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Philips vs Mayer: Which Air Fryer Is The Better Appliance For Your Kitchen?

12 May 2023 | BY

We pit two big brand rivals, Philips and Mayer, in the battle of air fryers. Who will come out victorious?

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We all know of a friend or family member who loves fried food. They’re greasy and sinful, yet so mouth-wateringly good. If you can’t bear to break your healthy diet streak but still want to indulge in fried food every now and then, get an air fryer. Though the texture is similar, air-fried food is healthier than deep-fried food as it has a lower calorie count and fat content. 

There are plenty of air fryer options in the market, with Philips and Mayer being two of the biggest brands. Hence, we’re pitting the Mayer MMAF3000 and Philips HD9200 against each other to see which one is worth opening your wallet for.


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Mayer MMAF3000 is usually available at $99 on its official website. On Shopee, you can get the exact model for cheaper at $69, and we’re not complaining.

air fryer - philips whiteImage credit: Philips

Whilst the Philips HD9200 is out of stock on Philip’s official website, you’ll be able to find the model for $119 on Shopee.

Winner: Mayer


air fryer - philips black1Image credit: Philips 

If you’re a fan of sleek lines and a chic look, Philips has got your back. The Philips HD9200 comes in a classic all-black or all-white colourway with a blocky body and curved edges. To us, it looks sturdier and more sophisticated.

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The Mayer MMAF3000, on the other hand, has a rounded body shaped like a barrel. The model comes in pastel pink and mint. Overall, this option will appeal more to those who want a quirky, fun vibe in their kitchens.

air fryer - mayer disneyImage credit: Mayer

Besides vibrant colours, the Mayer also comes in a Disney-themed version adorned with Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so in terms of aesthetics, we can’t really pick a winner. 

Winner: Draw


Both Philips and Mayer have a temperature range of 80-200°C. Mayer has a 30-minute timer, whilst Philips has a 60-minute timer. 

Capacity-wise, Philips has a pan that can fit 4.1L and a basket of 2.3L. Mayer has a capacity of 3L and claims to be able to “fit a whole chicken with ease”.

In terms of minimising fat content, Philips promises up to 90% less fat, while Mayer guarantees up to 80%.

air fryer - philips black 2Image credit: Philips

The Philips comes with 12 cooking functions, while the Mayer is more straightforward – you only need to fiddle with the temperature and timer settings. Unless you’re entering the next season of Masterchef Singapore with your air fryer, both Philips and Mayer should be sufficient for your daily needs.

Winner: Philips


Both brands use rapid air technology, which allows hot air to quickly circulate to cook the food. Mayer’s website states that their technology ensures 360° surrounding heat, leaving no part of the food raw or cold.

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Philips also offers the same claim. The starfish-shaped pan in a Philips air fryer allows even airflow, so you’ll never have to worry about chicken that looks cooked on the outside yet remains raw on the inside. 

Winner: Draw

Removing & cleaning 

air fryer - cleaningImage credit: Shopee 

Both Philips and Mayer have baskets that can be easily removed for cleaning after cooking. However, many Mayer buyers commented on Shopee saying that putting in and removing the basket takes a little more effort than normal.

Air fryer lines, which typically look like giant cupcake holders made of baking paper, will help cut down on the need to wash the basket between every use. Nonetheless, cleaning it should be comparable to cleaning a pan after you’ve fried food.

Winner: Philips


“I bought my air fryer from Philips because they were the first to create air fryers. Since it is the original, it must be trustworthy. Philips design is also sleek.” 

Hannah, 42

“My Philips air fryer is basic but it suits my needs. I’ve tried cooking hashbrowns, steaks, and even lava cakes. All came out nice in a short amount of time. But sometimes, you still have to go through trial and error to get the perfect cook.”

Richard, 38

“I got the Mayer MMAF3000 in pink because it suits my pink kitchen! The air fryer is easy to use, but sometimes I have trouble taking the basket out and putting it back in. I think you need to use more force for it. But other than that, it works well.”

Su Ying, 34

“My air fryer is Disney-themed because my whole family loves Disney. I got my Mayer air fryer on Shopee because it was cheap. When I tried it, I felt pleased about not having to use oil to cook my favourite chicken nuggets. I would even get this Mayer air fryer at a higher price because it is so good and does the job.”

Belle, 31

Philips vs Mayer: which is the ultimate air fryer?

air fryer - mayer2Image credit: Mayer 

It’s the age of convenience – we love instant gratification and oftentimes just want an easy fix to our crispy cravings. It has been 13 years since the invention of air fryers, and technology has been constantly improving to give us food lovers the best of the best.

Philips is the OG that has been providing us with much utility. But higher quality comes at a higher cost. So if you don’t mind spending a little more, getting a Philips may be your best investment. 

However, if you aren’t too fussy with the specifics and just want something that is reliable and works, the cost-effective Mayer is an easy solution to your night cravings.

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