8 Super Chio Loft Apartments In Singapore That Are Serious House Goals

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Here are 8 pretty loft apartments in Singapore for your home inspiration.

Space is a luxury in Singapore, as we all can attest to, especially to the 90% of us who are HDB and condo dwellers. This has made many of us experts in creating extra space in our homes, be it through using double-duty furniture, installing shelves on the walls or, better still, by building a whole new floor in the ceiling – enter loft apartments.

Typically found in units with high ceilings or those located on the top floor, loft apartments are a rather ingenious type of housing – not only do they cleverly make use of vertical space for more storage, such a design allows more natural light to enter the house, creating a sense of grandiosity which goes well with any decor style in place.

With that, here are 8 super chio loft apartments in Singapore that’ll give you the right inspo to kickstart your NYC penthouse living dreams.

1. Flo Residence – DIY loft in Punggol condo for a hidden retreat 


Although their unit was just an ordinary one, save for the high ceiling, that didn’t stop the owners from maximising its potential by building a loft by themselves in their condo at Flo Residence


Indeed, the end result was 100% worth it, giving birth to a lovely home where Art Deco, mid-modern and industrial decor elements blend together nicely. With the addition of a quaint, vintage spiral staircase, the owners were able to build a retreat corner that serves as the perfect hideout whenever they’re in the mood for some alone time.

Read up more about the renovation journey in this loft condo in Punggol.

2. SkyTerrace@Dawson – Parisian-inspired monochrome 

Image credit: @thatmonochromehome

There’s something timeless about monochrome, even more so when a fresh dose of Parisian flavour is added, giving a luxurious facelift to the space as what is done in this 5-room HDB in SkyTerrace@Dawson.

Boujee is an understatement –  there’s even a fancy walk-in wardrobe built in the master bedroom space.
Image credit: @thatmonochromehome, @thatmonochromehome

One of the owners spent her college days in NYC, so the couple has done quite a fair bit of travelling there, in turn bringing back slices of the Big Apple into their home. These include pottery pieces from Jonathan Adler; even their guest bathroom is meant to emulate The Ludlow Hotel located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side neighbourhood.

Image credit: @thatmonochromehome

The loft ended up being converted into a master bedroom, and rightfully so – imagine waking up to a view of the beautiful chandelier in front of you, which the owners say gives them a feeling like their “heads are up in the clouds”.

Check out more featured home images at @thatmonochromehome on Instagram.

3. The Trilinq – Scandi-chic with fun wooden textures

loftImage credit: Free Space Intent

There’s a reason why Scandinavians, or pretty much everyone, loves wood. The colour gives it a natural look which makes it very fun to experiment with by creating different geometrical designs and visual textures, like in this condo in The Trilinq.

loftImage credit: Free Space Intent

The home features an open concept look, combining the dining and living areas, while using marble flooring and ceilings fixed with curved fittings to make the space look bigger. The study area takes up the loft, which is filled with knick-knacks placed atop cubed bookshelves, giving a whiff of boho-chic to the space.

4. Espada @ St Thomas Walk – All-black bachelor pad

The stairs double up as a shelf for the owner to display his liquor collection, amongst other collectibles.

Image credit:

To that guy friend we all have who only dresses in black: we get you. It’s bold, sophisticated, and there’s a whole lot of style you can evoke despite it being the only main colour in the palette. In interior design, one could say that the epitome of the all-black aesthetic would be this studio loft in Espada @ St Thomas Walk condo.

loftImage credit:

Black, plus several shades between, are used for most of the furniture including the pole dancing podium, save for the floors and ceilings for contrast. Tempered glass is also used, acting as a mirror to subtly reflect light, which makes the space appear to be bigger.

5. Craig Place – Vintage decor with antique Kopitiam furniture

Cabinets are made to be transparent so that the vintage crockery can be seen on display.

Image credit: PIU Interior Design

Retro is the name of the game these days, and what better way to enjoy it than to turn home into an old-school time capsule, as what the owners of this Craig Place condo did to their loft.

loftImage credit: PIU Interior Design

Since the walls were a good 7m high, they built not only one, but 2 mezzanine levels, where the top one is meant as a nifty storage space. Thick glass was used as the mezzanine flooring, which not only allows natural light to enter the living area, but also makes the home reminiscent of old shophouses.

6. The Calrose – Eclectic loft with plenty of storage

Image credit: Story of Us

Another hot decor trend these days would be modern eclectic, with all its bold colours and quaint collectibles that create the charm in the space. One example is this condo unit at The Calrose, which has a feature wall with storage shelves arranged in an eclectic manner, creating a fun and jazzy feel in the living area.

Image credit: Story of Us

A big bonus in this unit would be that it comes with a balcony space, which has turned into quite the chill spot with colourful paintings and colourful bamboo chairs. Upstairs, you’ll see the master bedroom, which has a wardrobe made with a bamboo strip-looking door, giving it a gush of Japanese zen that’s seen in temples and ryokans.

7. Punggol Sapphire – Rare HDB loft with white-industrial decor

loftImage credit: @starrylim

Although Punggol has been a hothouse for new BTO projects these past few years, lofts remained quite the rarity, making this Punggol Sapphire unit one to take note of.

The living room walls have a silver-cemented look which blends sweetly with the other white faces; pop a chandelier onto the ceiling and the entire look gives a “landed house” vibe to the place.

Image credit: @starrylim

While the renovation was simple, the kitchen still looks clean with the white and shiny laminates used on the countertops and cabinets. You could say that the addition of the glass door in the space makes for a good service yard idea, as it clearly demarcates the yard from the kitchen, while still allowing light to enter and brighten up the space.

8. Thomson V – Hygge-inspired with whimsical knick-knacks

loftImage credit: Prozfile Design

While our parents have good reason for nagging us to declutter our rooms, that isn’t to say it should be stripped bare just for essentials. 

After all, the Danish hygge philosophy stands true – all the little soft toys and travel knick-knacks, or anything that sparks joy, are what turn a house into a comfy and cosy home, as what we see in this whimsical Thomson V condo.

Image credit: Prozfile Design

A crossover between vintage and industrial styles, this loft apartment somewhat reminds you of the cute indie stores dotted along Haji Lane. The mezzanine is occupied by a display library with books and vintage paraphernalia, before leading to the master bedroom upstairs.

Pretty loft apartments in Singapore for your home inspiration

Loft HDBs and condo units with high ceilings are not so common in Singapore, making them quite the treat to the lucky handful who manage to get the keys to one. Not only can it be designed to any decor and style, it’s also blessed with extra vertical space, allowing it to evoke both the grandeur of a landed home and the cosiness of a studio apartment.

With these pretty loft apartments in Singapore for you to be inspired by, trust that your penthouse living dreams can, very possibly, come to fruition.

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Cover image adapted from: PIU Interior Design, @thatmonochromehome

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