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7 Best Robot Vacuums To Buy For Your Apartment As Revealed By Singapore Homeowners

5 February 2024 | BY

From Dyson to XiaoMi, Singaporean homeowners shared their experiences and helped us determine the best robot vacuum in Singapore.

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The weekly task of vacuuming and mopping your home by hand is undoubtedly a chore that most of us would prefer to avoid. Enter robot vacuums, the perfect solution for homeowners looking to say goodbye to the pains of manual cleaning and scrubbing.

From Dyson to XiaoMi, Singaporean homeowners tell us about their experiences with different brands of robot vacuums, and help us determine the best robot vacuum in Singapore that’ll keep your home squeaky clean with minimal effort.

What makes a good robot vacuum cleaner?

Robot vacuum cleaners are the new fangled gadget every homeowner yearns to have, but not all robot vacuum cleaners are made equal. Here we look at the key specifications that you should look for in a reliable robot vacuum cleaner that genuinely enhances your cleaning routine:

  • Suction Power: The cornerstone of any vacuum cleaner, robust suction ensures efficient dirt, dust, and debris removal.
  • Navigation Ability: Advanced navigation allows for efficient room mapping, obstacle avoidance, and thorough cleaning coverage.
  • Battery Life: Longer battery life means more ground covered on a single charge, reducing the need for frequent recharging.
  • App Interface: A user-friendly app interface enhances your ability to schedule cleanings, track progress, and customise settings with ease.
  • Added Features: Look for conveniences like self-docking and charging stations, which automate maintenance tasks and enhance the vacuum’s autonomy.

This list will help you land on a robot vacuum cleaner that will serve its intended purpose without hiccoughs and give you the most mileage for your dollar.

What is the best robot vacuum in Singapore?

With their effortless cleaning and compact, cordless designs, robot vacuums have become increasingly popular among busy homeowners. While all models are designed for automated cleaning, some brands elevate the convenience further with features such self-emptying capabilities, while others seamlessly integrate into smart home systems.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or are ready to splurge, these Singaporean homeowners help us compare the pros and cons of 7 different robot vacuum models so you can find your best match.

Robot Vacuum Model Price (SGD) Special Features Wi-Fi Connectivity App Control Smart Mapping
Dyson 360 Vis Nav™ $1,649 D-shaped body, cyclone suction, deep clean reports via app Yes Yes Yes
DreameBot L10s Ultra $1,199-$2,999 Auto-emptying and self-cleaning, quiet mode Yes Yes Yes
Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 $369-$419 Japanese brushless motor, full-coverage hex side brushes Yes Yes Yes
Tapo RV10 $145-$289 4-mode suction system, 3 water flows Yes Yes Yes
Roborock S8 Series $1,699-$2,899 Sonic vibration, off-peak charging, child lock Yes Yes Yes
Roborock S7 $659-$739 Sonic vibration, ultrasonic carpet recognition, child lock Yes Yes Yes
Roborock S6 Pure $509-$569 Hyperforce suction, multi-level mapping Yes Yes Yes

Note: that robot vacuum prices may vary depending on the supplier.

Dyson 360 Vis Nav™ robot vacuum

dyson 360 vis navImage credit: @smarthomefox

Price: $1,649.00

It’s perhaps no surprise to see yet another Dyson product in a list like this, given that the brand has constantly been pushing the boundaries of innovation. Their latest 360 Vis Nav™ robot vacuum sports the brand’s signature colour combo and comes jam-packed with a host of nifty features.

Although it ranks as one of the pricier options on the market, alongside competitors like Ecovacs and Roborock, it lacks some in-demand features such as mopping and self-cleaning/auto-emptying capabilities, which may affect its standing compared to other available robot vacuums.

Pros Cons
Triple-action brush bar for all floor types Needs recharge to clean a 5-room flat
360-degree mapping and recognition D-shaped body may struggle in tight corners
Automatic updates via WiFi Only vacuum functions, no self-cleaning or emptying
Advanced 360-degree navigation Produces a loud sound when in operation
Effective on all floor types
Efficient corner cleaning
Fully-sealed HEPA filtration

Still, homeowners such as Joanne (@wushihome) have praises to sing about the vacuum’s HEPA filtration and bin design, which facilitates easy disposal.

“The Dyson has impressive suction power, and it works on both our tiled and carpeted floor. It also comes with a HEPA filtration feature and easy bin emptying, which is a blessing for a family with kids like us. It’s definitely sold at a premium price, but we believe every dollar counts. The Dyson robot vacuum is my lifesaver, and I would definitely get it again if given the choice.”
Joanne, 34 (@wushihome)

Visit the Dyson webpage for more information.

DreameBot L10s Ultra

dreamebot l10s ultraDreameBot L10s Ultra with base station.
Image credit: DreameTech Global

Price: $1,199.00-$2,999.00

For homeowners who prioritise self-emptying and self-cleaning features, the DreameBot L10s may be the perfect robot vacuum. Rather than being burdened by the task of regularly clearing and cleaning the robot vacuum itself, the large vacuum bag in the DreameBot base station only needs emptying once every few months.

Pros Cons
Self-emptying vacuum bag Only compatible with DreameBot cleaning solution
Self-cleaning and drying mop pads Initial setup complexity
Silent mode feature Base station requires routine cleaning

“My DreameBot clears the vacuum bag from the roaming vacuum into the larger dust bag in the base station, and I only need to change the bigger bag once every 3-4 months.”
Ubigood (@ubigood)

“The silent mode is really close to silent, which is great because it doesn’t disturb or distract you if the robot is running during WFH meetings. We’ve been using our DreameBot every day and it’s still running really well after a year of purchase.”
Sherleen, 34 (@uchinouchi__)

However, as homeowner Ubigood (@ubigood) points out, it’s essential to note that the robot vacuum is exclusively compatible with the DreameBot cleaning solution, which limits homeowners to only purchasing the specific brand soap.

“In addition to the initial set-up taking us some time to figure out, the DreameBot only operates with specific brand soap; Dettol and other cleaning solutions clog up the machine. It’s also worth noting that the base station does get dirty, so a routine clean is required. Nevertheless, I would consider the DreameBot as one of my must haves because it makes maintaining my home super easy despite my busy work schedule.”
Ubigood (@ubigood)

Visit the Dreame webpage for more information.

XiaoMi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2

best robot vacuums in Singapore 4Image credit: XiaoMi Global

Price: $369.00-$419.00

Well-known for their consumer electronics and smart manufacturing, XiaoMi’s Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 is a cutting edge design which features Japanese brushless motor technology. Specifically engineered to navigate and cross obstacles up to 20mm, the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 functions well in homes with raised door thresholds, rails, and carpets.

Pros Cons
Capable of crossing obstacles up to 20mm Not self-cleaning
Easily replaceable spares Limited battery life
Compact design

“The XiaoMi robot vacuum has a short stump which takes up less space compared to other models. Another important factor for us was its affordability, compared to other robot vacuums on the market.”
Tan (@flat_007)

Aside from the Mi robot’s lack of self-cleaning properties, homeowners such as Tan (@flat_007) point out that the robot vacuum-mop’s limited battery life could be a concern – something that homeowners who prefer completing the cleaning job in a single session may want to take note of.

“Despite its alleged 110-minute battery life, our XiaoMi robot vacuum cannot finish cleaning our whole flat on one full charge.”
Tan (@flat_007)

Visit the XiaoMi webpage for more information.

Tapo RV10 robot vacuum & mop

best robot vacuums in Singapore 5Image credit: @crazeforlesswaste

Price: $145.00-289.00

For homeowners seeking uninterrupted cleaning sessions, the Tapo RV10 boasts an extended 3-hour battery life, ensuring prolonged cleaning without frequent interruptions. With a HEPA Filter system akin to Dyson’s and a seamless voice-command pairing feature, the Tapo RV10 is certainly a model that homeowners on a budget should keep an eye on.

Pros Cons
Carpet auto-boost for increased suction Virtual walls must be manually marked using magnetic tape
3-hour battery life Lacks the ability to detect and avoid ledges
Effective wet function
Voice control compatibility with Google Home or Alexa

“”My Tapo RV10’s wet function works extremely well and saves me a lot of time by keeping my floors squeaky clean. I can also pair it with my Google Home or Alexa to operate the robot vacuum via voice control.”
Jas Tan, 38 (@crazeforlesswaste)

While the Tapo RV10 is one the more affordable options on the market, this affordability inevitably comes with trade-offs in terms of features. Unlike most other robot vacuums in this list that offer virtual app programming to avoid certain areas within the home, the RV10’s virtual walls must be manually marked using magnetic tape, lacking the convenience of configuration through the Tapo app.

“It keeps falling over a ledge into my kitchen. Given the chance, I’d swap my Tapo robot vacuum for one that has the ability to detect and avoid the ledge that leads into the kitchen.”
Jas Tan, 38 (@crazeforlesswaste)

Visit the Tapo webpage for more information.

Roborock S8 

best robot vacuums in Singapore 6Roborock S8 Pro Ultra model.
Image credit: Roborock Global

Price:  $1,699-$2,899

A popular brand amongst Singaporeans, Roborock introduced its latest S8 robot vacuum series in 2023. Equipped with a convenient self-emptying feature and off-peak charging function designed to save on power and electricity costs, the S8 series is an atas gadget for homeowners looking to elevate their home cleaning experience.

Pros Cons
Off-peak charging saves electricity costs Bulky docking station
Self-emptying feature for easy maintenance Cannot fully eliminate manual cleaning
Simultaneous vacuuming and mopping Comparatively high price
Effective smart mapping and obstacle avoidance
Includes self-cleaning and self-drying

“Our Roborock S8 reduces the need for frequent manual cleaning intervention, and we especially love the hassle-free maintenance that comes with its self-emptying feature.”
Ying Hong, 26 (@puipui_home)

“The S8 Pro Ultra vacuums and mops at the same time, and we’ve found that it does a really good job cleaning our floor. The smart mapping and obstacle avoidance features are extremely effective, and in addition to self-emptying, it is also self-cleaning and self-drying.”
Ven, 31 (@vengelhaus)

best robot vacuums in Singapore 7Roborock S8 model.
Image credit: Roborock Global

Nonetheless, according to homeowner Ying Hong (@puipui_home), the Roborock S8 is unable to fully eliminate the necessity of an occasional manual cleaning. Meanwhile, Ven (@vengelhaus) highlights the bulkiness of the docking station, an aesthetic factor that may not appeal to some homeowners.

“In our experience, the robot vacuum can’t fully replace manual cleaning; we still perform a monthly upkeep by hand. That being said, we would definitely rebuy the Roborock S8 if given the chance due to the convenience of not having to mop and vacuum daily.”
Ying Hong, 26 (@puipui_home)

“The S8 Pro Ultra is rather pricey compared to other robot vacuums with similar functions. The docking station is quite bulky as it comes with 2 water tanks for clean and dirty water, as well as a dust bag. We were very fortunate to receive ours as a housewarming gift, but if we purchased one for ourselves, we would have opted for a more affordable option.”
Ven, 31 (@vengelhaus)

Visit the Roborock S8 webpage for more information.

Roborock S7

best robot vacuums in Singapore 8Roborock S7 with Auto Empty Dock System.
Image credit: Roborock Global

Price: $659.00-$739.00

Without the premium cost associated with the S8, the Roborock S7 is a compelling choice which uses much of the same technology. A notable feature is its seamless integration with the Roborock auto-empty dock system – a common purchase paired with the S7 – which allows homeowners to extend bin-clearing intervals up to 1-2 months, facilitating efficiency and convenience.

Pros Cons
Sizable water tank Noisy during operation
Compatible with Roborock auto-empty dock system Mop pads get dirty easily
Convenient scheduling feature No heated blower for drying wet mop pads
Useful mapping software
Effective on carpets with strong suction power
Auto-empty dock reduces maintenance

“We find the S7’s scheduling feature very convenient, as it allows us to automate the robot vacuum’s cleaning process. The mapping software has also been useful.”
HY & T, 30s (@c.afetayria)

“With the Roborock S7, we’ve never had to use a handheld vacuum to clean our house. The auto-dock system also means that we only have to empty the bin every 4-8 weeks, which is an absolute lifesaver.”
Yin & Wils, 29 & 31 (@yinwilshome)

“The Roborock S7 has a carpet detection function which – when coupled with the strong suction power – enables it to operate well in homes with carpets. It also has an auto-empty dock, which is extremely convenient for us.”
Nat, 30s (@mentaikopeanuts)

Despite its pros, it is worth noting that the Roborock S7 is rather noisy when operating. Additionally, several homeowners also agree that the robot vacuum’s mop pads tend to get dirty easily, and also do not come with a heater blower to facilitate drying of the wet mop pads. 

While the S7 is certainly a decent model, it’s worth noting that the robot vacuum tends to be rather noisy during operation. Additionally, a consensus among several homeowners is that the vacuum’s mop pads are prone to getting dirty quickly, and it also lacks a heated blower to facilitate drying of the wet mop pads.

“Personally, we find the Roborock S7 a bit noisy. Our vacuum’s mop pads also do not last long – they require replacing every 6 months. Given the choice, we would opt for a higher-end model in the future, but this has been a good first robot vacuum for us.”
HY & T, 30s (@c.afetayria)

“The mop pads get dirty quite easily. We had to buy two, and rotate them at least twice each week.”
Yin & Wils, 29 & 31 (@yinwilshome)

“I’ve had to manually remove hair strands from the machine on several occasions. The S7 is also quite loud when operating, and it can’t detect our legs well so it keeps trying to run over them.”
Nat, 30s (@mentaikopeanuts)

“The Roborock S7 does not come with a heated blower to dry the wet mop pads – instead, the drying module must be purchased separately.”
Gary, 35 (@houseofgoodcheer)

Visit the Roborock S7 webpage for more information.

Older Roborock models – S6 & S5

best robot vacuums in Singapore 9Roborock S6 Pure model.
Image credit: @roborock.japan,

Price: $509.00-$569.00 (Roborock S6)

With a 50% reduction in volume and remarkable 250% boosted bristle density compared to the S5, the Roborock S6 model is an upgrade from its predecessor. Its effective suction power is another bonus, with homeowner Soh Homely ( attesting to its ability to pick up hair from multiple surfaces.

Pros Cons
S6: 50% quieter than the S5 S6: Small dustbin capacity
S6: Effective suction power S6: Hassle to empty and dry the water tank
S6: Helpful maintenance notifications via app S5: No auto-empty feature, messy dust disposal
S5: Ability to program targeted spot cleaning via app S5: Does not operate well in cluttered areas
S5: Relatively low maintenance S5: Shape prevents reaching tighter corners

“Our S6 Pure has good suction power and picks up hair from all surfaces. Its companion app notifies us about which accessories or parts of the robot vacuum need to be replaced or cleaned, which is very helpful in terms of maintenance.”
Soh Homely (

Unfortunately, compared to more advanced Roborock models S7 and S8, the S6 has a smaller dustbin capacity, which drastically increases the frequency of emptying and drying both the bin and water tank.

“The Roborock S6 Pure dustbin is small, and it’s quite a hassle to empty and dry the water tank. However, overall, it is easy on the wallet and has served us well.”
Soh Homely (

Despite its somewhat outdated model, the Roborock S5 does have its advantages – notably, the ability to program targeted spot cleaning via the Roborock app. 

“Our Roborock S5 is relatively low maintenance – we only need to empty the dustbin and clean the robot, as well as occasionally change the parts. Its app control feature also allows us to request spot cleaning when needed.”
JQ, 32 (@tiny.jq.kurashi)

However, homeowner JQ (@tiny.jq.kurashi) also points out several issues and inconveniences that come with the S5.

“Because the S5 doesn’t have the auto-empty feature, getting rid of the dust can sometimes be messy. It also doesn’t operate well in areas with clutter, and the robot vacuum’s shape prevents it from reaching tighter corners of my house.”
JQ, 32 (@tiny.jq.kurashi)

Visit the Roborock S6 webpage for more information.

Best robot vacuums in Singapore

From auto-emptying mechanisms to virtual walls, robot vacuums come with a plethora of features designed for convenience and efficiency. Navigating the realm of automated cleaning isn’t always easy – but these honest reviews by Singaporean homeowners takes you one step closer to finding the best robot vacuum in Singapore to keep your home effortlessly clean.

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