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4 Types Of Digital Door Locks And Where To Get Them In Singapore

29 May 2024 | BY

What type of digital door lock would best fit your comings and goings: Pin code, fingerprint, RFID, or smart locks?


Gone are the days of fumbling for keys or worrying about getting locked out of your home. Digital door locks are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore, but with so many different types on the market, trying to decide on the right one can be overwhelming.

This guide will compare the 4 main types of digital door locks: pin code, fingerprint, RFID, and smart locks. So, whether you prioritise convenience or smart home integration, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the perfect digital lock for your needs.

Pin Code Locks

digital-door-locks-1Image credit: Lamudi

For those seeking a balance between convenience and security, pin code locks are a compelling option. These digital locks can be unlocked by entering a personalised code on the keypad, eliminating the need to carry around physical keys.

Beyond convenience, pin code locks boast enhanced security compared to traditional locks. Their pick-proof design makes them more resistant to break-ins, offering peace of mind for homeowners. Additionally, you can program unique pin codes for family members, roommates, or trusted individuals, granting them access without compromising overall security.

However, it’s important to consider potential drawbacks. Pin codes can be vulnerable to social engineering, where someone tricks you into revealing your code. Similarly, someone watching you enter the code could potentially gain access. Another consideration is forgetting your code. While some locks offer backup key options or allow for resetting the code from inside the house, getting locked out due to a forgotten code can be quite the hassle.

Samsung SHP-DP728

digital-door-locks-2Image credit: Your Digital Lock Singapore

This popular mid-range option from Samsung features a backlit keypad that ensures easy code entry even in low-light conditions. An additional layer of security comes with the duress pin code function, allowing you to discreetly signal for help in case of an emergency.

You can purchase the Samsung SHP-DP728 from authorised retailers like My Digital Lock and AN Digital Lock at a price point of around $860.

Price: ~$860
Key features: Backlit keypad, duress pin code function

Yale Digital Lock YDR 216

digital-door-locks-3Image credit:

For those prioritising affordability, the Yale Digital Lock YDR 216 is a budget-friendly option. It offers basic pin code access, which makes it a great choice for those who don’t require additional features like fingerprint recognition or remote access.

You can find the Yale Digital Lock YDR 216 at hardware stores at a price point of around $246.

Price: ~$246
Key features: Basic pin code access, budget-friendly

Fingerprint Locks

digital-door-locks-4Image credit: Locksmith Singapore

For a step up in convenience, fingerprint locks are a popular option. Similar to unlocking a smartphone, utilising fingerprint recognition technology eliminates the need to remember a code.

Picking or copying fingerprints is also practically impossible, which adds an additional layer of security.You can also program fingerprints for family members, roommates, or trusted individuals.

Unfortunately, fingerprint sensors may not always recognise fingerprints perfectly, especially if they’re wet, dirty, or damaged. This can lead to multiple scan attempts being necessary to unlock the door.

Like any electronic device, fingerprint locks also rely on batteries and internal electronics to function, so malfunctions or dead batteries can result in lockouts. Do note that fingerprint locks generally come at a higher price point as compared to pin code locks.

Kaadas K9 Fingerprint Lock

digital-door-locks-5Image credit: Kaadas

The Kaadas K9 is a high-end fingerprint lock from a German company, known for its quality digital locks. It features a sleek design and a large fingerprint sensor for easy unlocking. In addition to doubling as an RFID lock, the sensor also allows for multi-fingerprint registration for additional security.

This lock also offers backup options with pin code entry and, with a separate purchase, Wi-Fi connectivity for remote access. You can purchase this lock on the Kaadas website for around $789.

Price: ~$789
Key features: 3-in-one lock, multi-fingerprint registration, Wi-Fi connectivity

Lenovo E2 Fingerprint Lock

digital-door-locks-6Image credit: My Digital Lock

The Lenovo E2 fingerprint lock offers fast and accurate unlocking through a dual-enhanced algorithm which can read multiple fingerprint characteristics at once for reliable recognition. For added flexibility, the E2 allows for creating personalised passcodes and includes a backup key option. The lock also boasts 17 layers of protection, including data encryption and anti-prying measures.

The Lenovo E2 is a budget-friendly option and can be purchased from My Digital Lock for around $399.

Price: ~$399
Key features: Fast unlocking, backup key option, 17 layers of data encryption protection

RFID Locks

digital-door-locks-7Image credit: Gokeyless

Typically installed in offices and other non-residential buildings, RFID locks prioritise touch-free unlocking. Simply wave your keycard or fob near the reader, and the door unlocks–-an ideal for those who frequently carry bags or groceries. 

Similar to other digital locks, RFID systems allow you to program access for multiple users by assigning them individual keycards or fobs. This eliminates the need for physical keys for each person. Additionally, temporary keycards can be issued for guests, service providers, or movers which can be easily deactivated when access is no longer required.

However, a potential downside is lost or stolen credentials. A missing keycard or fob could grant unauthorised access unless a backup plan, like a physical key or secondary unlocking method, is in place. While uncommon for residential use, it’s worth noting that advanced hacking techniques could exploit vulnerabilities in the RFID system.

Yale Digital Lock YDR 416

digital-door-locks-8Image credit: Yale

The Yale Digital Lock YDR 416 is a popular and affordable option for those seeking an RFID lock. It features a sleek design and a user-friendly touchscreen for managing access control.  

This lock offers multiple unlocking methods: RFID card, pin code, and even a mechanical key for backup. While it excels in terms of affordability and ease of use, the YDR 416 lacks advanced features like remote access and smart home integration. 

You can find the Yale Digital Lock YDR 416 at various hardware stores in Singapore for around $250.

Price: ~$250
Key features: Multiple unlocking methods

Smart Locks

digital-door-locks-9Image credit: Lockly

Smart locks offer the ultimate level of convenience with smartphone app control functions. You can lock and unlock your door remotely, track who enters and exits your home, and even receive alerts when the door is unlocked.

However, a stable internet connection and a functioning smartphone app with full battery are essential for operation, which can be troublesome after a long day out. Smart locks also generally come at a higher price point, as compared to traditional locks or even other digital lock options.

Yale Linus Smart Lock (Z-Wave)

yale-linus-smart-lockImage credit: Yale

The Yale Linus Smart Lock is a popular choice for its user-friendly features and compatibility with Z-Wave smart home systems. It boasts a sleek design and offers functionalities like remote unlocking, voice control compatibility, access logs, and temporary access options.

However, keep in mind that the Linus requires a separate Z-Wave hub to function, and may not be compatible with all smart home ecosystems. You can find the Yale Linus Smart Lock at authorised retailers in Singapore, such as HOZ, for around $420. 

Price: ~$420

Key features: Compatible with Z-wave smart home systems, remote unlocking, voice control compatibility, access logs, and temporary access options

Samsung SHS-DP730 Smart Lock (Wi-Fi)

Samsung-shs-dp730-smart-lockImage credit: Blibli

The Samsung SHS-DP730 Smart Lock offers remote access features through a dedicated app, eliminating the need for a separate hub, but it does require a Wi-Fi connection.

You can find the Samsung SHS-DP730 Smart Lock at My Digital Lock and AN Digital Lock at around $699.

Price: $699
Key features: Dedicated app, Wi-Fi connectivity

Bonus: Kaadas K20 Pro Max

kaadas-k20-pro-maxImage credit: Kaadas

Rounding up our list of digital locks is the Kaadas K20 Pro Max, an all-in-one digital lock equipped with a variety of access methods including face recognition. Its built-in camera offers real-time doorstep visuals, enabling two-way communication with visitors, and allowing remote access control through the Kaadas App.

Boasting a long list of features and technologies, it’s no wonder that this digital lock is pricier than the rest. You can purchase the Kaadas K20 Pro Max on the Kaadas website for approximately $1,269.

Feature Pin Code Lock Fingerprint Lock RFID Lock Smart Lock
Convenience Easy to unlock with memorised code Touch-free unlocking with fingerprint Tap to unlock with keycard/fob Remote unlocking, voice control
Security More secure than traditional locks, vulnerable to social engineering High security, potential for sensor limitations Moderately secure, risk of lost credentials Enhanced security features, potential hacking risks
Multiple Users Program multiple codes for family/guests Program fingerprints for different users Issue keycards/fobs for access control Manage access remotely, grant temporary codes
Backup Options Backup key may be available May have backup keypad or key option Backup key may be available Backup physical key, keypad option on some models
Cost Most affordable option Generally more expensive than pin code locks More expensive than pin code locks Most expensive option
Features Basic access control May offer additional unlocking methods (pin code, key) May offer pin code backup Remote access, voice control, smart home integration
Technology Dependence Relies on batteries Relies on batteries and sensors Relies on batteries and readers Relies on batteries, internet connection (for some features)
Price ~$120 to ~$450 ~$299 to ~$650 ~$420 to ~ $599 ~$450 to ~$900

Types of digital door locks and where to get them in Singapore

Before investing in a new home security system, be sure to always consider your priorities. For ease of use and affordability, a pin code or RFID lock might be ideal. If high security is your top concern, a fingerprint lock offers a strong solution. Finally, if you crave the ultimate in convenience and smart home integration, a smart lock could be the answer.

Remember, there’s no single “best” lock. The best choice depends on your budget, security needs, desired features, and existing smart home ecosystem

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Cover image adapted from: AN Digital Lock, Jo Panuwat D, Lockly, Swiftlane

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