IKEA Launches A Chio Minimalist Smart Sensor That Can Measure Your Air Quality Indoors

16 March 2023 | BY

Say goodbye to your dreadful sinus-days, the IKEA Vindstyrka is a new smart sensor that detects and responds to poor air quality levels.

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Those with chronic rhinitis will be familiar with the never-ending struggle of finding surfaces coated with dust despite cleaning constantly. And don’t even get us started on the haze that descends upon Singapore ever so often. But IKEA is launching a smart sensor – Vindstyrka – the  that alerts you to the air pollutants in your home, which will give you a head start on cleaning and air purifying before your allergies start acting up.

IKEA Vindstyrka pairs with Starkvind air purifiers

IKEA Starkvind air purifier
Image credit: IKEA     

Besides providing us with affordable furniture, IKEA also has its own existing – yet little-known – collection of air purifiers. Filed under the Starkvind line, the air purifiers comprise standalone models and built-in ones integrated with furniture that are pretty neat. The upcoming smart air pollutant sensor, Vindstyrka, measures and monitors indoor air quality and is meant to work in tandem with the Starkvind air purifiers.

IKEA Starkvind - standalone air purifier
Image credit: IKEA

Unlike conventional air purifiers, the Starkvind line is brilliantly disguised as furniture so as to not take up extra space in your home. It also conveniently becomes a “smart” air purifier once paired with the Vindstyrka. 

The Vindstyrka basically functions as the control centre for your IKEA air purifiers. When pollutants (above PM2.5) are detected in your home,  the Vindstyrka smart sensor will automatically trigger the air purifiers into action by increasing level up their purifying powers by increasing their fan speeds to ensure that any floating nasties are quickly annihilated.

Once the sensor detects that air quality is back to normal, it’ll signal for the purifiers to revert to their normal settings..

Sleek design that will fit your home’s aesthetic 

IKEA Vindstyrka smart air sensor
Image credit: IKEA

True to IKEA’s Scandinavian sensibilities, the Vindstyrka air sensor has a clean display that can be easily understood and navigated by users. Its compact size makes it easy to place around the house without being a total eyesore.

Besides using a familiar traffic light system to indicate high levels of PM2.5, the screen also shows the temperature, humidity and total volatile organic compounds (TVOC).

Syncs to the IKEA’s smart home hub

IKEA Vindstyrka smart air sensor
Image credit: IKEA

Google has Google Home, while IKEA has Dirigera, their brand of smart home hubs. The hub syncs up with your phone via the IKEA Smart Home app, which can then be used to control all your IKEA smart home devices. 

Besides controlling the Vindstyrka air sensor, you can also check on the indoor air quality levels via the app. 

IKEA Vindstyrka – a smart sensor that lets you control air quality from your phone

Air purifiers, as we know them, aren’t the prettiest home appliances you can own. Thankfully, IKEA is here to break that bulky, rectangular mould. If you’re considering the Starkvind air purifier collection for its practicality and aesthetics, then the upcoming Vindstyrka air sensor will be an obvious addition to give you “eyes” on the air situation at home.

The smart air pollutant sensor drops in April 2023 and will be available in all IKEA stores across the island, so stay tuned for the price reveal.

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Cover image adapted from: IKEA

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