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Dyson VS Bosch: Which Is The Better Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

26 March 2024 | BY

We put the cordless vacuum cleaners from Dyson and Bosch to the test.

dyson vs bosch

If you go to enough Singaporean households, you’ll stumble upon a red-and-blue stick vacuum hanging nonchalantly on one of the walls, on standby to hoover any offending dust on the floor. 

That’s the iconic Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner, achieving cult status with its striking design and powerful suction power. However, many alternatives have sprouted up in the market, and a new arrival is claimed to be comparable to or even better than Dyson. That’s Bosch’s Unlimited 7 handheld vacuum.

But will the new kid on the block overthrow the reigning Dyson? Curiosity prompted me to put both to the test. 

What are the key differences between Dyson and Bosch cordless vacuum cleaners?

Feature Dyson Bosch
Design Futuristic and sleek Practical and robust
Performance Strong suction, excels in deep cleaning Reliable suction, SmartSensor Control
Battery Life Up to 60 minutes, varies by model and mode Longer than 60 minutes, interchangeable batteries
Accessories Wide range of specialised attachments Practical tools for various floors
Price Point High More accessible

Dyson vs Bosch: Which is the more aesthetic vacuum?

Sorry, #priorities. As a houseproud millennial, I was averse to ugly blocky vacuums that took up space and tormented the eyes. (Looking at you, bright yellow vacuum that rhymes with archer).

Dyson’s iconic red-blue-purple colour palette evokes a cool 90s vibe, and its on-the-wall design is minimalist enough. But the Bosch had an equally sleek body and was in a modern black-and-white palette that goes well with the Scandi/industrial look Singaporeans love so much. 

dyson vs bosch cordless vacuum cleaners - dyson v8 slim fluffy, bosch unlimited 7 handheld vacuum

If vacuums were people, Dyson is that cool student in vibrant clothes, while Bosch is that professional-looking PMEB in corporate hues. 

Verdict: Bosch wins. While iconic, Dyson is still a tad loud for most homes.

Dyson vs Bosch: Which is more affordable?

I’m gonna be honest – I got my Dyson V8 Slim Fluffy as a free gift while signing up for a credit card. Otherwise, I would be reluctant to get one of my own as the price tag is nearly $500 for the V8 Fluffy, considered one of Dyson’s budget, lightweight models. 

But if we were to compare the top-of-the-range products, Dyson’s deep cleaning V12 and V15 models command up to $1,504 on Shopee while the Bosch Unlimited 7 starts from around $1,079 on Shopee.

dyson v15 detect absolute, v12 detect slim absolute, v12 detect slim fluffy priceImage credit: Dyson

Sounds hefty, but hey, as a millennial who hates clunky vacuums and who has a dirt-prone kid at home, I’m willing to drop that sort of money to keep my house relatively dust and dirt-free.

Regular promotions also make the splurge on both a little more worth it. While Dyson doesn’t offer significant price drops, it does add on complementary tool kits often. 

Verdict: Dyson, but you can use promos for Bosch on Lazada, to be fair.

Which cordless vacuum cleaner has better suction?

Suction power is the true test of any vacuum, so it had better not suck

And so, I decided to put both the Bosch and Dyson vacuums to the test on some tricky surfaces, as cleaning my home’s vinyl was far too easy a challenge to throw to these powerhouses.

Test 1: Oatmeal on a fluffy rug

Getting dust or food on a fluffy rug is the stuff of domestic nightmares, as it’s ridiculously tough to clean. So, the “oatmeal test” involved spreading a tablespoon of oatmeal on a set surface area evenly, then testing on two parameters:

dyson vs bosch - bosch vacuuming oatmeal on a fluffy rug

  1. A) How many percent of the oatmeal was vacuumed up in one sweep 
  2. B) How many sweeps each vacuum took to get the surface clean 

oatmeal on a fluffy rug results

After one sweep, the Dyson had 20% of oatmeal left, with some bits tangled up in the fluffy carpet hairs. But, boy, did Bosch deliver. In one sweep, only 5% of the oatmeal was left, eliciting “oohs” and “aahs” from my bystanding husband. And this was not even on the maximum power mode (Just “Eco”). 

Test 2: Oatmeal on fake grass

Same same, but on a different surface – fake grass (from IKEA). You know, in case folks wanted to vacuum their carpeted balcony. 

dyson vs bosch - oatmeal on grass vacuum results with the bosch vacuum winning

After a single sweep, Dyson and Bosch had 20% and 5% of the oatmeal left, respectively, while the former flipped up some oatmeal in the air. 

For both surfaces, the Bosch vacuum cleared the oatmeal completely in two sweeps, while the Dyson took about four to five sweeps in multiple directions to get the carpet or grass oat-free.

Verdict: Bosch wins. Although granted, it might not be an apple-to-apple comparison as I was comparing it with Dyson’s lightweight model.

Which cordless vacuum is easier to use?

A vacuum might be powerful, but if it is clunky to use, it’d be left in a corner to gather dust. So, to test the usability of both, we concocted a few agility challenges. 

Test 1: Tight corners

A spoon of oatmeal was scattered in a corner of the house. I then ran each vacuum up against the edge of the wall to score how easy it was to clean it up.

bosch vacuuming tight corners

While both vacuums had nifty nozzles which sucked in the oatmeal fast, Dyson inched out the competition as its slightly curved nozzle felt smoother to use. 

dyson v8 slim fluffy vacuuming slim corners

Score: Dyson 1, Bosch 0

Test 2: Between floor types

Another test of usability was how the vacuums handled transitions between different flooring types, which is in a day’s work of cleaning one’s home. 

For the Bosch, what added plus points was the easy toggle between suction modes (Eco/Turbo/Auto) and easy nozzle switching with its nozzle spot release function – just step on a lever to remove the nozzle to switch to spot cleaning. 

The Unlimited also didn’t require a finger pressing a button constantly like the Dyson (with the exception of some V12 models). However, the Dyson was a little faster when starting up, as Bosch had a slight lag time when first switched on.

Score: Dyson 1, Bosch 1

Test 3: Low-lying furniture test 

If you’re an elder millennial like me, you’d hate to bend down when vacuuming beneath furniture. And Bosch shone in this aspect, thanks to the LED lights shining on dust and 90-degree bendable hinge (called a Flex Tube), which could reach beneath sofas and low coffee tables without me having to kneel.  

dyson vs bosch - vacuuming under a table

As for the Dyson, while mine didn’t, the later models have laser functions that can shed light on “invisible dust”. Dyson models also require an additional low-reach adaptor to get to low-lying surfaces.

Score: Dyson 1, Bosch 2


In terms of weight, the Bosch Unlimited was at a chunkier 3.5kg, while my Dyson V8 Fluffy was at a lightweight 2.1kg. Even heavyweight Dyson models like the V15 Detect Absolute are still pretty easy to tote around at 2.6kg.

Score: Dyson 2, Bosch 2

Overall verdict: Tie. While Bosch had better transitions while doing a whole house clean (high to low, across different surfaces), Dyson packed a punch by being lighter overall. 

Which cordless vacuum is nosier?

To measure noise objectively, I used an app, “Noise Level, DB Tracker”.

dyson vs bosch - cordless vacuum cleaner noise levels

At maximum power, both emitted around the same noise level of 80 decibels.

However, very subjectively, once the aeroplane take-off noise was out of the way, Bosch’s purr sounded more gentle and easy on the ears, while Dyson’s was a little more high-pitched.

Verdict: Bosch

Which vacuum has a bigger bin?

dyson vs bosch - cordless vacuum cleaner bins

I hate emptying vacuum dustbins as it’s gross, and there are dust bunnies everywhere. So, whichever vacuum made this unsavoury task easier would get major props. For Bosch, I had to remove the other vacuum parts and twist the bin cap to empty it. For my Dyson, I simply had to lift a lever that empties the trash out downward.

Verdict: Dyson

What cordless vacuum has better attachments

As a value-conscious Singaporean, I love feeling that I’ve got bang for my buck when purchasing big-ticket items. Enter attachments, which are like the icing on the cake for vacuums. The Bosch Unlimited came with a combination nozzle, a crevice nozzle, as well as a roller cleaner, alongside the charger and battery packs. 

dyson vs bosch - v8 slim fluffy and 7 unlimited attachments

Now, while my Dyson V8 came with similar attachments (see above pic), it was not at the same price point as the Unlimited. The model with a similar price in the Dyson camp was the V15 Detect Absolute, but this came with a more generous array of attachments: 5 tools and 2 cleaner heads. 

Verdict: Dyson

How long does the battery last?

Fair warning: I didn’t try this out. However, according to the specs, the Bosch Unlimited can run up to 60 minutes on a single battery charge, which is comparable to Dyson models.

bosch vacuum battery chargerImage credit: Colby Lopez

But just one little thing…Bosch allows you to swap out its batteries and has a hefty charger that gets your vacuum fully charged in just an hour. On the other hand, Dyson’s batteries cannot be removed, so that means if it dies mid-clean, you’d have to lug it into the shop. 

Verdict: Bosch 

Bosch vs Dyson: which is the right cordless vacuum for you?

vacuuming with the bosch 7 unlimited handheld vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors

The Bosch Unlimited 7 has a long run time, flexible in-built attachments, and suction power that can pretty much conquer any surface.

While Dyson is great for the everyday hair-and-dust attack, the Bosch Unlimited 7 pulls its weight, especially for whole house cleans and gives you that deep clean of industrial vacuums without the clunkiness. That means if you’re willing to invest in a vacuum, the Bosch is indeed a worthy alternative to the Dyson and will make vacuuming a deeply satisfying task indeed. 

So if, after reading this, you’re itching to buy either vacuum, here are the links to do some specs comparison of your own:

Bosch on Lazada

Dyson store 

For more useful comparisons, check out:

This article was originally published on 21st March 2023 and updated on 25th March 2024.

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