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Vitowell Easy Rainshower Premium Set: The Instant Water Heater For A Sleek and Stylish Bathroom

25 April 2024 | BY

At $399 for the rainshower set that includes an instant water heater, is the Vitowell easy Rainshower Premium Set worth your buck?

vitowell easy rainshower premium set

While we love going on about grout colours and bathtub inspiration for our bathrooms, this means that things like the shower itself and the water heater are often put on the back burner. And honestly, our bathrooms deserve more than that, as it’s a place to get clean and refresh ourselves for the day—or night—ahead.

I recently had the chance to review the matte black edition of the Vitowell easy Rainshower Premium Set. Here’s what I thought about the set after a few weeks of daily use in my bathroom.

Design & finish of the Vitowel easy Rainshower Premium Set

vitowell easy rainshower premium set

The Vitowell easy Rainshower Premium Set, at first glance, looks very modern and sleek with its matte black finish, and it’ll fit right at home in any modern bathroom. The rainshower head can be adjusted to any angle, and there’s also the handheld shower head to help you clean those harder-to-reach nether regions.

There’s also an easy and intuitive way to switch between the rainshower, the handheld shower, and the tap. It also helps that the rainshower set lives up to its name, as the materials feel very premium and luxe.

Water pressure of the rain shower & hand shower

This is undoubtedly the most important part of any shower set review. The rainshower gave me a luxurious drenching experience every time I turned it on, and the water pressure never felt low. And while the handheld shower might look small in comparison to the rain shower, the strong and consistent water pressure more than makes up for the size. The handle of the handheld shower also bears a sleek and lightweight form that makes for good ergonomics. 

Instant water heater review

viessmann instant water heater

If the Vitowell easy Rainshower Premium Set were the yin, the accompanying instant water heater would be the yang. Its slim silhouette is perfect for smaller bathrooms that will look overcrowded with a huge water tank. There’s also no need to worry about the outer casing deteriorating, as it’s made with ABS material—the same type of material used to make LEGO bricks—so you know it’s super hardy and durable.

How fast did it take to provide hot water?

The beauty of electric instant water heaters is that they’ll pump out hot water instantly, or at least within a matter of seconds. This is done in the slim water heater as water passes through the heating elements inside the shell and is heated up on the fly. This also makes it such that there’s an “unlimited” supply of hot water, although I wouldn’t recommend taking long showers for the sake of our planet and our bills.

You’d also need not worry about accidentally being scalded, as all Vitowell easy instant water heaters come with an anti-scalding feature that will automatically shut down when the water gets too hot. Specifically, at 55℃.

Installation of the Vitowell easy Rainshower Premium Set

installation of the vitowell easy rainshower premium set

While each purchase of the Vitowell easy Rainshower Premium Set does not come with complimentary installation, you can still arrange for a licensed technician by reaching out to Viessmann via their website contact page.

For this review, a technician kitted out with his toolkit arrived at my doorstep to install the rain shower set and the water heater and installed the whole set in about 2 hours.

installation of an instant water heater

Typically, water heater installations are quicker. However, the technician discovered some damaged wiring from my previous water heater, which he addressed swiftly. He also helped to dispose of the old water heater, which was a nice touch. If anything, I’d recommend engaging a technician who’s familiar with Viessmann’s appliances to ensure that everything goes smoothly during the installation.

Vitowell easy Rainshower Premium Set Instant Water Heater review

vitowell easy rainshower premium set

After a few weeks of using the Vitowell easy Rainshower Premium Set, I couldn’t fathom what life at home was like before I had this in my bathroom. Taking a shower is now something that I look forward to every day, especially after a long day at the office. Being able to swap from using the handheld shower to the rainshower for a more sloth-ish shower is also a luxury that I’ve come to enjoy.

At $399 for the premium rainshower set, it’s a worthy investment that’ll last for years, especially when it’s something that will be used once a day or even more. Those with a penchant for white-coloured appliances will be pleased to know that there’s also a white version of the shower set and matching instant water heater. 

viessmann water heatersThe Vitowell comfort Deluxe Storage Water Heater (left) and Vitowell easy Deluxe Instant Water Heater (right).
Image credit: Viessmann

This is not all that Viessmann has to offer. The Vitowell water heater range also has a classic and deluxe version of the instant hot water as well to cater to different budgets and purposes. And for larger households, their electric storage water heaters—available in classic, premium and deluxe variations—would be more than adequate to ensure everyone under the roof can take a hot shower in the mornings. The range of water heaters are alsoCE-marked, indicating that they’ve met the strict safety protection requirements of the European Union.

All variations share the same high-quality build that has seen success in European markets and also adhere to strict quality standards, so you don’t have to worry about your water heater suddenly breaking down. 

You can buy the Vitowell easy Rainshower Premium Set & Instant Water Heater over at Viessmann’s Lazada and Shopee platforms.

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Photography by Ally Siew.

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