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5 Trendy Shelving System & Bookshelf Dupes You Can Buy On Taobao From Just $95

4 April 2024 | BY

Designer shelving systems boast undeniable style, albeit at a high price. Thankfully, Taobao has dupes that start from just $95 to help you achieve the same look.

5 Trendy Shelving System & Bookshelf Dupes You Can Buy On Taobao From Just $95

We’ve all fawned over those Insta-worthy homes with their chic shelving systems. But then reality hits—those designer shelves come with designer price tags. 

But fret not, bargain hunters can still score some affordable dupes on Taobao, starting at wallet-friendly prices of $95. So ditch the sticker shock, and let’s delve into 5 trendy shelving systems and bookshelves, Taobao edition.

1. USM Haller Low Sideboard—Save up to $1,500 

Shelving-Systems-Taobao-1Image credit: @clayconceptstore

Popping up in an increasing number of singapore homes for its versatile look, these sleek storage units are taking centre stage.

But here’s the not-so-cool part: owning one of these bad boys can set you back a small fortune—starting at $1,963.  While the quality is top-notch, for most of us, that price just isn’t realistic.

This is where Taobao comes to the rescue. Available in 23 different sizes and styles, with 8 different colours to choose from, this dupe offers a variety of configurations to fit your space perfectly.

Prices start at $65.98, making it a steal compared to the USM. If you’re absolutely set on replicating the USM pictured above down to the very detail, there is a Unit B3 with 3 compartments that’s a near-perfect dupe. That one will set you back $433.63, which is still significantly cheaper than the real deal.

Shelving-Systems-Taobao-2The Taobao dupe.
Image credit: Taobao

This listing boasts over 1,000 purchases, with top reviews singing praises of the sideboard’s durability, workmanship, and style.

2. Danish String System—Save up to $4,500 


The String System, brainchild of Swedish design couple Nisse and Kajsa Strinning, has become a Scandinavian design icon. Featuring thin metal poles and a variety of shelves, cabinets, and other components, this shelving system can be mixed and matched to create countless configurations.

However, while the modularity allows you to customise the size, it can also lead to a hefty bill.  With a full configuration like the one pictured above costing almost $5000, the String System can quickly burn a hole through your wallet.

If you love the idea of the String System but lack the confidence and funds to design your own, this Taobao dupe comes in 11 pre-configured sets in 24 different colours, offering a full range of designs to suit your needs.

You can get a 3 vertical unit set, similar to the original full String System, for a fraction of the price, at just $460.

Shelving-Systems-Taobao-4One of the review pictures of the Taobao dupe.
Image credit: Taobao

Numerous customer reviews praise the shelf’s easy assembly and quality, with others highlighting the quick delivery, receiving the product in as little as 15 days.

3. Castlery Kinsley Bookshelf—$596 (Retails for $999)

Shelving-Systems-Taobao-5Image Credit:Castlery

The Castlery Kinsley Bookshelf has been turning heads lately with its warm walnut finish and modern aesthetic. The curved edges add a touch of luxury, but like many popular brands, Castlery doesn’t always come cheap.

There are plenty of affordable options on Taobao that closely mimic the Kinsley Bookshelf, with one dupe selling at just $596.

Shelving-Systems-Taobao-6Image Credit: @简造木作坊 

One customer review commends the store’s speedy delivery, helpful customer service, and the shelf quality, despite its cheap price tag, there were no foul odours present and the wood was well-polished.

4. Opinion Ciatti Original Ptolomeo Bookcase—$95 (Retails for $1,980)

Shelving-Systems-Taobao-7Image Credit: Opinion Ciatti

The Opinion Ciatti Original Ptolomeo Bookcase features a single, sleek steel column that holds thin shelves that seem to disappear as you fill them with books, leading to the illusion of an unsupported high stack of books.

While the Ptolomeo can set you back thousands, there is a fantastic alternative on Taobao. This dupe is an exact copy of the original design at a fraction of the cost, starting at just $95. Available in 3 classic colours—black, white, and light wood—you can choose from 5 to 12 shelves to perfectly match your storage needs and space.

Shelving-Systems-Taobao-8Image Credit: 莱陌家居

This product has also garnered more than 1,000 purchases, with most customers raving about its space-saving design, sturdiness, and stability.

5. Vitsoe 606 Universal Shelving System—up to $295 (Retails from $1,000)

Vitsoe-Shelving-SystemIf you’re into interior design, you’ve definitely seen this shelving system before. Developed by Dieter Rams in the 1960s, As seen in this Queenstown 4-room HDB flat, the Vitsoe 606 Universal Shelving System boasts sleek aluminium tracks supporting a variety of shelves, cabinets, and even desks that can be easily mixed and matched.

However, there’s a significant hurdle for many: the price tag. Starting around $1,000 for a basic setup, the 606 can be a hefty investment. We found the perfect taobao dupe for this shelving system, available in a whopping 34 different sets and sizes to choose from.

Prices start at an affordable $39.58, making it a steal compared to the Vitsoe.  Even if you’re looking for a configuration similar to the one pictured, you won’t break the bank, as a comparable set on Taobao is priced at just $341.75.

Vitsoe-Shelving-System-Taobao-DupeImage credit: Taobao

More than 400 shoppers have purchased this shelving system. They raved about its good quality and strong load-bearing capacity in the review section.

5 trending shelving systems & bookshelf dupes you can buy on Taobao

While designer shelving systems boast undeniable style, their price tags can be a major obstacle. Thankfully, Taobao dupes offer a more accessible route to achieving a similar aesthetic.

However, before diving headfirst into a Taobao shopping spree, always remember to double-check the dimensions of your desired dupe and your available space, and analyse customer reviews to ensure product quality and seller reliability.

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