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Singaporeans Turn HDB Living Room Into A Futuristic Space That Looks Like Apple Stores Of 2050

20 April 2023 | BY

If you’re active on #HomeTok, you may have seen a Singaporean couple transform their HDB to resemble an Apple store 50 years from now.

Futuristic HDB- cover image

If you’re active on #HomeTok, you may have seen this video on your For You Page recently. The 8-second clip shows a large overhead ring light fixture, reminiscent of what one might see on a spaceship. But wait – there are trees outside. The video wasn’t taken in a spaceship after all, but rather in a home in Singapore. 


One of the biggest investments in our house 💛 #sgreno #resalehdb #interiordesign #hdbreno

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Inspired by Birds of Paradise ice cream shop

Futuristic Apple store HDB - living room
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A further look at the original account that posted the video reveals a second clip, which showcases the rest of the futuristic home. A majority of the living space is monotone, with the muted colours creating a feeling of softness throughout the home. In the caption, the homeowners share that the light fixture was one of their biggest investments in the renovation of their HDB home.


9×16 peek at our latest 3D render. Excited to see the final changes 🥹🥹🥹 #3drender #interiordesign #sghdb #sghdbreno #homeproject #sgrenovation

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The hefty price tag does make sense though, as constructing a light fixture of this complexity is no easy feat. Unlike regular lights that are just screwed in and finished, a circular light fixture like this requires a circular recess to be cut out in the false ceiling. A fabricated ring would then have to be drilled before plaster is applied to make the whole operation seamless.

futuristic apple store HDB - kitchen and living room
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The use of soft curves and arches further add to the feeling of softness in the home. Wooden details peppered throughout the home temper this softness, adding depth and dimension to an otherwise visually consistent space. 

Other subtle additions like embedded lighting that lines the perimeter of the living room and a built-in micro-cement bench utilise geometry to add dimension to the home, elevating the otherwise all-white home. 

Birds of Paradise Jewel Changi outlet
Birds of Paradise store.
Image adapted from: Google Maps

The homeowners cited local botanical ice cream chain Birds of Paradise as one of the sources of inspiration behind the choice to go with a large circular light feature as opposed to more conventional lighting. 

Emulating the large curved overhead lighting at their flagship Jewel Changi outlet, the result is a visual cross between the ice cream shop, a spaceship, and an Apple store.

Mixed reactions from other Singaporeans

Futuristic HDB- curve wall edges
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A quick look at the comments section shows mixed opinions – one cynical Singaporean questions the difficulty of maintenance by asking, “How do you replace the bulbs or whatever is there?” 

“You don’t. Every time a light fuses, you need to move (house),” a commenter cheekily replied. 

Another critical viewer “congratulated” the homeowners on their design choice. “Congratulations on your dumb purchase,” they wrote. Oh well, haters gonna hate.

For the most part though, Singaporean viewers were impressed. “Looks like an Apple store,” says one viewer. 

Futuristic HDB living room reno in Singapore

Yet again, social media has shown us the wonders that can be done with just a little imagination and creativity. Assuming you’re realistic with your budget, are willing to be patient about the renovation time, and can hire the right contractors, there’s practically no limit to how you can transform your little HDB flat. If it’s the Apple store in space that you desire, you know where to look for inspo

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