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Move-in Day Feng Shui – 10 Things To Know To Make Sure Your New Home Has Good Qi

14 August 2023 | BY

From rolling a pineapple to switching on all your lights and appliances, here are 10 Feng Shui rituals for your move-in day.

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Moving into a new home is exciting, but it can also bring a bout of jitters. In order to start on the right foot, many new homeowners like Elaine and her husband choose to perform home rituals that invite good Feng Shui. For your move-in day, we let you in on all the deets to ensure your new home has good Qi, as shared by Elaine on Lemon8.

We break down what exactly you need to do and know when you’re moving into a new house, and the significance behind these home rituals:

Before your move-in date

1. Decide on an auspicious date as your move-in date

move in day feng shuiImage credit: ChineseCalendarOnline

Feng Shui places significant importance on selecting auspicious timings for important events, essentially believing in doing the right thing at the right time. Choosing an auspicious date and time to move in is crucial to ensure blessing and good fortune for everyone. 

You’ll be able to choose based on an online Chinese Almanac or seek help from a qualified Feng Shui master. If you’re opting to find a Feng Shui master, Elaine advises seeking recommendations from close friends and conducting thorough research on their credentials, certifications, and experiences.

2. Don’t adjust your bed until the official move-in date

bedroomImage credit: @iriskim.cozy

The bed is an important space for rest and relaxation, so it should be placed properly at an auspicious time. When your bed is delivered, make sure not to arrange the bed and instead slant it or leave a gap between the bed and the wall. At the right time, adjust the bed and this will attract good Qi and enhance the well-being and luck of the occupants. 

“The goal is to create a space where individuals can rest and rejuvenate, fostering good health, harmonious relationships, and overall prosperity,” Elaine said. 

3. Scatter 168 $1 coins all around the house

scatter 168 $1 coins throughout your house - move in day feng shuiImage credit: Elaine C.

According to Feng Shui principles, scattering 168 $1 coins before the move-in date is said to invite wealth and prosperity. But the number 168 isn’t just a random number. It is considered to be a lucky number in Chinese since it sounds like “一路发”, meaning “thriving for the whole life”.

On your move-in date

1. Wear new clothes

new red dressImage credit: @thesmartlocalsg

As with a new home, wearing new clothes will further signal the beginning of a new chapter in your life. This way, old or bad energy will be left behind and you can start things off fresh. If you want to take it to the next level, choose a vibrant colour that will bring warmth and positive energy like red or orange. 

2. Prepare symbolic items to hold

red packets - move in day feng shuiImage credit: Prestige Hong Kong

No one should come empty-handed, especially members of the household. Besides the all-important and iconic pineapple, here are some other items you should prepare.

The father or husband should carry money in a red packet, symbolising wealth. The mother or wife should carry small quantities of rice, oil, sauce, tea leaves, vinegar, and salt to symbolise abundance. Children should carry spring onion and garlic, or 4 calligraphy brushes. 

3. Roll a pineapple

pineappleImage credit: @misterkym

This is the simplest and most famous ritual when moving into a new home. As to why people do this, it’s believed to usher in wealth and prosperity since pineapple (hong lai) in Hokkien sounds similar to welcoming prosperity (ong lai). 

So when you roll the pineapple from the main door to your living room, shout “Huat ah!” or other auspicious phrases for good health, luck, and safety. Additionally, you can also prepare a plate full of fruits such as bananas, oranges, and apples. They symbolise good fortune, good luck, and safety respectively and are not to be rolled.

4. Let the most senior person enter the home first

When entering your new home, remember to let the person with the most seniority enter first. This not only signals respect to your elders which is imperative in Chinese culture and traditions but it is also believed that the eldest has the capability to lead and impact wisdom to younger ones following after them. 

5. Tuck a red packet under your mattress

red packetImage credit: Elaine C.

Remember the $1 coins you scattered all over the house? Before you go to bed on your first night in your new home, you’ll have to gather all 168 coins and keep them in a red packet. This red packet should then be tucked under the mattress of a bed to usher and preserve wealth in the house. 

6. Ensure all taps, lighting & appliances are switched on

tap water - move in day feng shuiImage credit: Taps UK

All taps, stoves, lights, and electrical appliances should be turned on and running for at least 3 minutes. Whilst it seems redundant and wasteful, it is believed to activate good energy and promote auspiciousness in a new living space. 

“The activation serves two main purposes: firstly, it revitalises the energy (chi) in the space, inviting positive chi and vitality into the home. Secondly, by associating light and electricity with the element of fire, this practice is believed to attract prosperity and abundance, fostering a favourable financial environment for the occupants,” Elaine shared.

7. Stay overnight

bed - move in day feng shui
Image credit: TheSmartLocal

During the move-in day, it is encouraged that you invite family and friends to further bring good energy and make the home livelier. However as the night draws closer, all members of the household must be present and stay overnight in the new home together. Furthermore, the family should avoid arguing with each other or bringing negativity. 

It is vital that the family stays overnight together and maintains a cooperative atmosphere for such a joyous occasion – this will set the foundation for  a harmonious home.  

Move-in day Feng Shui for good luck

Moving into a new home might be overwhelming and stressful, but Elaine encourages you to turn it into a fun and memorable experience. Incorporating Feng Shui principles into your move can help bring positive energy into your space and invite wealth, prosperity, and more. 

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