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This Hardcore Pawrent Gave Her Dog Its Own Bedroom In Her 3-Room Executive Condominium

12 July 2023 | BY

Space is a precious commodity in land-scarce Singapore. However, for this pawrent, it’s something that she’s willing to sacrifice for her pomerarian – even if it means making do with one less bedroom.

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In land-scarce Singapore, homeowners will attest to the importance of every last square metre. Where most other homeowners seek to maximise their space by turning spare bedrooms into study rooms, man caves, and home libraries; these homeowners dedicated an entire room in her 3-room Executive Condo to their dog, Nikki.

This may seem a drastic move to many – but if children are given their own rooms, why not furbabies? We speak to Nikki’s owner, Yin Yee, for the deets.

Giving her pomeranian its own bedroom in their EC

Dog bedroom in condo - Nikki's furnitureImage credit: @nikki.pompom

Meet Nikki, an adorable 3-year-old Pomeranian. But despite its tiny stature, this ball of fur has a major flex: her very own bed room – in an executive condo, no less. It’s definitely testament to the love showered upon Nikki by her pawrent, Yin Yee; but is it excessive? Yin Yee doesn’t think so.

As a self-professed shopaholic, Yin Yee has accumulated quite the dog accessory stash, and it’s simply way too much for a single cupboard. Naturally, it made sense to store it in a room. One decision led to another, and before they knew it, Yin Yee had transformed her dressing/study room into Nikki’s personal bedroom.

What’s in Nikki’s bedroom?

Nikki’s room, like the rest of the house, boasts a pristine white aesthetic. When they moved in back in 2017, Scandinavian minimalism was trending, and the homeowners embraced a “simple and chic” approach for their home’s theme.

Dog bedroom in condo - MALM chestIKEA MALM chest of 6 drawers.
Image credit: @nikki.pompom

Yin Yee aimed to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics, driven by her penchant for capturing Instagram-worthy photos of Nikki. From what we see, her efforts have paid off, and the room’s design is one that stands the test of time.

While Yin Yee acknowledges that the process of decorating Nikki’s room has been a continual work-in-progress, she enjoys switching things up from time to time and trying her hand at interior styling.
Dog bedroom in condo - Neighborwood fireplaceImage credit: @nikki.pompom

The room features ample storage, display shelves, plush rugs, and cosy sheepskin accents, all of which can be easily reconfigured to give the space a whole new look should she ever tire of the current aesthetic.

Dog bedroom in condo - Nikki's accessoriesImage credit: @nikki.pompom

“Since white is the main colour scheme, IKEA had naturally come to my mind. Thus, I decided to get the MALM chest of 6 drawers ($249) to store Nikki’s accessories. I love the idea that there are smaller and bigger drawers so that I can keep the tags or collars in the smaller drawers, and (her) harness or dresses in the bigger drawers.”

Since Nikki even has her own Lemon8 profile and Instagram page, the room conveniently doubles as a small photo studio for her dogfits of the day.

Spending over $800 to transform the room 

Dog bedroom in condo - Neighborwod custom wardrobeImage credit: @nikki.pompom

Allocating a room for Nikki, the Pomeranian, presented its challenges, with space being Yin Yee’s biggest hurdle. Pet carriers proved bulky and unfriendly to limited room dimensions. Despite her extensive search at furniture stores like IKEA, FortyTwo, and Castlery, no suitable options were found. 

That is until Neighborwood came into the picture. Yin Yee stumbled upon the brand she would later come to love – Neighborwood, an Indonesian pet furniture brand on Instagram which stocks all kinds of aesthetic pet furniture from beds and food bowl stands to fireplaces and custom shelving.

Dog bedroom in condo - Neighborwood furnitureNeighborwood’s ‘Fireplace’ and ‘Pet Wardrobe’.
Image credit: @nikki.pompom

Her main purchases were the “Fireplace” display shelf for $130.99 that serves as a unique accent piece, and a customised wardrobe that solved the carrier size issue and provided extra space for Nikki’s clothing. The $193 price tag was reasonable, aligning perfectly with Yin Yee’s needs and functionality requirements.

To soften the look, Yin Yee even bought a boucle armchair for $150 off Taobao that doubles as a good photo spot for Nikki’s daily fit pics. Additionally, she decided to get Nikki her very own bed from Soycraft for $98.

When asked about the total damage of the room with all its furnishings, Yin Yee tells us it’s over $800 but it also includes all of Nikki’s aesthetic doggy toys as well.

Dog bedroom in condo - dining room drawersDining room drawers.
Image credit: @nikki.pompom

Even with a dedicated room, Nikki’s belongings have managed to overflow into the homeowners’ living space. In fact, a separate drawer storage area in the dining room has been designated to house all of Nikki’s essentials, ranging from food and cleansing products like wet wipes, toothpaste, to even pee pads.

Pawparent who gives her dog its own bedroom

Nikki’s owner has stated that she feels absolutely no regret at giving up an entire room to her dog. She views Nikki as “part of the family”, and as such, feels that it deserves the room to itself. Besides, Yin Yee doesn’t feel it to be a wasted effort at all, as its room can always double as a photoshoot area for Nikki’s Instagram content. 

Cleaning up after pets, especially energetic Pomeranians, can be quite a challenge. Yin Yee, drawing from personal experience, offers a helpful suggestion. She recommends regularly tidying up scattered toys and belongings, a practice often overlooked. However, Yin Yee takes it a step further. Every week, she diligently vacuums, mops, and even uses a Magiclean duster to ensure her blinds are spotless.

For more about Nikki’s exceptional doggy lifestyle, check out @Nikki.pompom or Nikki on Lemon8

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