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Featured Home: This Couple’s Chic Condo Will Take You To Paris With Artsy Details & A Faux Fireplace

11 February 2022 | BY

We’ve finally chanced upon a home in Singapore that gives us the sophisticated vibes of the “Emily in Paris” Savoir office with a dash of NYC chic.

fh resale condo paris cover

If you’ve seen and fallen in love with all the Parisian architecture on the sets of Emily In Parissame, we’re just as enamoured. And we’ve finally chanced upon a home in Singapore that gives us the sophisticated vibes of the Savoir office with a dash of NYC chic.

181chichouse is an Instagram account that documents the journey a Singaporean couple embarked on to give their 1,399 sq ft resale condo an epic overhaul, completely transforming it into the stuff our Parisian dreams are made of. Here’s a peek into their stylish home:

Parisian living room complete with ceiling medallion & eclectic furniture

fh resale condo paris living room 1The first thing that strikes us about this living room is how light-drenched and expansive it is
Image credit: @181chichouse

While 1,399 sq ft is a fairly generous amount of space to play around with, the condo’s floor-to-ceiling bay windows, high ceilings, chevron (French herringbone) flooring, all-white curtains and walls help make the home look doubly spacious.

From the classic French wall mouldings, the traditional herringbone parquet-look and even the ceiling medallion, the owners got the Parisian style down pat. Now all that’s missing is the wafting scent of croissants and french baguettes in the air and the view of the Eiffel tower.

Arches have recently been making a reappearance in the 2022 interior design trend playbook, and the homeowners didn’t leave this classy element out. Not pictured is an entryway arch that guides guests into the home, lending the home an extra touch of simplicity.

fh resale condo paris living room 2Image credit: @181chichouse

In place of a chandelier, the owners have opted for a minimal wire-framed pendant lamp that almost resembles a vintage cartwheel hat, a popular French accessory of the 1930s. Modern French interiors encourage mixing different types of furniture, and that’s what the homeowners have done here with an eclectic mix of chaise lounges and sofas. 

fh resale condo paris living room 3Image credit: @181chichouse

Neutral palettes and simple furniture are reminiscent of interior works by Christian Liaigre. The bare walls, or negative space, makes the apartment look larger and gives off a peaceful mood.

French country x farmhouse kitchen

fh resale condo paris kitchenThe running neutral colour palette through the home is in line with the French’s focus on simplicity
Image adapted from: @181chichouse, @181chichouse

The kitchen takes on a semi-open concept where the majority of the walls have been hacked away. It exudes rustic French country vibes with its vintage looking fluted glass cabinets and simple subway tile backsplash. The creamy grey shaker cabinets and knobs help the look of the kitchen come together cohesively. Retro SMEG appliances and vintage canisters add on to the timeworn, yet modern country style. 

Cosy music nook carved out of a feature arch

fh resale condo paris music cornerImage credit: @181chichouse

One unique feature of the home would be the music nook. The home’s second arch is an artichoke green wall feature that perfectly houses their piano, creating a moody atmosphere for this music corner.

While the French value simplicity in design, they don’t compromise on functionality, either. Here, the piano pulls double duty as a display ledge for decorative items so the space doesn’t feel too bare.

Urban bedroom suite & faux fireplace detail

fh resale condo paris bedroom 1Image credit: @181chichouse

In the sleeping quarters, the colour palette takes a deeper tone. The bold terracotta feature wall works well to create a warmer ambience while retaining the classy vibe of the living area. Contrast of the contemporary and vintage is highlighted in the candlestick floor lamp and cool grey headboard.

fh resale condo paris bedroom 2The chevron flooring pattern from the living room extends to the bedrooms
Image credit: @181chichouse

Monochromatic Venetian blinds allow for slivers of sunlight to enter through the ceiling-to-floor-length windows in the master bedroom. The choice of louvred bathroom doors also complement the blinds.

fh resale condo paris faux fireplaceImage credit: @181chichouse

The highlight of the master bedroom is this faux-hearth fixture. Mantels are iconic statements of the modern French home, and this fixture accentuates the Parisian theme in the home, giving the master bedroom a touch of dated luxury.

While there isn’t a need for an actual fireplace in Singapore given the tropical heat and humidity, this faux mantel and fireplace hearth still makes for a great display piece.

A Parisian-themed resale condo in Singapore

It’s clear that the homeowners of this beautiful chic home have put incredible effort into making their French-themed home both aesthetic and functional. The home exudes the classic Parisian vibes from the furnishing right down to the styling.

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Cover image adapted from: @181chichouse, @181chichouse

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