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7 Supersized Woodlands Jumbo Flats You Can Buy From $950,000 To House Your Extended Fam

23 November 2022 | BY

These huge jumbo flats in Woodlands run up to 2,077sqft and can house everyone from your grandmother to 2nd cousin.

7 Supersized Woodlands Jumbo Flats You Can Buy From $1,000,000 To House Your Extended Fam

Is land-scarce Singapore, having a big family can pose a challenge. After all, with newer BTOs getting more compact, it’s hard to find a home big enough to comfortably fit everyone – especially if there are three generations under one roof.

Enter jumbo flats. As the name suggests, they are essentially supersized flats – made up of a 3-room and 4-room HDB flat merged into one – with a lot of space. With only 2,900 jumbo lefts left in Singapore, it’s safe to say these are rare, and highly coveted like their other discontinued HDB flat types such as maisonettes and DBSS flats.

We’ve scoured the current property listings to bring you 7 supersized jumbo flats in Woodlands that come with up to 2,077sqft to fit everyone from your great-grandma to your 2nd cousin.

What are jumbo flats and where can you find them?

Image credit: Noble Interior Design

For the uninitiated, jumbo flats are essentially just 2 flats combined. As incredible as it might sound, back in the 1990s 3-room and 4-room flats were not very popular, and so there were quite a number of unsold units in the market. And so, the HDB decided to combine flats together and re-sell them as one large jumbo flat. As a result, these flats are basically the largest unit type you can find anywhere in Singapore.

Naturally, the main selling point of these units lies in its square footage. A jumbo flat can range anywhere from 1,500sqft to over 2,000sqft, which definitively eclipses any new 5-room BTO flat in today’s market.

807 Woodlands Street 81 – $1,080,000 High Floor unit in “rare & good condition”

First up is a whopping 2,034sqft jumbo flat situated at Blk 807 Woodlands Street 81 that’s listed at $1,080,000, or a relatively decent psf of $530.97.

Image adapted from: Property Guru

According to the listing details, the unit is situated on an unspecified high floor; as block 807 has a total of 12 floors, we can expect the unit to probably be on the 10th and 12th floor. It also has a total of 7 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, which is obviously great for large families.

Supersized Woodlands Jumbo Flats Image adapted from: Google Maps

Another plus for the unit is its location. Block 807 is located just across the road from places such as Republic Polytechnic, Admiralty Park and Woodlands North Plaza, as well as being a short bus ride away from the main Causeway Point shopping mall, Woodlands MRT and Integrated Transport Hub. 

What this means for its owners is that you have everything you might need in terms of amenities conveniently close by, which boosts the appeal of the unit.

832 Woodlands Street 83 – $1,030,000 high floor unit, only one other neighbour

Another jumbo flat in Woodlands that’s up for sale is a similar 2,034sqft unit located at Block 832 Woodlands Street 83. While it has the same large floor area as our first unit at Block 807, this unit only comes with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

Image adapted from: Property Guru

One of the main draws of the unit is its privacy. According to the listing details, it is located on a high floor, and that there are only 2 units per floor. That means that you more or less have privacy from the prying eyes of neighbours, while also ensuring a great breeze to relieve your family from the scorching hot days we get here in Singapore.

The location of Block 832 is also an attractive selling point. For one, it’s closer to Causeway Point and Woodlands MRT than the Block 807 one above, and so you’ll have quite a few accessibility options to travel around Woodlands or to other parts of Singapore.

Supersized Woodlands Jumbo Flats Image adapted from: Google Maps

With a remaining lease of around 71 years, granted it isn’t the youngest flat around. However, it is still relatively healthy in terms of age, and is sure to guarantee you and your family many years of comfortable living.

330 Woodlands Avenue 1 – $1,050,000 corner unit close to landed property enclave

Yet another 2,000sqft beast of a jumbo flat is this 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom one located at Block 330 Woodlands Avenue 1. In case you’re unfamiliar with where that is, it’s basically in between Woodlands and Marsiling, but closer to the latter.

Image adapted from: Property Guru

The unit has a very spacious floor area of 2,034sqft, which is more than ample space to house multiple generations of family members under one roof. It’s also on a high floor and is a corner unit with only 2 other sets of neighbours on the same floor.

One highlight of this Block 330 unit is that while it’s situated slightly further away from accessibility options like Marsiling MRT, it’s right across the road from Marsiling’s landed property enclave Woodgrove. Being in close proximity can be beneficial, as it would generally boost property prices in the area.

808 Woodlands Street 81 – Affordable $1,067,000 unit going for around $510psf

The largest unit on our list is a 2,077sqft flat at Block 808 Woodlands Street 81, listed for $1,067,000, with a psf of $513.72.

Supersized Woodlands Jumbo Flats Image adapted from: Property Guru

What makes this unit so attractive?

Well for starters, the unit is the largest in terms of jumbo flats, not just within Woodlands but possibly across the whole of Singapore. In addition, the unit has been kept in very good condition, having been renovated 10 years ago.

Just like its Block 807 counterpart, the flat is located just opposite Republic Polytechnic and Admiralty Park, and next to Woodlands North Plaza. As such, amenities, groceries and food are conveniently located at your doorstep.

803 Woodlands Street 81 – $985,000 unit close to regional transport hub

If you prefer to stick to the core central Woodlands district itself rather than Marsiling, then there are some sub-$1M options that you can consider. For instance, we came across this $985K unit at Block 803 Woodlands Street 81, which is a short walk away from Causeway Point/Woodlands MRT, and right next to Woodlands Community Club.

Image adapted from: Property Guru

Equipped with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms at a modest 2,034sqft of floor space, it translates to an approximate psf of $484.27, which is quite affordable and has good value for what you’re paying for.

According to the listing details, the unit is also a corner unit, which adds on to its allure because of the privacy it provides. It’s also mentioned that there’s “potential to create one more good size ensuite room”, increasing the bedroom count to 6 which might be a pull factor for families with teenage children who need their privacy.

820 Woodlands Street 82 – $1,188,888 high-floor unit

Moving up the price scale, one very attractive option is a marginally smaller 1,905sqft jumbo flat located at Block 820 Woodlands Street 82. Interestingly, it’s listed at close to $1.2M, which translates to a higher price of $624.09psf. It comes with 6 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and an “unblocked view”, presumably of the vicinity.

Supersized Woodlands Jumbo Flats Image adapted from: Property Guru

Given that the unit is smaller than the first two, and also only located on the “middle floor”, you might wonder why it would justify the higher price tag.

Well, one possibility might be because of the unit’s proximity to amenities. While it is further away from Causeway Point and Woodlands MRT, it’s located just a short walk away from Woodlands North Plaza, which is not really a modern shopping mall per se, but rather an old school cluster of shops and eating outlets. With names such as Miss Banh Mi, Mcdonalds, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Giant supermarket, you more or less have everything you need nearby.

Supersized Woodlands Jumbo Flats Image adapted from: Property Guru

Another possible reason for the high asking price is how the unit is “well renovated” and in “move-in condition”. Taking a look at the pictures provided with the listing, the unit does look well done up, with an abundance of natural light streaming into the home.

405 Woodlands Street 41 – Affordable $950,000 corner unit near Marsiling MRT

If the thought of crossing the $1M mark seems a bit too much for you, then there are definitely options in Woodlands at sub-$1M, though admittedly it can be slim pickings.

Supersized Woodlands Jumbo Flats Image adapted from: Property Guru

One listing that we found is a $950K 5-bedroom corner unit 1,905sqft jumbo flat situated at Block 405 Woodlands Street 41, and just a short walk or bus ride away from Marsiling MRT.

The unit has a remaining lease of around 63 years, but for all its perks and being priced below $1M, it still is an appealing potential home for those looking to size up and continue living in the West.

Supersized jumbo flats in Woodlands

As we’ve established in our previous pieces, Woodlands isn’t the boondocks and ulu town that we previously associated the Northern estate with. With a thriving cluster of shopping malls, two MRT stations and a bus interchange, Woodlands is very much an attractive estate to live in, and more so if you can get a good and value-for-money home.

With the allure of large floor areas and considerably more bedrooms than the typical BTO listings these days, jumbo flats would have a decent demand, and more so given that they are not that easy to find these days.

Read more about jumbo flats here:

Cover image adapted from: Property Guru, ST Property

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