there is a jam that happens.

Woodleigh travel times

Schools around the Woodleigh neighbourhood

For growing families who are looking to make Woodleigh their home base for a decade or more, these are the schools that are in and around the neighbourhood:

  • Stamford American International School
  • Maris Stella High School
  • Cedar Primary School
  • Cedar Girls Secondary School
  • Bartley Secondary School
  • St. Gabriel’s Secondary School
  • St. Andrew’s Junior School, Secondary School, and JC

Looking at this list, it’s clear that younger families with a roster of boys will bode well to live in and around Woodleigh.

Woodleigh neighbourhood review – Is it worth staying here?

woodleigh hdb neighourhood review bto flats in sunset

Over the last decade, Woodleigh has shed its former status as a cemetery site and matured into a thriving residential community. Sure, there are still plenty of BTO units waiting to be renovated and moved into, but there’s no doubt in our minds that in a couple of years’ time, the streets of Upper Serangoon Road will be teeming with Woodleigh locals going about their day.

The neighbourhood is best suited for young parents and growing families who want their kids to have easy access to things like enrichment classes and noteworthy schools. Couples who also want to live in the heartlands while still maintaining closeness with Singapore’s buzzing downtown can also consider making Woodleigh their home base.

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