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IKEA’s Midsommar Sale Has Up To 50% Off – Here Are 15 Best Things To Buy Under $2 Before 2nd July

28 June 2023 | BY

There’s a new place in town to get your home goods for $2 and below from now till 2nd July.

ikea swedish midsommar sale

There’s something about IKEA that enables our shopaholic tendencies. Waltzing around the showrooms and aisles upon aisles of boxes and furniture has us wanting to put everything and anything into our shopping carts. And to make things better, IKEA is having their Swedish Midsommar Sale happening from now till 2nd July.

With over 800 items on sale, it can be hard to sift through what’s a good deal. That’s why we’ve done the legwork to find the best items from the sale that are under $2. Yes, you read that right – there are products ranging from drawer organisers to wine glasses that are going on sale from just $0.50 and up. Here’s our pick of the best lobangs at the Swedish Midsommar Sale.

Nojig organisers – $0.50-$2

ikea swedish midsommar sale - nojig organisers Image credit: IKEA

If your cabinets and drawers are getting a little untidy, these Nojig organisers will keep the mess in check. The plastic boxes come in a variety of sizes and depths so you can easily mix and match them to fit into your desk drawers or your vanity cabinets.

Price: $0.50-$2

Socker plant pot – $1

ikea swedish midsommar sale - socker plant pot Image credit: IKEA

An affordable way to store and display your houseplants is with the Socker plant pot. At just $1 per pot (U.P. $1.90), you can buy a whole set of this especially if you want your plants to be displayed in the same pots at home.

Price: $1 (U.P. $1.90)

Fladdrig lunch bag – $1

ikea swedish midsommar sale - colourful lunch bagImage credit: IKEA

All the plastic bags and containers you use to dabao lunch will start to add up, and you know how we’re all about being environmentally friendly these days. Grab one of these colourful Fladdrig lunch bags and you’ll be able to do your part for Earth for just $1.

Price: $1 (U.P. $2)

Fejka artificial potted plant with pot – $1

ikea swedish midsommar sale - artificial potted plantImage credit: IKEA

To spruce up your desk with some greenery without having to commit to being a plant parent, the Fejka artificial potted plant will do just the trick. From afar it looks pretty lifelike, and you don’t even have to water it to keep it green and flourishing.

Price: $1 (U.P. $1.90)

Finfordela bendable chopping boards – $1.50 for 2

ikea swedish midsommar sale - bendable chopping boardImage credit: IKEA

One of the small annoyances in life is dicing up onions and garlic, only to have them drop around you when you’re transferring them to the pan. The Finfordela bendable chopping boards will let you tip out all your prepped ingredients without any of them spilling as they can be easily bent.

Plus, each set comes with 2 boards so you can prepare multiple types of ingredients and food at home without having to rewash the boards after every chop.

Price: $1.50 for 2 (U.P. $2 for 2)

Sommarflox place mats with a flower pattern – $1.90

ikea swedish midsommar sale - place matsImage credit: IKEA

One way to elevate your tablescape without splurging is to get placemats like the Sommarflox place mats. Its floral pattern makes it perfect for brunches or lunches that you’re hosting at home, and it will also help protect your table from any water stains or food spillages.

Price: $1.90 (U.P. $3.90)

Vardagen espresso cup and saucer – $1.90

ikea swedish midsommar sale - espresso cup and saucerImage credit: IKEA

Espresso cups don’t have to be pricey. The Vardagen espresso cup and saucer set is just $1.90 during IKEA’s sale, and its simple design makes it compatible with all the tableware you have already amassed.

Price: $1.90 (U.P. $2.90)

Bastis dog tail hook – $1.90

ikea swedish midsommar sale - dog tail hooksImage credit: IKEA

An upgrade to the typical 3M hook, especially if you have furry friends at home, is the Bastis dog tail hook. It comes in 3 colours – beige, black, and turquoise – but only the beige one is part of the IKEA Swedish Midsommar sale this time around. Use it to hang anything from your keys to your dog’s collars, to your leashes and toys. 

Price: $1.90 (U.P. $2.90)

Varmblixt bottle opener – $1.90

ikea swedish midsommar sale - varmblixt bottle openerImage credit: IKEA

The Varmblixt bottle opener is one of the chicest and most unique bottle openers we’ve seen, and it can be yours for a low price of $1.90. It was part of the Varmblixt collection designed by Sabine Marcelis earlier this year that took inspiration from food silhouettes and gave them a European aesthetic. It also looks like a crescent moon.

Price: $1.90 (U.P. $2.90)

Kallsinning wine glass – $1.90

ikea swedish midsommar sale - plastic wine glassImage credit: IKEA

If you’re bougie but on a budget, these Kallsinning wine glasses will give your dinner parties at home that same atas vibe without having to worry about guests breaking any glasses. After all, each glass is just $1.90 and they’re made out of durable plastic so they won’t break easily anyway. You can also bring them out for picnics in Botanic Gardens 

Price: $1.90 (U.P. $2.90)

Turill cushion – $1.90

ikea swedish midsommar sale - turill cushionImage credit: IKEA

Every couch needs at least one cushion. And if you spent most of your furnishing budget on a fancy leather sofa, you can still add some pizzazz to your home’s appearance with the cheap Turill cushion. The black and white print looks like it’s been streaked with paint, but it’s one that you wouldn’t mind resting your head on at the end of a long day.

Price: $1.90

Smacker cutlery tray – $1.90

ikea swedish midsommar sale - cutlery trayImage credit: IKEA

The last thing you’d want when you’re looking for a dessert fork is to open your cutlery drawer and find it in a mess, and you spend more time finding the fork than eating your cake. The Smacker cutlery tray takes care of that problem easily by organising all your knives, spoons, forks, and teaspoons into compartments so you’ll never have to riffle through a drawer again.

Price: $1.90

Fniss waste bin – $2

ikea swedish midsommar sale - waste binImage credit: IKEA

You’ll feel more at ease at home when your room is clean and tidy, not when it’s littered with paper scraps and candy wrappers. The Fniss waste bin keeps all of your trash in one central space so that you can easily dispose of all your rubbish. Place it by your door or under your desk so that you’ll never be tempted to litter in your own home ever again.

Price: $2

Karaff carafe – $2

ikea swedish midsommar sale - carafeImage credit: IKEA

Breaking out a water carafe whenever your guests come over instantly make any hangout a classy one. The Karaff carafe has a sleek hourglass shape that makes it easy to pour drinks. You can also use it as a flower vase, so you get a 2-in-1 product for the low price of just $2.

Price: $2

Murvel shoe organiser – $2

ikea swedish midsommar sale - shoe organiserImage credit: IKEA

When your shoe racks start to run out of space, it’s time to bust out accessories like the Murvel shoe organiser to keep things compact. It works by letting you stack shoes on top of each other, so you can put even more pairs of shoes in one row.

Price: $2

Shop the IKEA Swedish MIdsommar Sale

ikea swedish midsommar saleImage credit: IKEA

These 15 things are just a small selection of IKEA’s Swedish Midsommar Sale. There are over 800 home furnishing items discounted at up to 50% off, including Billy bookcases, sofas, rugs,  frying pans, and home decor. So if you don’t know what to do during the upcoming long weekend, there’s always shopping at IKEA.

IKEA is also running a promotion on their kitchens from now till 31st July. Homeowners who spend at least $4,000 on the METOD kitchen will receive a 10% rebate that will come in IKEA gift cards. So if you spend the minimum, you’re looking at a $400 IKEA gift card which you can use on a new table or shelf. IKEA Family members will also enjoy free delivery and installation on top of the rebate.

If you’re looking to spend at least $4,000 at IKEA but not on kitchens, you can also get a $600 IKEA gift card if that amount is spent in a single receipt. This promotion is only offered at IKEA Jurong from now till 31st August and only 100 redemptions of the gift cards are available for IKEA Family members only.

Find out more about the IKEA Swedish Midsommar Sale here.

Cover image credit: IKEA

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