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This Open-Concept Industrial 4-Room HDB BTO In Clementi Is A Dream Bachelor Pad

28 February 2024 | BY

For those looking to live your best single life, you ought to have a peek at this open-concept industrial 4-Room HDB bachelor pad.

This Open-Concept Industrial 4-Room HDB BTO In Clementi Is A Dream Bachelor Pad

A bachelor is going to need a bachelor pad, and this one is suave. Sleek, yet full of tiny details that add character to the home, much of the walls in this home have been hacked down to give this 4-room BTO the sort of real estate you’d expect from an apartment overseas. If you’ve ever wanted a home design that lets you live your best single life, you ought to have a peek here.

Practical demarcation of the different living zones

Bachelor pad 2Image credit: Insight Out Studio

In this bachelor pad, most of the original walls were hacked down. The apartment’s different spaces are demarcated by utility instead. By having adequate spacing between the various living zones, they become visually separated whilst still allowing you to seamlessly move from one space to another. 

Bachelor pad 3Image credit: Insight Out Studio

Bachelor pad 4Image credit: Insight Out Studio

The homeowner also divided the spaces through subtle partitioning, such as the large tinted glass wall separating the bed from the walk-in wardrobe. The bicycle rack performs a similar role, visually separating the room with the mounted bicycles.

Accent lighting over using big lights

Bachelor pad 5Image credit: Insight Out Studio

Readers might note that there is almost no conventional lighting here. There are no ceiling pendant lights and nothing that would be used to fully illuminate the room like you’d be used to.

This is probably to do with the fact that the home gets most of its lighting here through the wide windows during the day.

Bachelor pad 6Image credit: Insight Out Studio

Taking advantage of this, the homeowner opted for the bold choice of adding only accent lighting when renovating the apartment.

Bachelor pad 7Image credit: Insight Out Studio

By using concealed strip lighting and wall lights, he’s created a warm inviting atmosphere that’s simply dripping with fashionable, masculine chic.

Bachelor pad 8This drinks shelf almost looks like it could be from an ad for a really good scotch brand.
Image credit: Insight Out Studio

Minimalist platform bed

Bachelor pad 9Image credit: Insight Out Studio

The home actually has a rather minimalist look, with a lot of the detailing done through the use of lighting and cement screed—of which we’ll get into more later. The platform bed itself is similarly minimalist, made with dark wood and accented with strip lighting.

wardrobeImage credit: Insight Out Studio

Using the platform bed as a blank canvas, a few features adorn the place, such as the skeletal walk-in wardrobe. That wardrobe in itself is a vibe that folks really should take inspiration from when designing their own dream bachelor pad. The little bookshelf corner is a nice touch too.

Bachelor pad 17Image credit: Insight Out Studio

Aesthetic industrial features

concreteImage credit: Insight Out Studio

Besides the cement screed flooring, concrete and cement was also used for little touches of texture around the house. Of note is the large concrete panel accent wall giving it a cool industrial feel.

Bachelor pad 13Image credit: Insight Out Studio

They’ve also fashioned a small bench at the doorway as well as a vanity sink in the bathroom using cement screed, adding valuable detail to an otherwise overly neutral space. 

cement screedImage credit: Insight Out Studio

Bachelor pad 15Image credit: Insight Out Studio

The metal grills on the ceilings are evocative of the exposed infrastructure found in factories and further enhance the industrial look of the place.

Minimalist bachelor’s kitchen

Bachelor pad 16Image credit: Insight Out Studio

Being single means that you’d likely have a lot less cooking to do. The homeowner certainly agrees, with less storage and shelving made for utensils and crockery. Still, there’s a full suite of kitchenware here, including a flat-top grill that keeps the place looking sleek and simple. 

The “dining area” is a simple stool and table setup, but you do get to enjoy the nice view of the greenery outside.

A dream bachelor pad open-concept industrial BTO in Clementi

A bachelor pad is much more than just masculine style—it’s also about designing a space that caters specifically to the reduced needs of a single individual. The homeowner seems to have factored the less of a need for storage and made use of the freed real estate to make the place feel spacious, yet lived in. 

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