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5 HDB Neighbourhoods In Singapore With A Seaview, No Need To Empty Your Life Savings

6 June 2023 | BY

Many dream to live in an apartment facing the sea but with most condos going for millions, here’s a list of HDBs with the coveted seaview.

HDB flats with seaview

Panoramic views of the vast blue ocean and a sea breeze so strong – and not to mention shiok – you have zero need for A/C are definite perks of living by the ocean. These luxuries might seem exclusive to high-rise condos along the coast or the bungalows of Sentosa Cove, but thankfully for the rest of us common folk, HDBs with views just as epic exist. If you’ve long been dreaming of a seaside home, consider living in a HDB with a sea view. Here are 5 to consider without having to shell out your life’s savings.

Note: Only units facing the ocean will have sea view.

1. Marine Parade  – Views of ECP and cruising ships

Marine Parade viewsImage credit: @johnmuzi

Marine Parade is prime real estate with its sea-front location and close proximity to Katong, Joo Chiat and the CBD. So it should come as no surprise that all the blocks fronting the ocean are treated to priceless views of the beach, ocean and many ocean liners dotting the horizon right from their windows at home. 

Image credit: PropertyGuru

Residents here not only are less than 3km from the waves via one of the various underpasses and overpasses, you have Marine Cove and the entire stretch of ECP at your doorstep. All of these reasons are why the 5-room flats in Marine Parade can command near million dollar price tags and still sell. 

Blocks with sea view: Blocks 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 14 & 18 Marine Terrace | Blocks 29 and 33 Marine Crescent | Blocks 64, 78 and 79 Marine Drive.

2. Telok Blangah – Full view of Singapore’s port and Sentosa

Telok Blangah sea viewImage credit: @wilsonsihan

Those familiar with Telok Blangah Heights know that some of Singapore’s best landscapes are clustered here from the likes of Mount Faber and Sentosa’s waterfront. Naturally, the HDB blocks in closest proximity to the coast are the ones that also have full view of the ocean and the horizon beyond – we’re looking at Telok Blangah Drive, Telok Blangah Heights and the towering blocks that make up Telok Blangah Parcview.

Telok BlangahBlock 44 Telok Blangah Drive obstructed by the highway sound barrier
Image adapted from: Google Maps

While Blocks 44 and 46 are closest to the Greater Southern Waterfront, these are blocked by the sound barrier on West Coast Highway. Your best bet is from the higher floors of the point-blocks (48 and 49) in the background.

Blocks with sea view: Blocks 48 and 49 Telok Blangah Drive, and Telok Blangah Parcview units of all blocks facing the sea.

3. Punggol – Coney Island,  Punggol Park Jetty & Straits of Johor

Punggol sea viewImage credit: TheSmartLocal

Punggol residents have long been ridiculed for living off the grid – no thanks to their LRT transport system, but the hood is soon to be one of the few neighbourhoods in Singapore offering residents full-frontal views of the ocean.

Artist’s impression of Punggol Point Cove
Image credit: Punggol Point Cove For Residents and Vendors

Slated to be completed in 2023, Punggol Point Cove is a massive BTO project that will create over 1,000 homes packed into five staggered towers on the North-eastern shoreline. The towers are purposely designed to resemble steps rising from the ocean to give its residents panoramic views of the ocean. 

One can also expect stunning views of Coney Island and the surrounding waters from Punggol Point Cove’s sister development, Punggol Point Woods, which sits across from it and comprises six blocks totalling 940 units. 

Punggol Northshore HDB with sea viewImage credit: @coco.hous

Alternatively, homeowners lucky enough to snag BTO units from Punggol Northshore developments can enjoy daily panoramic views of the Straits of Johor. In addition to overlooking a massive body of water that stretches all the way to Johor Bahru, the west-facing HDB homes along Northshore Drive are illuminated by gorgeous golden light every day during sunset.

Blocks with sea view: Blocks 448, 448B, 448A, 445B, 443B, 442B, 442A, 441  Punggol Point Cove | Blocks 419A-D, 420A-D Waterfront II @ Northshore 

4. Pasir Ris – Open balcony with resort-like ambience 

Pasir ris sea viewImage credit: @landofplentysg

Pasir Ris beach is one of Singapore’s less-traversed beaches, but that fact doesn’t make it any less serene and beautiful from up top. And if you’re looking for resort-like vibes from your windows at home, you’ll be able to enjoy from select blocks and high floors around Pasir Ris Drive 3, Pasir Ris Drive 10 and along Elias Road.

Pasir ris Image credit: @navestaragcol

And beyond just sea views, Pasir Ris also offers its residents the regular sight of exotic birds. These range from oriental pied hornbills and kingfishers to owls over at Pasir Ris Park.

Blocks with sea view: Block 606, 602, 709, 712, 715, 716, 717 Pasir Ris Drive 3

5. Marsiling Drive –  Overlooks the Straits of Johor

Marsiling drive sea viewImage credit: Property Monsters

Are cool waterfront spectacles only limited to the Western and Eastern ends of Singapore? Certainly not. Northies are also in for the treat with blocks at Marsiling Drive and Marsiling Crescent feeding us sea views and sights of our neighbours across the Causeway.

If you fancy a little shopping spree over in Johor Bahru once traveling is finally deemed safe, getting down to Woodlands Checkpoint is a breeze at just under five minutes by bus. 

Window view from 36 Marsiling Drive
Image adapted from: Youtube – Elaine Wong

Remember the good old days of checking the Causeway cam to determine the right time to head drive across the borders? Those living in blocks 34 – 37 Marsiling Drive need only look out their window for a real-time update.

Blocks with sea view: Block 213, 214, 215 and 216 Marsiling Crescent, Blocks 32, 34, 35, 36, and 37 Marsiling Drive

Upcoming HDB neighbourhoods with a sea view

Greater Southern Waterfront

Initially introduced in 2013, the Greater Southern Waterfront (GSW) encompasses an expansive 30km stretch of coastline which extends from the East zone of Gardens by the Bay all the way to Pasir Panjang.

Keppel Club siteKeppel Club site indicated in red.
Image credit: URA

In April 2022, Singapore’s National Development Minister announced plans to utilise the 48ha Keppel Club site along the GSW to build 6,000 HDB flats – the first BTO project in 3 years.

In addition to being a prime location in close proximity to 2 MRT stations, the Keppel Club site is situated between Telok Blangah and Singapore’s southern coast – meaning that prospective Keppel housing homeowners can anticipate unblocked views of Labrador Nature Reserve, Singapore’s port, and Sentosa’s expansive waterfront. 

Keppel Club site
Image credit:
Keppel Land

With its accessible location and gorgeous southern coastal sea view, it’s no surprise that Keppel Club site BTOs are predicted to cost as much as $700,000. Nevertheless, we’ve seen no shortage of demand for the Keppel housing estates.

With Keppel golf course clearing the area in March 2023 and the BTO launch scheduled for 2025, it’s advisable for prospective Keppel Club site BTO owners to keep their tabs on this highly anticipated housing estate. After all, missing out on the Sentosa sea view really would be a pity.


The demand for Marine Parade housing hasn’t gone unnoticed. Thankfully, those looking for a slice of coveted East Coast Park sea views can look forward to upcoming housing developments in the Bayshore district. Just a stone’s throw away from Marine Parade, Bayfront overlooks East Coast Park and boasts a similar view of Singapore’s eastern coastline. 

Bayshore HDB with sea viewImage credit: Christian Chen

Singapore’s eastern shorefront has been a stranger to new housing developments since the construction of old-generation Marine Parade flats in the 1970s. URA’s plan to construct 6,000 HDB flats in Bayshore opens up a new option for homeowners to settle down along Singapore’s east coast – an enticing housing prospect for coastline-lovers to keep an eye on.

URA proposed Bayshore planProposed Bayshore plan, with residential areas demarcated in orange.
Image credit: URA

With site clearance works expected to span from 2023 all the way to 2029, and construction works predicted to last for 4 to 6 years, prospective homeowners will have to exercise some patience before Bayshore’s HDB units hit the market – nevertheless, we’re pretty sure that the views will be worth the wait.

HDB with a Sea view in Singapore – that give you sights of the ocean

Sneak-peeks of sun,  sand, and endless sea from the comforts of home can be especially refreshing in our concrete jungle. And if you don’t have the budget to afford a sky-scraping waterfront condominium, here are 5 HDB neighbourhoods in Singapore that will afford you ocean views and beachside living.

Take a look at these properties with gorgeous sea views:

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