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7 All-White Minimalist HDB Flats In Singapore That Prove Simplicity Doesn’t Need To Be Boring

21 March 2024 | BY

Be lulled into zen mode with these all-white homes that are cool, calm, and composed.


When you close your eyes and try to picture an all-white home, we bet all you can see is plain furniture, fluorescent lights, and walls that have been painted white à la Changi prison.

However, these monochromatic and minimalistic HDB flats below with sleek interiors dressed in various sophisticated shades of white might prove you wrong. Ahead, 7 all-white spaces you wish you could call homes. 

1. An all-white everything Northshore 4-room HDB

all white hdb flatsImage credit: The Local INN.terior

This all-white Northshore HDB flat is possibly what real estate dreams are made of. Over here, cool colourways of white and grey dominate the home and create a sense of simplicity and sophistication. Light wood flooring, as well as pieces of furniture in the same colour scheme, blend seamlessly with the clean aesthetics of the space.

Image credit: The Local INN.terior

In the kitchen, white cabinets and countertops give the home a more cohesive look. Grey marble backsplash and floor tiles gently contrast with the white goods and add warmth to the space.

2. Muted & sophiscated Tampines maisonette

tampines maisonetteImage credit: @cri.ate

Swap bold colours for muted tones with this all-white HDB maisonette. You’ll find walls, ceilings, and floors in the same shade of ivory that embraces the home’s minimalist and sophisticated aesthetic. The flooring provides a rustic yet refined look while adding texture without compromising the airy feel of the home.

As for the staircase, the sleek black lines serve as a striking visual element that anchors the room and gives it a modern, gallery-like quality.

3. A white & creamy minimalist 5-room HDB

all white hdb flatsImage credit: @/senconcept.id

This Muji-esque 5-room HBD renovation is a minimalist dream.

Inside the home, the combination of warm white, oatmeal, and lighter beige across the walls, floor, and furniture looks modern altogether. The all-white bedroom, in particular, serves dreamy vibes that are cool, calm, and composed – exactly what you need to be lulled into zen mode. 

The strategic use of white, known for its reflective nature, maximises the sense of light and space and makes the room feel larger. This minimalist approach not only enhances the room’s aesthetic appeal but also promotes a calming atmosphere. 

all white hdb flatsImage credit: @/senconcept.id

While not every area of the home adheres strictly to an all-white palette, the white elements stand out against the backdrop of warmer tones and natural materials and brighten up the space.

4. Serene all-white resale flat

all white hdb flatsImage credit: Three Haus Work

The all-white palette covers the entire resale flat, with the exception of black kitchen appliances, grey furniture, and matte grey flooring to break up the monochromatic look and add visual interest.

three-haus-workImage credit: Three Haus Work

The built-in kitchen cabinets and cupboards with curved edges do wonders in softening the space and making the home feel more welcoming. These curves continue to flow throughout the flat and can be seen in the living room’s TV console, as well as the bedroom’s closet and custom desk. 

By incorporating all-white built-ins with rounded edges, the ID is able to add character to the rooms and create a fluid transition between different areas.  

 5. Neutral 4-room HDB in Tengah

all white hdb flatsImage credit: @zaktoh 

Here’s a great way to expand your all-white palette while keeping things constrained: by zeroing in on shades in the colour family. An example, this neutral 4-room HDB in Tengah. 

Painted in a clean coat of cream colour with a warm undertone, the home leans towards a warm and chic beach cottage vibe. But that’s not all. To maximise the cohesive and minimal feel of the space, the ID uses furniture and fittings in the same shade of beige which helps to connect the different areas in the home. 

6. Modern 3-room HDB in Anchorvale Link

anchorvale linkImage credit: Qanvast

You’ll want to shack up at this modern 3-room HDB in Anchorvale Link if you’re into modern and minimalist aesthetics. Inside the home, the majority of the fixtures such as walls and ceilings are in a crisp white tone. By dotting furniture and accents in just 1 similar shade of black, the pops of colour feel harmonious. Thus, the home’s monochromatic look remains intact. 

Within the living room, traditional couch is replaced with a floor sofa bed. It adds a touch of warmth and depth to the all-white living room while maintaining the space’s simplicity thanks to its clean lines and minimal silhouette. 

7. Futuristic HDB maisonette

all white hdb flatsImage credit: Three Haus Works

There’s not much this futuristic HDB maisonette doesn’t have.

There are artificial skylights that can be brightened, dimmed down, or changed to a different colour that’ll match the homeowners’ mood. Then, there’s the open staircase with glass railing that marry style and sophistication. Besides its timeless design, glass railing also allows more light to stream through and makes the home brighter and more open.

all white hdb flatsImage credit: Three Haus Works

The entire maisonette is of a cool grey colour that stretches from the walls and doors of every room all the way to the stone steps and kitchen fittings. In the living room, built-in storage drawers under the settee bench keep the space clutter-free and minimal. As for the service yard, the large window draws in natural sunlight and fresh air while sleek white cabinets with no hardware blend in with the rest of the home’s design. 

All-white minimalist HDB flats in Singapore

Singapore is packed with beautiful homes. Some are quirky Mid-Century Modern townhouses and eclectic lofts, while others are historic black and white bungalows and million-dollar mansions. And then, there are the timeless all-white flats like those above that are chic, simple, and serene. 

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Cover image adapted from: @cri.ate, @/senconcept.id, The Local INN.terior & Qanvast

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