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Singaporean Turns 3-Room BTO Into A Mini Legoland With A Lego Train That Runs Through Walls For Less Than $70k

23 May 2023 | BY

Forget going to JB – this avid Lego collector transformed his 3-room BTO to enjoy Legoland in the comfort of his home.

legoland BTO - cover image

Hardcore collectors know the struggles of making sure their ever-growing stash has their rightful spots on display at home, but space constraints in our tiny flats can often mean that only the very best of each collection gets to see the light of day.

This begs the question, how can we make and use space efficiently whilst flaunting our prized possessions? Meet Jun Wen, an avid Lego collector who has neatly transformed his 3-room HDB flat in Dakota Breeze into a mini Legoland. 

With only 68sqm of space to play around with, Jun Wen worked with Jevon and Daniel, interior designers from Flo Design, to help him with his quest. After a $70k transformation, the result is an impressive space that will blow the minds of Lego fans and figure collectors. 

Here are some of the best features of Jun Wen’s Lego paradise: 

1. Pick-a-brick cabinet & built-in lego display console

legoland BTO - pick-a-brick cabinetBeneath the curated Lego displays, lies the Pick-A-Brick cabinet where you can grab some bricks to start building.
Image credit: Flo Design

What good is a constructed Lego set if it can’t be displayed? None. That’s exactly why lots of thought went into the construction of this custom display console for Jun Wen’s painstakingly-built Lego collection. And we can’t help but be in awe of the many collections he’s amassed.

Lego stores are synonymous with their Pick-a-Brick wall – little cubby holes filled with colours upon colours of glorious Lego pieces. Jun Wen was sure to incorporate this iconic feature into his home reno in the form of a custom peek-a-boo drawer as part of his Lego display console. The console also doubles up as storage for his many loose Lego pieces.

2. LEGO life-sized movie posters

legoland BTO - movie postersImage credit: Flo Design

Another highlight of the home that you can’t possibly miss is the two larger-than-life Lego movie posters that adorn the walls of his living room. These even come complete with LED backlights to give you those GV movie theatre vibes.

3. 100% functional LEGO train that runs through the walls

legoland BTO - lego trainImage credit: Flo Design

The most jaw-dropping feature of this entire reno is undoubtedly the 100% functional Lego train that snakes its way through the entire house – even through walls. How did the designers accomplish this?

legoland BTO - living roomImage credit: Flo Design

According to Design Director James Ng, the train’s pathway was first intricately planned to ensure that it passed through all the rooms through special holes in the walls. These were built to the train’s exact specifications and extra space was even constructed to ensure that the train’s tracks would be able to meld into the other Lego displays around the house as well.

legoland BTO - bedroomSpot the train at its final stop, the master bedroom.
Image credit: Flo Design

4. Lego character wall in the master bedroom

legoland BTO - feature wallImage credit: Flo Design

A collector’s biggest headache is not money, but space. Nobody amasses a collection of such a scale only to have it hidden away in storage boxes. But with limited space, Jevon and Daniel were challenged to think of a creative solution.

The end result is a simple, yet ingenious feature wall that pays homage to Lego and is a way to display Jun Wen’s Lego figures in all their glory. The chosen colour scheme also adds character and visual interest to the otherwise monochromatic home. 

Here’s something special about the feature wall: it conceals the entryway to a room.

legoland BTO - hidden doorThis knobless door seamlessly blends into the Lego feature wall when closed.
Image credit: Flo Design

legoland BTO - common roomImage credit: Flo Design

Behind the hidden door lies the common room, with more shelves to display other knickknacks such as cool Iron Man figurines, Sailor Moon doll clothes, and even Thor’s hammer. Even more impressive is the TV, which can revolve to face the master bedroom. This common room gives us the opportunity to unwind and relax, which is what we need after a long day.

Legoland 3-room BTO

Incorporating collectables into home decor is no easy feat, but Jun Wen and interior designers from Flo Designers have done a stellar job. We’re totally loving this Lego-inspired home that gives us massive Legoland vibes and brings us back to our childhoods. Let’s just hope no one accidentally steps on loose Lego at Jun Wen’s home.

Homes like these prove that when it comes to interior design, the sky’s the limit. And we have a feeling this home inspired by Legoland is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Cover image adapted from: Flo Design

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