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7 Condos With Greenery In Singapore That Will Give You Bali Vibes & Lush Views

20 July 2022 | BY

Nowadays, we’re often cooped up indoors with little to no access to nature’s flora and fauna – but that’s not going to be a problem for the residents of these 7 condos.


With the abundance of greenery on Singapore’s streets, parks, and everywhere else across the island – surely you’ve heard of our island-nation’s nickname, “The Garden City”. Evidently, this vision has been imbued into our cityscape, our everyday life, and even our homes. 

As WFH circumstances are here to stay, Singaporeans have begun to yearn for a home that gives them the best of both worlds – the modernity of city life and a piece of nature. That’s why we’ve curated a list of 7 snazzy condos with lush greenery that’s going to either give you a Bali-resort experience, or provide you with endless shade from the harsh Singapore sun.

1. The Rainforest – A “nature reserve” with resort-like feel 

greeneryWith so many species around The Rainforest, the condo has put up informative signs about its flora and fauna.
Image credit: Google Maps

Intended as a “nature reserve” for threatened species, The Rainforest is home to 22 native trees, as well as 26 native shrubs and groundcovers. With the condo units surrounded by landscaped gardens and foliage, it’s as if residents are immersed in nature. All this greenery provides a relaxing escape from bustling city life. 

In fact, residents can also look forward to the trickling of small streams from the bioponds and bioswales that dot the property. You’ll be able to spot small fishes swimming around as well – way to create a zen feel for the residents. 

condoImage credit: byjiwen.com, @helenlinpiano

Living at The Rainforest might just feel like a resort stay: it has a gorgeous pool that’s complete with waterfalls and a cantilevered Canopy Deck that’s like a lookout tower overlooking the pool. 

There are also gardens located on the 7th, 12th, and 17th floors of the condo – designed as sky terraces with outdoor dining spaces, this condo ensures that you’re never too far from greenery. Not only does the greenery act as a buffer against noise, it’s also great for improving your mental health.

condoChoa Chu Kang Secondary School.
Image adapted from: Google Maps

For homeowners with young children, The Rainforest is conveniently located within close proximity of several public schools, including Choa Chu Kang Primary School, South View Primary School, and Bukit Panjang High School. Supermarkets like Giant and NTUC Fairprice are also a stone’s throw away.

If you’re looking to occupy yourself with some recreational activities during the weekends, you can head down to Choa Chu Kang Community Club to sign up for sports or art classes; Choa Chu Kang Park is also just a 5-minute walk away if residents plan to take a leisurely stroll or jog during the weekends.

condoChoa Chu Kang MRT.
Image adapted from: Google Maps

On top of the many amenities surrounding The Rainforest, public transport is also easily accessible – Choa Chu Kang MRT is less than 10 minutes away by foot, and there are about 5 different bus stops that are a 5-minute walk away. 

District: 23

2. Tree House – Guinness World Record for “Largest Vertical Garden”

condoImage adapted from: Google Maps, Google Maps

This condominium complex boasts one of the largest vertical gardens in the world –  a 2,4627sqft green facade that’s 24 storeys tall and up till 2013, it held a Guinness World Record for its jaw-dropping size. For residents, this also means that you’re literally being enveloped in a living, breathing green carpet of plants – it really brings out the treehouse element of this condo.

Not only does this green “carpet” reduce carbon emissions in the air, but it also does a great job at filtering out pollutants while providing shade and natural insulation against the Singapore heat. Several pavilions have also been scattered around the condo, with cushioned seats and a skeleton-like shelter that provides partial shade while allowing natural breeze to flow through.

Other green features include various ponds and water features that help to create a more relaxed and serene atmosphere for residents. In fact, with a growing number of electric vehicles on the road, this condo is also equipped with 3 electric car charging lots – not a common sight in other residences. 

condoThe riverfront view of Upper Peirce Reservoir from the condo’s viewing deck.
Image credit: @zephyrkhambatta

Tree House is home to an aqua gym and even a mini roller-skating rink – the latter could be a real treat for kids and is a unique feature that most residential properties don’t have. But the real deal is a viewing deck that allows residents to feast their eyes on a picturesque view of Chestnut Nature Park and further down – the expanse of the Ang Mo Kio estate.

While many might associate waterfront views with developments in the East Coast and Marina Bay, the stunning riverfront view of Upper Peirce Reservoir from the Tree House will also be sure to take your breath away.  

District: 23

3. Lush Acres EC – Hydroponic farm where residents can grow their own food

greeneryImage credit: @zeromaxvisual

At Lush Acres EC, over 70 percent of the land area is dedicated to landscaping and facilities such as a 100m lap pooltwice the length of an Olympic-sized pool. From a floral pond and blossom garden to garden lounges tucked away throughout the condo, Lush Acres is filled with greenery that’s both visually pleasing and soothing to its residents. 

To complement the lush greenscapes, the condo also has various aqua features that’ll make you feel like you’re living in a resort. Not only does it have sunken decks with semi-submerged chairs, the massive lap pool is also equipped with an aqua gym that has underwater bikes and climbers. 

greeneryThe condo’s very own hydroponic farm where residents can grow their own food.
Image credit: @zeromaxvisual, @zeromaxvisual

Another cool feature would be the AgriCube hydroponic farm, where residents can try their hand at growing their own food. The farm is solar-powered and has spaces that can be rented for a short period of time – during this period, residents can plant temperate-climate plants like onion, ginger, or peppermint, just to name a few.

Planting your own greens can do a lot for you in the long run. Not only will this help you save money and become a potential hobby, but you can also reduce the amount of pesticide and fertilisers that come into contact with your food.

condoSengkang Floating Wetland.
Image credit: @yuukaasg

Units in the stacks 11 and 12 can look forward to a pleasant riverfront view of Sungei Punggol, which happens to be a quick 3-minute drive away, via the Sengkang Floating Wetland. A breezy jog around the neighbourhood will also take you to the floating wetland. 

As Singapore’s second largest man-made wetland, Sengkang Floating Wetland sports an extensive boardwalk that leads you on a path filled with scenic views of flora and fauna in the area. While immersing themselves in nature residents can also get up close and personal with wildlife like mangrove birds and red-eared sliders. 

Families with little ones can also take the time to visit and frolic among the fruit-themed fixtures along the boardwalk – including a blueberry pavilion where you can take shelter in on a hot day. 

District: 28

4. Cairnhill Nine – Oasis right in Orchard Road 

greeneryImage credit: @leochenhao, @ella_nayyara

Cairnhill Nine is a condo that boasts a gorgeous 410m-long green wall that snakes around the development, acting as a buffer against noise and pollution from the bustling streets of the Orchard Road district. It also has a staggering 31,570 potted plants arranged throughout the development, ensuring that its residents will never be too far away from the greenery. 

greeneryImage credit: @ugooogrc

On top of lush palm trees and ferns, you’ll find that Cairnhill Nine is home to a beautiful lap pool that you can wade in whenever you fancy – every day would feel like a stay at a Bali hotel smack in the centre of town. What’s more: residential units also offer smart home system options that’ll improve functionality at home and essentially make your lives easier.

greeneryThe bridge that links Cairnhill Nine to Orchard Paragon (left) and a view of the Orchard Road shopping district (right).
Image credit: @markustay.sg, @thepropertyfinder

On top of offering serviced residence through Ascott Orchard, Cairnhill Nine also grants its residents direct access to the Orchard Paragon mall through a connecting bridge. Through Orchard Paragon, the rest of the Orchard shopping district will be easily accessible by foot and by train – Orchard and Somerset MRT are each about a short 6-minute walk away. 

Situated at the heart of Singapore’s prime shopping district, Cairnhill Nine is also within close proximity to the CBD, which is a 10-minute drive away.

District: 9

5. eCO – Eastside gem with rain gardens for natural irrigation 

Image credit: EdgeProp

The brains behind eCO, DP Architects had envisioned a “Community in a Garden” and managed to bring this “green” condominium to life. They created habitats such as flower terraces featuring native floral species, herb gardens, and eco-ponds. If you think that’s all, the architects have also incorporated vertical eco-gardens and green walls.

With so much greenery, residents can enjoy better air quality and an environment that’s more soothing to the eyes. In a hot and humid location like Singapore, it’s also a boon to have natural shelter to protect oneself against the relentless sunlight. Other green features include a Community Garden where residents can cultivate their own plants, as well as a rain garden that sustains itself with a natural irrigation system. 

condoImage credit: Google Maps

Other than the traditional condo units, eCO offers four other residential unit types: SOHO, Suite, Loft, and Townhouse. Potential homeowners can choose from these options depending on their preferred lifestyle and spatial needs. 

All these residential types and their surrounding facilities are connected via a 100m boardwalk – a refreshing stroll through this Garden Boulevard Trail could be incorporated into your day as a form of exercise or just as a leisure activity.

As for nearby amenities and transportation options, eCO is an 8-minute drive from East Coast Park. It’s also a 10- to 15-minute drive from Changi Jewel, a shopping mall and attraction that makes the perfect getaway destination for Singaporeans. It can also be easily accessed via the East-West MRT line, as Tanah Merah MRT is a short 8-minute walk from the eCO condo.

District: 16

6. Martin Modern – Has a forest-inspired adventure course for kids

greeneryImage credit: @playpointasia, @sammychattaway

On top of its beautiful architectural design, Martin Modern is a swanky condo that’s known for its child-friendly facilities that encourage play amongst nature. Coupled with the greenery of the development, the specially designed boardwalk for kids mimics that of a rainforest trail you’d find at the Botanic Gardens – it’s a great way to embolden and stimulate young children. 

condoImage credit: @penguintakesphotos

Moving on to the roof, residents can discover and explore what is designed to be a “secret” garden, which has been hidden away as it’s so high up. The gardens are tucked in by open windows and walls with strategic gaps that usher in natural ventilation. 

These walls are also masterpieces to be marvelled at – their contemporary design is reminiscent of rough and uneven tree bark, allowing it to blend in with the greenery it cocoons. It also gives the roof of the residential towers a sleek, stylish look.

greeneryThe lounge (left) and the central pool (right).
Image credit: @sammychattaway, @homesweethouse

What makes this condo even more luxe is its unique lounge-slash-reception – a concierge service area where residents can chill or welcome their guests from.

Located along a prime location like Robertson Quay, it’s not hard to find amenities in the vicinity. In fact, Martin Modern is a short drive away from many F&B options and shopping malls, including Great World City Shopping Centre and Robertson Walk. Residents that like to lepak and enjoy the Singapore nightlife can also head down to Clarke Quay Central, which is a 6-minute drive away.

District: 9

7. Twin VEW – Paddy fields-inspired with waterfront views

condoImage adapted from: Google Maps

Twin VEW takes landscaping to the next level with grassy lawns that come in cascading contours that are reminiscent of paddy fields. Coupled with an expansive pool that surrounds the condo stacks, Twin VEW is lined with clusters of exotic palm trees and flowery shrubs. It’s also home to themed gardens like a sky terrace, as well as herb and mist gardens.

Living amongst the rich and thriving greenery of Twin VEW would do wonders for your air quality and is also soothing for the eyes and mind. Towering at 36 floors, this condo beats the other residential properties in the area – which means that residents get to enjoy unblocked views of the West Coast area.

greeneryA scenic view of Pandan Reservoir from the residences.
Image credit: @davidtongfengshui, @awehome.sg

It also seems like many of the condos on our list have this in common – having lush greenery and a waterfront view right at their residents’ doorstep. But unlike the rest, Twin VEW is a development that’s been built right next to Pandan Reservoir, which is known for cute otters and a host of recreational activities and water sports like canoeing and sailing. 

Also, if you’re a drone enthusiast, you’ll probably be excited for this recent news – Pandan Reservoir just opened its dedicated drone flying area in mid-July.

Image credit: @csec_singapore

For residents of Twin VEW, public transport is easily accessible, as the condo is surrounded by many bus stops within a 5-minute walk. It’s also a 9-minute drive from the Jurong East shopping cluster – which consists of JCube, JEM, Westgate, and IMM.

Other amenities that families (especially those with young children) can frequent include West Coast Plaza, West Coast Park, Science Centre Singapore, and Jurong Regional Library. It’s a good thing that Twin VEW is conveniently located 8 to 10 minutes away from these places.

District: 5

Singapore condos that have beautiful greenery

Singapore is known for being a “garden city” and it’s only fitting that condos are beginning to live up to this namesake. Living near flora and fauna can help to stimulate our minds, as well as improve our mental and emotional health. 

With WFH and occasional HBL days keeping us indoors, it became harder for us to immerse ourselves in nature and just get a breath of fresh air outside. That’s probably why we’re seeing an increase in homebuyers on the hunt for homes that provide better access to greenery – it’s a bonus that’s both beautiful and healing for us.

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Cover image credit: @helenlinpiano, Google Maps, @sammychattaway

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