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8 Gorgeous Homes Of Singapore’s Young Entrepreneurs – Tjin Lee, Velda Tan, Trixie Khong & More

19 January 2024 | BY

Need some interior design inspo? Take a leaf out of the homes of these Singapore business owners’ books.

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For many entrepreneurs in Singapore, it’s not only important for them to curate an appealing aesthetic for their brands, but also for the sanctuaries they retreat to at the end of each day. After all, their homes are a vibrant reflection and extension of their character and individual design flair.

From Tjin Lee’s penchant for an escape from the city showing up in her boutique hotel-esque home to Andrea Chong’s girl-next-door charm manifesting in her romantic farmhouse-inspired home, here’s how they’ve designed homes that are alive with character.

Tjin Lee – Luxe botanical haven in a black-and-white bungalow

Singaporean entrepreneur homes 2Image credit: Make Room

Tjin Lee’s black-and-white colonial home is a masterclass on how old-world charm can be preserved while still dishing up a modern twist. The founder and managing director of local firm Mercury Marketing and Communications moved into the 2,400sqft low-rise rental in January 2021.

Designed to look like a boutique hotel, the home emphasises a neutral colour palette and interesting textures to bring life to the space. In the master bedroom, a limestone wash is used to forge visual interest while muted browns and warm woods lend the room a cosiness.

In the common foyer and kitchen, the large black-and-white mosaic tiles take centre stage. To provide relief to the flooring’s stark contrast, chairs with soft shapes and rounded furniture are used. Large, leafy botanicals also serve as accents, in the form of potted plants or wallpaper. 

Large windows and high ceilings bring light in, while the connected balconies lend cohesiveness to the entire home. Coupled with the property’s all-around green views and interior design, Tjin Lee’s home is a calming oasis in the city.

Andrea Chong – Rustic farmhouse vibes and #cottagecore dreams 

Andrea Chong’s heritage home is straight from a Pinterest mood board. The influencer, who debuted the self-designed fashion label Good Addition with Lloyd’s Inn co-founder Joan Chang, has an all-white living room which serves as the perfect backdrop to her various #ootds. For her side tables and coffee tables, simple, pale wood pieces were chosen to keep the palette light.

Singaporean entrepreneur homes 3Image credit: @dreachong

In the kitchen, Andrea leans into the rustic farmhouse aesthetic. Against the backdrop of light sage green walls, her black Italian-style stove stands out and visually anchors the room. Her pottery collection and various kitchen utensils displayed on the open shelving adds a personal touch and further character to the room.

Singaporean entrepreneur homes 4Image credit: @dreachong 

Moving into the master bedroom, we see more wood being introduced and in a deeper hue. Though this is a typical white-on-wood palette, Andrea’s take on this popular colour and material combination is far from boring. 

There is a clever play on texture which breathes life into the whites and earthy tones. The pots on display, rough-hewn bench, boucle sofa, and smooth sheets come together to create a comfortable bedroom.

Velda Tan – Minimalist home with light wood on neutral tones 

Singaporean entrepreneur homes 5Image credit: Eugene Lee/Enfinite Studio

Uncluttered, clean, and functional – these are the words that spring to mind when entering Velda Tan’s 4-bedroom, 3,800sqft home. To achieve this, the founder and creative director of ready-to-wear women’s line Collate and lifestyle label Our Second Nature demolished the original property and rebuilt it into a 2.5-storey home.

Singaporean entrepreneur homes 6Image credit: Eugene Lee/Enfinite Studio

To fabricate an inviting living space, various shades of cream, off-white, and tan were used. Lighter-coloured woods were used for the in-built carpentry while warmer woods appeared in the furniture pieces, creating a cosy vibe that echoes throughout Velda’s abode. Adding to the bright and airy feel is a skylight on the roof allows natural light to spill into the home.

Singaporean entrepreneur homes 7Image credit: @belluspuera

Throughout the different levels of the home, the design choice of white-on-wood remains consistent. Fluted detailing in the form of the living room’s curtains or panelling along the staircases adds to the cohesiveness. Large art pieces dot the interior, further breaking up monotony and adding a splash of colour.

Trixie Khong – Chic, modern penthouse condo

penthouse kitchenImage credit: @trixiekhong

Like Tjin Lee’s home, a black and white theme runs throughout Trixie Khong’s 3,500sqft penthouse. But the CEO of the jewellery brand By Invite Only has a preference for sleek edges instead, and the motif is obvious in her choice of furniture and wall panelling centrepiece. 

fluted statement wallImage credit: @trixiekhong

To showcase the high ceiling, the television is mounted onto a fluted wooden wall display that stretches the full length of the long wall. Lightbulbs hang artfully from the ceiling, bringing light and an industrial chic vibe to the living room. Clean lines and sharp, 90-degree angles are tempered by the semi-matte, grey tiles and a matching grey sofa and carpet.

Alfred Ng and April – HDB maisonette inspired by Batman’s The Dark Knight

Singaporean entrepreneur homes 10Image credit: Studio Periphery

When Alfred and April were designing their 1,680sqft HDB maisonette, they took much inspiration from the Batman movie, The Dark Knight. 

Singaporean entrepreneur homes 11Image credit: Studio Periphery

Elements of brutalism are evident throughout their home, with hard angles at every turn and concrete being used in generous quantities. Take, for instance, their staircase walls which were inspired by Tadao Ando’s concrete slab.

rock wallImage credit: Studio Periphery

In the entryway, the husband-wife duo and restaurant owners of Monzen@Gardens installed a sleek mirror opposite a large, sculptural rock ‘wall’. Hiding behind this ‘wall’ is a secret door that leads into the home. 

Singaporean entrepreneur homes 13Image credit: Studio Periphery

On their Instagram page, Alfred and April documented how they reworked the floor plan and converted 2 common bedrooms into their master bedroom. Here, the 2023 interior design trend of fluted panelling shows up again in the wardrobe doors. No surprise what colours were used to decorate the room here. Ambient lighting is introduced in the way of lamps to take the edge off. 

Singaporean entrepreneur homes 14Image credit: Studio Periphery

Tip: For those who want to take the edge off and create a gentle glow in your home, ambient lighting will do the trick. A single, large overhead light is out; many little lamps with warm lighting are in.

Chelsea Lim – Whimsical pastel wonderland with art deco elements

Singaporean entrepreneur homes 15Image credit: Design Intervention

Chelsea Lim is a beauty industry entrepreneur who owns Mink Mink Australia. When she and her husband returned to Singapore from Hong Kong in 2020, they got a 3-bedroom apartment and set their eye on renovating it. 

Their decadent 1,600sqft home is reminiscent of the Art Deco style. Brass accents, dramatic chandeliers, and geometric patterns all add to an opulent interior. The couple kept the original terrazzo flooring in both living and dining rooms.

Singaporean entrepreneur homes 16Image credit: Design Intervention

The large mirror in the living room reflects light, enlarges the living zone, and extends the already-high 2.4m ceiling further. Trims were also added to accentuate the ceiling height. Complementary pastels – powder blue and pink – form juxtaposition and add pops of colour to the home.

Singaporean entrepreneur homes 17Image credit: Design Intervention

Quirky prints and feathery lamps tie the entire space together for a whimsy but glamorous look. 

Andrea Tang – Layering space in this organic modern concept

Singaporean entrepreneur homes 17Image credit: @metre_architects

Andrea Tang, the owner of Nai Nai’s Newyear Noodle lives with her husband in a 4-room HDB resale flat in Bukit Purmei. Interestingly, the couple chose the 1,000 sqft space for its views of Mount Faber and original flooring specifically. 

Singaporean entrepreneur homes 18Image credit: @metre_architects

While they kept the original flooring, they hacked columns and non-essential walls liberally to achieve their open-plan concept. This allowed natural light to spill in and cross-ventilation to be maximised. When the shades are drawn, mini lamps provide diffused lighting throughout the home.

Singaporean entrepreneur homes 19Image credit: @metre_architects

Standing in the middle and serving as the focal point of Andrea’s home is a glass panel stained in a deep, emerald green shade. Fixed to a freestanding column, the glass panel is veined to look like marble and made to complement the pink marble flooring. More importantly, the panel demarcates between living and sleeping quarters.

Aside from the marble, dark-stained wood edging details nod towards the interior’s organic modern living style. Overall, the effect of using neutral tones, natural materials and varying textures throughout the home serves an elegant, minimalist aesthetic.

Sherlyn Chan – All-wood open concept home

Singaporean entrepreneur homes 20
When it comes to wood, more is more in Sherlyn Chan’s home. The influencer, who runs the sustainable homeware brand A Greener Wood with her husband, let the material take centre stage.

Her kitchen counter, shelving, sofa and bed frames, coffee and dining tables, and even ceiling are either made of wood or have wood laminate. However, the effect is not overwhelming – in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

The wooden statement wall-to-ceiling piece adds visual flair to the living room. Nature is brought indoors with the wooden furniture, with a few rattan pieces to match. The grainy wooden slats of the cabinet doors add a natural and rustic element to the room.

The richness of the all-wood home is tempered by white throws, soft cushions, and a plush grey rug. What you end up with is a cosy, welcoming ambience. 

*Sherlyn has since moved out of her home, but her new digs are just as swoon-worthy.

Gorgeous homes of Singapore’s entrepreneurs

They say that the home is the physical expression of your person and these 8 beautiful homes of Singapore entrepreneurs sure do have personality. From quirky furniture choices to bold all-black colour statements, we’ve seen how varying interiors reflect the unique brands of these entrepreneurs. 

For those browsing interior design ideas for an upcoming renovation, you could adopt your favourite design elements into your own homes. Or you could look at more homes of the rich and famous in Singapore:

Cover image credit: Andrea Chong, Make Room, Eugene Lee/Eefinite Studio

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