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Inside Nicole Chang Min’s Dreamy 4-Room HDB After A $100K Reno: Secret Bar & Hotel-Inspired Bedroom

6 July 2023 | BY

Nicole’s 1,200sqft home is a dreamy neutral-toned landscape – perfect for Nicole, her husband James, and their beloved chihuahua Moon.

Inside Nicole Chang Min's Dreamy 4-Room HDB After A $100K Reno: Secret Bar & Hotel-Inspired Bedroom

Armed with a 100k reno budget and the knowledge of their BTO delay, influencer Nicole Chang Min and her husband James Seah embarked on an uphaul of their existing 4-room HDB resale, transforming it into a warm and inviting living space that they can call home for the next 2-3 years.

With a short snippet of her house walkthrough garnering 222k views on TikTok, it’s evident that many have been drawn to the allure of Nicole’s newly renovated home. The full-time content creator gave Uchify a tour of her unique living space, and we can’t get enough of the way she’s done up her home.

Nicole Chang Min’s neutral-toned, contemporary minimalist home

Nicole Chang Min home - Neutral-toned living and dining areaWarm cove lights illuminate Nicole’s home and contribute to the soft, dreamy vibe.

After looking through various home renovation pages and creating a Pinterest mood board, Nicole found herself gravitating toward a white-themed, contemporary minimalist design. Despite her flat’s irregular layout, Nicole’s vision of a seamless and uncluttered living space was brought to life with the help of her interior designer from Absolook.

White-framed arch sliding doors leading to the kitchenWhite-framed arch sliding doors leading to the kitchen.

When asked about her largest reno expense, Nicole immediately pointed to the customised glass doors. In order to make their home brighter and airier, the couple chose to do away with traditional wooden doors and opt for metal-framed glass panels instead. “The doors ended up being a really nice touch to the house,” Nicole expressed with satisfaction.

Apart from the glass-panelled doors, Nicole let us in on some other must-have features she and James wanted for their home renovation. These included a hidden bar and kitchen island, a double sink and walk-in wardrobe, as well as a dedicated workspace for each of them.

Nicole’s favourite part of her home – the seamless living area

Nicole Chang Min home - Living room

Nicole’s favourite part of her home is the living area. With plush furniture and soft tones, its warm, inviting ambiance offers the perfect sanctuary for relaxing after a long day. Nicole even specifically requested for her TV feature wall to merge with the limewash walls in order to create a seamless, cohesive look.

The living room blends effortlessly into a minimalist dining area, featuring a versatile white oak dining table from Invis Furniture which can be extended to accommodate guests when the couple hosts their friends.

Nicole Chang Min home - Moon's special area

Leaving no member of the family out, Nicole also set up a dedicated space for Moon – her beloved chihuahua – adjacent to the dining table. Moon’s beige dog tent complements the neutral-toned interior of Nicole’s home, and is the perfect spot for her pup to relax and accompany Nicole and her husband as they enjoy their meals.

Hidden bar, kitchen island & adjacent white minimalist guest toilet

Nicole Chang Min home - neutral-themed kitchenNicole’s spacious kitchen, complete with counter and island tops from Lian Hin.

Recognising the need for ample food preparation space, Nicole prioritised having a kitchen island in her new home. In addition to catering to Nicole’s regular cooking endeavours, the spacious island doubles up as a spare table for when Nicole and her husband fancy a meal in their kitchen for a change of scenery.

Nicole Chang Min home - Hidden bar

Another key feature of the kitchen is the hidden bar located within a cabinet next to the stovetop. While Nicole jokes that the hidden bar was constructed “to resist the urge to drink every day”, the couple actually opted for a concealed bar in a clever effort to maintain the neat, minimalist look of their kitchen.

Old-school white-themed guest bathroomGuest bathroom located adjacent to the kitchen.

When designing the guest bathroom, Nicole decided to stick to the white minimalist theme of her flat while adding subtle old-school touches. White KitKat tiles come together with a black-framed arch mirror and gun metal toilet accessories from Viva Nueva, creating a distinctive old-school space within Nicole’s contemporary-styled abode.

Concealed man cave & workspace for James

Hidden door concealed within the ribbed living room accent wallHidden door concealed within the ribbed living room accent wall.

In order to prevent their house from looking overly cluttered, the couple chose to construct a hidden door leading to the study room, also known as James’ man cave. “(It’s) where all his manly activities take place – like gaming, hiding from his wife, and farting,” Nicole teases in her house tour video.

James' man cave

On top of a standing desk and black-clad workspace, the concealed man cave is home to James’ various gym equipment. The couple also makes full use of the built-in storage area on the right side of the room, where they store winter clothing, travel essentials, press kits, and extra barang barang.

Hotel-esque master bedroom with a walk-in closet, double sink, and handbag display cabinet

Nicole Chang Min home - Hotel-esque master bedroomThe soft, warm ambiance is achieved through the use of magnetic thread lighting and cove lights.

By closing off what used to be a corridor and merging it with the remaining 2 rooms, Nicole transformed her master bedroom into a spacious hotel-esque haven, complete with a walk-in closet, luxurious double sink, and a floating handbag display cabinet.

Moon leaving the master bedroom through his special dog doorMoon leaving the master bedroom through his special dog door.

Fluted glass double doors lead from the living space into the master bedroom, along with a convenient dog door – specially sourced by Nicole from Taobao – which allows Moon to enter and exit the room as he pleases.

Master bedroom TV and large mirror extending across vanity

The room itself has several notable features, from the large double-sided mirror that stretches over Nicole’s spacious vanity area, to the large TV mounted on the wall opposite the couple’s bed – perfect for enjoying a bedtime movie together at the end of a long day.

Master bedroom double sink

The opposite side of the double-sided mirror overlooks a spacious double sink. “I get very territorial over my personal hygiene space,” Nicole jokes, elaborating on the need for a double sink which allows her and James to have sufficient space when getting ready every morning.

Inspired by hotel rooms with a similar arrangement, the double sink is located within the master bedroom itself, rather than inside the ensuite bathroom. The layout also offers Nicole greater comfort and convenience – “I didn’t want to be styling my hair or brushing my teeth in a humid environment, plus there’s air conditioning in my bedroom,” she explains.

Nicole's floating handbag cabinet

Conveniently built next to the entrance of her walk-in wardrobe, Nicole’s floating display cabinet showcases her cherished collection of handbags, illuminated by the subtle glow of built-in lights.

Nicole Chang Min home - Walk-in wardrobe and workspace

Clear glass double doors lead from the master bedroom into an adjoining room which serves as both a walk-in closet and Nicole’s personal workspace.

Originally Nicole’s bedroom prior to the renovation, the space now houses both her and James’ extensive clothing collection, alongside a stylish white-clad workstation, complete with a standing desk and treadmill walker which allows the content creator to stay active while she works.

Nicole Chang Min’s new HDB home

Nicole and her dog Moon

While Nicole and James faced their fair share of challenges during the renovation process, there’s no denying the allure of their newly transformed home. From the seamless living area and spacious kitchen to the couple’s luxurious master bedroom, Nicole’s home is a dreamy neutral-toned landscape that effortlessly blends comfort, style, and functionality.

Watch Nicole’s house tour on her YouTube channel:

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