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11 Taobao Furniture Shops With Top-Ranked Reviews For You To Get Quality Pieces At A Steal

12 April 2023 | BY

These well-reviewed Taobao furniture stores are filled with quality pieces that give you more bang for your buck.

Top-Ranked Taobao Stores- Cover image

Stop living your interior designer home dreams vicariously through Pinterest – start screenshotting your pins and scavenge on Taobao using image search. Literally godsent, Taobao shouldn’t only be known for providing cheap clothing and accessories as it’s also a treasure trove for quality designer furniture dupes at affordable price tags.

Though we understand your doubts about the quality and workmanship of products from Taobao, we’re only picking from shops that have high-quality good reviews. So get used to using Google Translate or get help from a fellow gao hua bestie and explore these 11 Taobao furniture shops that will earn you a satisfying deal.

1. Artistic wooden light fixtures

Top-Ranked Taobao Stores- Wood floor lamps
Branch floor lamp (RMB1,368, ~S$258), dim-screen floor lamp (RMB896, ~S$179).
Image credit: Taobao, Taobao

We all love a little wood in our homes, especially if we’ve got a Scandi or Muji-themed home. If you’re looking to break away from the ordinary and add some quirky light fixtures to your home, consider 木修遠 WOOD SHOW for its unique handcrafted pendant lights and standing lamps.

Top-Ranked Taobao Stores- Wood ceiling lmap
Donut ceiling lamp (RMB2,950, ~S$571), acorn hanging lamp (RMB650, ~S$126).
Image credit: Taobao, Taobao

The designs focus mostly on organic forms, drawing inspiration from nature with acorn pendant lights, bird lamps, and standing lamps that look like they were made from tree branches. You might even want to go bold with a wooden donut-esque ceiling light to give your home some futuristic vibes.

Shop: 木修遠 WOOD SHOW (Mu Xiu Yuan brand)

2. Funky acrylic furniture

Top-Ranked Taobao Stores- Transparent tables
Transparent study table (from RMB2598, ~S$503), clear rolling storage (from RMB298, ~S$58).
Image credit: Taobao, Taobao 

We’ve all seen acrylic – or lucite, to be more accurate – furniture in countless Pinterest posts, and we can’t deny that they are hella aesthetically pleasing. While some of these designer pieces run into the thousands, you can take your pick from the massive range of acrylic furniture dupes from Acrylic 小K家居 (Acrylic Little K home brand) for a reasonable price. 

Top-Ranked Taobao Stores- Acrylic chair and table
Transparent curve chair (RMB398, ~S$77), iridescent transparent table (from RMB298, ~S$58).
Image credit: Taobao, Taobao 

A set of transparent curve chairs (RMB398, ~S$77) is a great choice for an unconventional dining area setup. On top of that, acrylic is highly durable and easy to maintain, which means it’s guaranteed to last for years. The best part is that you can easily change the look of these pieces with a little spray paint if you tire of the transparent look.

Shop: Acrylic 小K家居 (Acrylic Little K Home brand)

3. Modular sofas and chairs

Top-Ranked Taobao Stores- Modular sofas
White plush bean bag (RMB179, ~S$35), canvas modular sofa (RMB293, ~S$57).
Image credit: Taobao, Taobao

Modular sofas are beloved for being highly functional and versatile, but this often sought-after furniture also comes at a costly price. Luckily, 蔓斯菲尓 (M.S. Feel) offers a selection of couches, lounge chairs and even office chairs for those with a Prada taste on a Zara budget.

One bean bag that caught our eyes was the white plush bean bag, priced at RMB179 (~S$35). Rather than being your typical shapeless blob-y bean bag, this iteration combines the best of bean bags with modular sofas for cheap. It’s well structured while still providing a comfortable spot for you to rest while you grind away.

Shop: 蔓斯菲尓 (M.S. Feel)

4. Minimalistic storage furniture

Top-Ranked Taobao Stores- Acrylic displays
Wood base with acrylic side table (RMB129, ~S$39), moveable acrylic shelf (RMB169, ~S$33), acrylic shelf (from RMB30, ~S$5).
Image credit: Taobao, Taobao, Taobao

If you’re a collector of knick-knacks or just appreciate wall decor, we’ve found a great way you can store and showcase your bits and bobs. CHOSE初色 (CHOSE First Colour brand) carries simple acrylic shelves and display caddies that will make a lovely showcase for the trinkets you’ve been amassing over the years. 

The acrylic wall shelves come in a range of sizes and are super affordable, with prices starting from RMB30 (~S$5). Or if you prefer a moveable option, the acrylic shelf with metal accents (RMB169, ~S$33) is a stylish solution that lets you roll your display around easily from room to room.

Shop: CHOSE初色 (CHOSE First Colour brand) 

5. Gothic Scandinavian furniture

Top-Ranked Taobao Stores- Gothic furniture
Black leather 3-seater couch (RMB8980, ~S$1744), stone replica dining table (RMB3180, ~S$618), white TV console (RMB3680, ~S$715).
Image credit: Taobao, Taobao, Taobao

If you have an undying love for Scandi but white isn’t really the colour that best describes your personality, take a walk on the dark side with 莎美诗 (SHAMES Modern Simple). This store sells classy black-and-white furniture with a gothic-Nordic touch. 

Most of the sofas you’ll find in the e-store are made with leather, yet they are still reasonably priced. For example, the black leather 3-seater couch costs RMB8980 (~S$1,744), which seems like a lot until you realise that most leather couches you’ll find in SG that start from at least S$3,000. 

On top of that, their TV consoles aren’t your typical warm wooden options – you’ll find interesting alternatives like this white TV console with textured glass (RMB3680, ~S$715), which will suit other interior decor themes such as modern Victorian or monochromatic as well.

Shop: 莎美诗 (SHAMES Modern Simple)

6. Muji furniture replicas

Top-Ranked Taobao Stores- Muji dupes
Wooden bedframe with lights (RMB2590, ~S$503), wicker vanity table (RMB2190, ~S$383).
Image credit: Taobao, Taobao

Muji fans, rejoice as we have found thee dupe store on Taobao – 源氏木語 (Genji Wood brand). All of their furniture is made from oak wood, which is the exact same material used for Muji furniture. Of course, their price tags are but a mere fraction of Muji’s.  

Another edge they have over Muji is that most of their furniture comes in a variety of sizes, giving you more options and customizability. 

Our pick is the queen-sized wooden bedframe with lights, which only costs RMB2,590 (~S$503) and comes with charging outlets for your devices, as well as a built-in shelf where you can place your bedtime essentials. 

Shop: 源氏木語 (Genji Wood brand)

7. Retro furniture pieces

Top-Ranked Taobao Stores- Retro furniture
Perforated metal chair (RMB278, ~S$54), magazine storage and side table (RMB868, ~S$169), retro mix material dining chair (RMB499, ~S$97).
Image credit: Taobao, Taobao, Taobao

As the saying goes, retro never dies, and this has since been proven by the unceasing popularity of vintage furniture over the years. Thanks to secondhand furniture shops in Singapore such as Hock Siong, us vintage lovers have been able to satiate our love for all things retro. 

But hunting for vintage furniture isn’t the easiest task. Most secondhand shops aren’t as well-organised as IKEA, and the overwhelming array of options – coupled with high human traffic in the shops – can be a nightmare for introverts and homebodies. 

If that describes you, you may be glad to know that it’s possible to source for old-school cool furniture on Taobao, though they’re unlikely to be legit secondhand pieces.

Top-Ranked Taobao Stores- Vintage rattan furniture
Glass rattan coffee table (RMB668, ~S$130), weaved bench (RMB568, ~S$110).
Image credit: Taobao, Taobao

For all you jiak kentang folks, make full use of the image search function on Taobao. Just plug the image of the furniture you want into the search bar – like how you’d do with Google Image search – and Taobao will spit up listings that are similar or identical to your source image. 

But if you don’t have any inspo pictures on hand, you can kickstart your retro furniture collection with this mixed material dining chair (RMB499, ~S$97) and magazine holder (RMB868, ~S$169) from 木礼厢 (Wooden Box Brand), a shop that will make even your grandparents dream of the good ol’ days.

Shop: 木礼厢 (Wooden Box Brand) 

8. Cheap stylish lamps

Top-Ranked Taobao Stores- Aesthetic lamps
Globe lamp (RMB218, ~S$43), retro Bauhaus lamp (RMB238, ~S$47), bubble glass lamp (RMB108, ~S$21).
Image credit: Taobao, Taobao, Taobao

To elevate the look of your desk, consider picking up an insanely affordable yet stylish lamps from 秋天花园 (Autumn Garden Brand). The globe lamp (RMB218, ~S$43) is a unique piece that would make your guest’s heads turn, but if you prefer a less striking option, the retro Bauhaus lamp costs around the same – RMB238 (~S$47) – but still serves as an equally cool decorative lamp. It also happens to be a perfect dupe for the Kaiser Idell 6631-T Luxus table lamp, designed by Christian Dell and retailing for S$1,228. 

Most of the shop’s lamps are under S$50 – in fact, the most expensive one is less than S$100.

Shop: 秋天花园 (Autumn Garden Brand)

9. Star Living dupes

Top-Ranked Taobao Stores- Star living replicas
Nordic barstool (from RMB355, ~S$69), half backrest barstool (from RMB399, ~S$74).
Image credit: Taobao, Taobao

Star Living is well-known among locals for its Scandi-esque furniture and reasonable prices. However, Taobao will always emerge as the winner if prices are in question. JIANMO Collection sells furniture that are nearly identical to what Star Living offers, especially when it comes to their dining chairs and barstools.

The Nordic barstool sells for just RMB355 (~S$69), which is 40% cheaper than the one being sold at Star Living.

Shop: JIANMO Collection

10. Copper accent furniture

Top-Ranked Taobao Stores- Copper furniture
Copper coffee table (RMB388, ~S$76), display cabinet (RMB1680, ~S$326).
Image credit: Taobao, Taobao

To add an interesting twist to your contemporary home, opt for brass furniture as accent pieces. Rustic metal pieces can blend in well with a modern contemporary home, adding a metallic element without seeming too flashy. You can find elegant bronze and brass homeware items from 后宅家居 (Home Furnishing brand).

Our personal top picks are the copper coffee table (RMB388, ~S$76) and a matching display cabinet (RMB1,680, ~S$326). Though these items look atas, they have IKEA prices. ‘Nuff said.

Top-Ranked Taobao Stores- Copper decoration
Antique copper candlestick (from RMB56, ~S$11), nordic simple candle holder (from RMB168, ~S$33), cylinder lamp holder (from RMB388, ~S$19).
Image credit: Taobao, Taobao, Taobao

Aside from furniture, the shop also carries a variety of candleholders and intricate accent pieces to dress up your bare tabletops. 

Shop: 后宅家居 (Home Furnishing brand)

11. Japandi furniture heaven 

Top-Ranked Taobao Stores- Japandi furniture
Rattan bench (from RMB759, ~S$147), wood mesh screen cabinet (RMB2,500, ~S$485).
Image credit: Taobao, Taobao

Singaporeans have a long-running love affair with the Japandi style, so of course we found a store with all things Japandi

The Japandi style plays with neutral tones and simple furniture designs with raw finishes. Rattan furniture aren’t cheap usually, but some Taobao shops have managed to pull off the impossible by offering quality pieces with affordable price tags. One such example is 藤掌门 Rattan (Vine Master Rattan brand), which has an incredible range of furniture made with rattan, wicker, and bamboo – all choices that will fit right in with your minimalist home.

Shop: 藤掌门 Rattan (Vine Master Rattan brand)

Best-rated Taobao furniture shops

Taobao is a great place for furniture hunting if you know where to look. If you’re not willing or able to drop big bucks on your furniture just yet, keep our list of the best-rated affordable Taobao furniture shops in your bookmarks – it will come in handy sooner than you’d think. 

For more Taobao furniture recommendations:

Cover image adapted from: Taobao, Taobao, Taobao, Taobao

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