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Inside An Open-Concept Condo With Peekaboo Built-Ins & Half-Height Dividers

11 June 2024 | BY

This open-concept condo makes full use of its liminal spaces, bathed in warm sunlight.

The appeal of free-flowing homes with open floor plans is plain to see: an abundance of space, reduced clutter, and the envy of other homeowners who wish they had a bigger home. However, this open-concept condo is different—it leverages on the liminal spaces between functional areas to visually connect every aspect of the home.

Image credit: Lard.sg

The rationale behind the “visual connection” of the home lies in the fact that the homeowners have 2 young children they need to keep a close eye on. Here, the empty spaces between key areas of the home act as sightlines so most of the home is visible at a glance.

Open-concept integrated living area with tons of built-in storage

Image credit: Lard.sg

The home opens up into a spacious great room illuminated by natural light. While the living area is indeed large, it definitely isn’t sparse. The kitchen, dining, and even study areas are contained in the space, visually connecting each of these key services as per its core concept.

Image credit: Lard.sg

The home enjoys its space thanks to the incorporation of various built-ins into its design, like the TV console that doubles up as part of the study area’s wall. In addition to that, the same walls also function as storage cabinets and can be used as a floating bench in the foyer.

The strategic use of multi-functional built-in features expands the space while also integrating utility into the design of the home.

Image credit: Lard.sg

Despite the sheer scale of the living area, sunlight is still able to reach the far corners of the home, thanks to the series of ribbon windows along its side. The warm light of day adds a touch of colour and contrast to the home, which is decorated in more subdued colours.

Elevated study tucked in a sunny corner

Image credit: Lard.sg

On that note, the study is certainly the biggest beneficiary of the abundant natural light in the home. The area is always drenched in sunlight, thanks to its prime position beside the huge windows, as well as the glass bricks that allow a gentle diffusion of light into the space. 

Image credit: Lard.sg

Apart from the side facing the window, the study is enclosed and is also elevated on a platform for good measure. This allows anyone using the study to have increased privacy in contrast to the rest of the home. If the rest of the home is visually connected, the study is a place to peacefully disconnect for a brief respite.

Image credit: Lard.sg

The combination of rich sunlight and privacy allows the space to be truly conducive for work or study. As a bonus, the windows can even be opened up for a breath of fresh air.

Bright & cosy dining nook 

Image credit: Lard.sg

On the other end of the home is the kitchen and dining area, which also enjoy a considerable amount of sunlight from the windows next to the circular dining table. The deliberate and strategic placement of the table allows the homeowners to enjoy a semi-alfresco dining experience when the windows are thrown open.

Image credit: Lard.sg

A few strides away from the dining area is the kitchen, finished in travertine marble that complements the light timber adorning the rest of the home. Additionally, the half-height cabinets and counter delineate the boundaries of the kitchen, creating yet another space within a space.

Condo with an incredible open-concept layout

While open-concept homes run the risk of looking sparse and uninspired, this condo apartment manages to express its identity by clustering key living areas together while affording the homeowners with private spaces. The thoughtful layout of this home, in combination with its ample use of built-ins, means that every space is utilised to its fullest potential.

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